Acumen Rising
The Inauguration of a Petty Tyrant

January 20th 2005

Celebrations and Excess Can't Hide Lies
An Astrological Analysis written by Arthur R Gianfermo
©by Aquarian Solutions. All rights reserved.

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calculated for January 20, 2005 - 12PM EST (January 20, 2005 - 3:00PM GMT)
in Washington, DC

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States."

"The great mass of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." Adolf Hitler (1889-1945),

The Jupiteran Excess of Bush and Company
On the eve of tomorrow's 55th Inaugural Ceremony, I am as dualistic as today's Gemini moon. On the one hand, I am depressed about the fact that such a petty tyrant as GW will be sworn in for a second term. Alternately my curiosity as an Astrologer and occultist is aroused by totality of the planetary and stellar energies present for the 2005 Inaugural Program.
The Inaugural Theme: ‘A Vision of America’ So how does this vision play out? In typical Jupiteran exaggeration, the Inaugural Celebrations began on early on Tuesday January 18th. In total the ceremonies will cost more than $50 million, with millions more in taxpayer dollars paid out for security. Bush began Tuesday (a Mars day) by thanking two groups that played major roles in his election to a second term — the military that prosecuted the war in Iraq and his most ardent and generous political supporters. Of course these generous contributors all anted up more then a 100K toward his stolen electio. As the drum beat of war beats louder, the military industrial corporatocracy is ecstatic. I have erected a chart for January 20th at high noon in Washington, DC. In this chart Mars god of war joining Pluto lord of the underworld in the 8th house. In an event chart, the 8th house rules rules the death rate, murder, state funerals, interest rates, pensions and social security plus advisors to the heads of state. We see the death rate rising in Iraq, interest rates are on the increase as the dollar is falling, social security is on the brink of being plundered by corporate plutocrats as the Neocon cabal is marching to war in the name of empire. Wait I am getting ahead of myself. Tuesday was just first of four days of nonstop festivities that demonstrated the extravangce of GW's regime on the fast track to bankrupting America - some vision. In astrological terms Dubya's Chart has a natal Jupiter/Moon/Juno Libra conjunction This planetary grouping has recently received the optimisitc boost from transiting Jupiter - the planet of confidence and strong beliefs. Bush, the so called people's candidate or is it emperor? wears the robes of illusion and disinformation with Transiting Neptune ( highly polished glamour) in helpful trine to that Jupiterean Libra bundle. Interestingly enough, back in 2004 we had a leader who was experiencing a Saturn return in Cancer (selling the deeper fear of security loss to the American public). Now coming off today's victory, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-2 to recommend Condoleezza Rice (Scorpio repository of secrets and lies) for Sec. General.
Back to the ceremony,the VP and power behind the throne Dick cheney is sworn in first - a scary thought in itself.
Dick has the fortunate saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus (expansion working with discipline for $) in his natal 8th house of other people's money. Mr. Haliburton and Carlyle group synchronizes this power his base on January 20th. Cheney's Jupiter/Saturn energy sits in the 12th. house of behind the scenes manipulation. Cheney is the leader of the Secret Government and perhaps the most powerful advisor in America - but this is material for another article.

Do the planets look favorable for Bush Cabal Ritual Induction?
On the surface this chart appears to favor the executive branch with the national identity and pride the (Sun newly ingressed in Aquarius) shining near the MidHeaven. Also master of illusion Neptune is found in the executive house representing our utopian tendencies and false charisma. If we look a little deeper we may interpret Neptune to symbolize devious, subversive or underhanded tactics along with a dependence on oil and petroleum (Neptune rules oil/natural gas). Neptune is trined Jupiter which rules rules religion, the clergy, judges and the high courts stationed in the 6th house. The 6th symbolizes armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense which is increasing exponentially as more boots on the ground abroad and in America's cities are desired. Yet our trained eye spies Chiron the wounded healer close to MidHeaven (soon to enter Aquarius) still in opposition to Saturn/Cancer in the 3rd. so 3rd house rules communicatons and transportation and limitations of our rights freedom of speech are in process. Will the iron hand of this tyrannical administration continue with global empire om foreign lands and high seas with mercury/venus in Capricorn stationed in the 9th? Well in regards to other 9th house activities like religion, the church, justice, lawyers, higher education being restricted by Saturn the ruler of Capricorn. Perhaps the biggest block to the NeoCons vision for America comes from uranus the modern ruler of the Sun which accidentally dignified in the 11th house In this chart the 11th represents the national purpose of the group as well as its hopes and dreams - revolutionary purpose which is the legacy of 1776. In this inaugeral configuration Uranus/Pisces SQ the Moon/Gemini in the first house the true image of the nation and outer persona of it's people - record numbers of protestors gather all around the country to oppose this travesty of the constitution. When we start to examine the fixed stars later in this article we will began to see a pattern that doesn't bode well for the American people and ultimately will bring down the NeoCon power structure.

Fixed Star Analysis ultimately renders the NeoCon's powerless

Heliacal Rising Star Acumen a harbringer of blindness and attacks amid the "Vision of America"

Besides a chart using the Koch house system and tropical Astrology, I used Starlight software to generate a Paran Analysis (angles of Stars rising and setting). This technique reveals the deeper energies characterized by the fixed stars which are mostly positioned outside the ecliptic. These so called 'fixed stars' move at the rate of 1° every 72 years much slower then those wandering denizens of our local solar system - the planets. One of the world's foremost experts on "fixed stars" Diana K Rosenberg says: "I believe that it is the ancient sky-pattern figures - the actual constellations - that reveal the "fated" or mytho-symbolic level of our lives."
So Yours truly has started at the beginning with the Heliacal Rising Star: Acumen of the mighty Constellation Scorpion. You may remember that the Scorpion is one of the four "foundation" constellations: Lion, Bull (Taurus), Man (Aquarius), The Scorpion is associated with the Hebrew letter Nun (meaining fish) and the 13th Tarot Trump "Death - Lords of the Gates of Death" which is the perfect symbol for death and renewal. The Scorpion Constellation is appropriate since Inaugeration 2005 has been called a Day of Mourning around the country.
Traditionally Acumen as the cosmic rising star (not visible) has been associated with blindness and portends that the principal figure in this drama will continue to have a life strewn with persistent attacks. GW will have to overcome his own self undoing like the miscalculated war in Iraq and the creation of of a phony war on terrorism.

HELIACAL SETTING STAR Capella in the constellation Auriga the the Charioteer
This is the "Little Pet Goat" who provokes the wrath of the people
Legends tell of Amalthea (previous name of Capella), which referred to the goat that suckled the baby Zeus (Jove/Jupiter). so Amalthea fed the infant god (Zeus) with goat's milk and honey on Mount Ida and this star is appropriately positioned in the Milky Way for honors. Manilius wrote: The Nursing Goat's repaid with Heaven. Sounds like Georgie (no wonder he was so in to that pet goat story on 9/11! in that elementary school in Sarasota,FL) So Capella setting in this chart is a metaphor for Georgie who suckled the corporate masters and illuminati in order to receive another term in office.
An in depth interpretation says that when Capella is Setting the curiosity of the person may lead him to reject and insult the underlying mores of the society in which he lives. Doesn't that really nails it! This configuration results in the ill will of the populace, which could lead to death or injury from actions of the people !

More Goat Symbolism with Deneb Algedi This time it is Deneb Algedi from the constellation Capricornus which is culminating as Mars is Setting
Deneb Algedi is known as a star in the Sea Goat's tail and symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat". Deneb algedi has always been a star that is connected to law giving and a sense of justice. When Deneb Algedi is the Heliacal Rising star like with Old George Washington we see the positive element of a desire to seek the legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world. On the other hand with this chart Deneb Algedi is culminating while Mars (god of War) is setting (describes the end of a matter). According to Robson this portends dire consequences: With Mars: Danger from enemies, accidents, honor and preferment but many quarrels and final disgrace, perhaps even violent death. My feeling is that we may see the Bush/Cheney cabal began to take the law into their own hands by trying to overturn Roe vs Wade, endanger the 1st and 3rd amendments and create some powerful enemies. By declaring that we are either with or against him and passing the Patriot Law, the Bush/Cheney fate will be sealed. As Counter-Inaugural Events build today, demonstrations (Martian energy) will perhaps end in multiple arrests and violence and this will spell the beginning of the end. Aquarian Solutions Update: Bush delivered his inaugural address and chose to ignore the chants of the anti-war protesters who were out in force
Acting as if he was really touting freedom amidst those of us who are loosing our loved ones in Iraq and our personal freedoms daily.

Scheat from the constellation Pegasus, the Winged Horse is rising as the Sun is coming up.
This is another bad omen especially when connected with pride and identity represented by the Sun. According to Robson: this combo will indicate negative energy for success, danger through water and engines plus the liablility to accidents or drowning. Thus in combination with the Sun we may also be talking about our national identity and pride or more specifically our lack. Many would have to agree that our national pride has been drowning literally since the 2000 election and the Florida debacle. Scheat's paran with the Sun may indicate that GW Bush won't serve out the remainder of this second term.

Mirach and Diadem combine with Jupiter to unseat the emperor
Mirach is a yellow star in the Girdle of the Chained Woman Andromeda and it is culminating while Jupiter is On Nadir According to Robson Mirach with Jupiter can signify danger of scandal, much travel, legal or ecclesiastical difficulties. More realistically Mirach also indicates an insatiable appetite for the physical world, money or people - sounds like the Global Empire building of the NeoCon's?! This unquenchable desire for oil, wealth and power will be the undoing for this criminal house of Bush/Cheney.
Another star that is in paran with Jupiter is, Diadem from the constellation Alpha Coma Berenices. Diadem (the crown) is culminating as Jupiter is Culminating. Diadem has dual meanings in this case: first it both signifes the kind of person who uses others and lives an idle lifestyle. Secondly Diadem can represent working people (the humble populance) who sacrifice for years and are rewarded with dignity. My guess is that there are many who are self-sacrificing out of love for others knowing that this puppet regime will fall.

Finally the stars that will strengthen the progressive position
Much more can be said of this fated combination of stars lead by Acumen which will lead to more Suffering at the hands of others and the intensity of the rumor mill. Ultimately I must speak about the guardian lights of the social and political activists.
Al Rescha, which is the Knot of the Cord that binds the two Fishes of Pisces. Al Reschais rising at the Ascendant and is a positive influence that binds people together. B Brady calls Al Rescha rising as the everyday need to bring together things, people or ideas. Al Rescha will inspire the those that are now separated to join together in community especially with Chiron entering Aquarius on February 22nd. Many of the social activists that have been disinfranchised will join in a progressive front to finallly bring down the minions of Mordor.
Alnilam which along with Alnitak and Mintaka form the Belt of Orion. Actually Alnilam is occupying the central position in Orion's belt and radiating a brillant light. Alnilam is in paran and rising as Venus is Setting which B. Brady says will help with understanding connections between different ideas or groups of people. Alnilam will be the key to expand the growing independent media groups in the USA. Alnilam will empower us with original and unique methods along with impecabble timing.

Inner strength endures with the Old Adobe Mission made of Red Galactic Earth
Those who are regular readers know that I include the Sabian and Mayan Symbol/Glyphs and with this Inauguration report it is no exception.
In the midst of loud belches of power from the sound and fury of NeoClowns, there is an Old Adobe Mission - the sabian symbol for 1° degreee Aquarius. The Adobe Mission is the symbol of everlasting sustainment and true durability. Unlike the phony Vision of America that this administration proposes, we have the vision of true sustainability by protecting the earth.
Now is the time for everyone to awaken and see thru the lies that have been perpretated. Perhaps the Biggest Lie of all involves the Bush/Cheney Cabal's 9/11 complicity in order to handle the Peak Oil Crisis! We are asking to awaken not just from the lies propageted by the illuminati and Bush regime but throughout history to control humankind.
The mayan glyph for today: Red Galactic Earth asks us all to seek harmony in order to evolve. It is time to put aside our petty differences. By modeling synchronicity we can work together as a community and embrace the galactic tone of integrity.
Let us be guided by our own power of birth and beginning - a true inauguration of humane, progressive freedom leading to a type of Positive Transfiguration of our Species, December 21, 2012.

Kin 177: Red Galactic Earth
I harmonize in order to evolve
Modeling synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of birth

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