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    Site Last Updated April 7, 2006

  • April 7, 2006 - Moon Direct in Leo for some serious drama. Coming off opposition to Chiron keeps social injuries in the news.
    Moon opposes Neptune - fantasy and psychic phenomena abounds. But the biggie is Moon SQ Jupiter this evening as scandals continue.

    Sun and Uranus are contraparallel in declination along with Mercury Sesquisquare 135* from Saturn - INDICATORS OF STORM CONDITIONS.
    Saturn Stations Direct at 5:56AM PDT and 8:56AM EDT - Another Indicator of Major Weather Aberations

    freak April Snowstorm Hits New York
    A freak April snowstorm yesterday plowed a mild New York winter into the record books - only days after city temperatures soared into the 70s.

    Tornadoes touch down in Northern Tennessee - Mars not only opposes Pluto but is Out of Bounds in Declination at +2504'North clear indicator of these storms.
    Strong storms and tornadoes struck several West and Middle Tennessee towns Friday, tearing off roofs, knocking down power lines and causing other damage.

    It's All About Water, Oceans, Rains, Thunderstorms, Floods with Jupiter(Scorpio) trine Mercury/Uranus (Pisces)
    'Perfect wave' breaks off Scotland - the wave they measured - at just over 95ft from crest to trough - was the highest-ever scientifically recorded on the planet.

    Outer Planets: Pluto and Neptune Parallel in South Declination Join Jupiter for Intensity.
    Uranus also in South Declination is Parallel Mercury riding the energy of awakening to our minds.

    A Potent Symbol generated by Uranus now at 12 Pisces with the Sabian Symbol being:
    A huge disc shaped radio telescope. Inside the facility, scientist of different nationalities, squabble over how to accurately represent the data
    We are now putting worldly-collective events and those dealing with human personal relationships in a Cosmic Context.
    4-6-06: Planet Uranus Has Rare Blue Ring - The recently discovered outermost ring of gas giant Uranus is a bright blue, scientists said today.

    Pluto Near Galactic Center Special

    March 29th Solar Eclipse: Pluto @ 26*45' and GC @ 26*51'! - Effects Last Till End of Year

    IT IS TIME FOR MYTH-BUSTING of all kinds

    Mars in exact Opposition with Pluto on April 8th - The Impulse to Disseminate the Truth Can't Be Blocked

    Add Saturn Now Direct in Leo - Leaders and Childrens Face Serious Concerns

    For More: Political Astrological Prediction and Insight

    With Eclipses at Saros Series 8 North defining new discoveries - we continue to feature the latest from Inner and Outer Space

  • 4-7-06:Breaking NewsUA releases first color images from Mars orbiter

    LONDON - An amphibious creature that lived 375 million years ago has turned out to be a "missing link" in the chain of events that led to the emergence of the first fish-like animals to walk on land.
  • 4-4-06:Laboratory-engineered Bladders Implanted into Children and Teenagers Saturn Stations at 4* Leo
  • 3-25-06:Ancient skull found in Ethiopia could be "missing link" between Homo erectus and modern people.
  • 3-24-06: Comets Posing as Asteroids Might be Source of Earth’s Water
  • Newly Discovered Brown Dwarf Added to Stellar Neighborhood
  • 8 Worlds Where Life Might Exist - Latest from Seti
    Mars is 700 billion billion tons of iron and rock, wrapped in an unfamiliar landscape of canyons, craters and calderas. Nonetheless, the most compelling thing we could find on this enormous, orange orb would be a microgram of wet chemistry able to reproduce, move, grow, and evolve
  • 3-15-06:Cosmic 'DNA': Double Helix Spotted in Space
    Magnetic forces at the center of the galaxy have twisted a nebula into the shape of DNA, a new study reveals.
    Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the cosmic realm," said Mark Morris of UCLA. "Most nebulae are either spiral galaxies full of stars or formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas—space weather. What we see indicates a high degree of order."


    Calming the Fearful Mind : A Zen Response to Terrorism by Thich Nhat Hanh

    Six Simple Words
    Six Simple Words and the implications for humanity

    The relationship between thedecade of the early 1960s to early 1970s with the coming period of turbulence and dramatic change in humanity’s evolution, especially in its implications for America

    We Spotlight Sustainable Solutions for our Planet :

    9-11 Truth

    Jupiter in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces.
    uncovering buried secrets including 911 Truth and Create Deliberate Leaks?

    Now that the Fake Flight 93 Tapes Will be released... Find Out the Truth Article - Flight 93 Shot Down

    Chairman of 9/11 Whitewash Commission sets stage for Al Qaeda Nuke Attack
    Four Looks at the Thomas Kean Affair

    Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
    The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

    3-31-06:Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation - Chavez Leads the Way

    Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns Joins Charlie Sheen -
    Highlights story of hijackers still alive and well

    Gone But Not Forgotten - Dancing with the Dead

    Celebrate Birthday of Cesar Chavez (March 31, 1927 to April 23, 1993) Visionary Activist and Reformer

    Aries Cesar with Sun at 10* Aries and Uranus at 0* Aries SQ Node at 1* Cancer carries on the Power of Change with March 29th Solar Eclipse.


    'The more one knows, the more one comprehends, the more one realizes that everything turns in a circle.'
    -Johann Wolfgang Goethe


    For more earth-changing events Visit NEW UPDATES: Hurricanes, Floods, Quakes, Global Warming Effects, plus Tsunami and Volcano News from Astrological and Mystic Perspective

    Earth Awakens!

    Is the region in Gujarat, India Ready to Tremble Big Time like on Janaury 26, 2001 with a 7.6 Monster Quake? or the June 16, 1819 Gujarat Earthquake
    Current Sesismic ActivityMagnitude 5.5 - GUJARAT, INDIA - 2006 April 6 17:59:17 UTC

    Magnitude 6.3 - FIJI REGION - April 7th

    Magnitude 5.5 - SOUTHERN GREECE - 2006 April 4 22:05:06 UTC

    West Coast US Alert: Magnitude 5.9 - OFF THE COAST OF JALISCO, MEXICO - 2006 April 4 02:30:28 UTC

    Pluto and Mars lines run thru Indonesia and PHILIPPINES

    Earthquakes hit New Zealand, China and Indonesia

    USA: USGS Real-time Seismographs

    Current Volcanic Activity Worldwide - Check Conditions and Dates of Weekly Activity



    The Sun Our Solar Principle of Identity and purpose into Aries March 20 until April 19 Time for new projects, life force to rise up, the inner child is kicking up his/her heels. It has been said that: "Aries is the warrior who is more concerned with challenging him/herself than with defeating others"
    We will all get to challenge our own personal goals this spring.

    Wisconsin voters take stand against war in Iraq - N Node in Aries trine Saturn in Leo with Sun Quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio
    24 communities support bringing troops home; eight reject U.S. withdrawal

    Aries Bully Thomas Dale DeLay (born April 8, 1947) steps down resigns from the House and drop his re-election bid

    Mars transit in Gemini (Aries ruler) was the final trigger for DeLay born with Uranus @18 Gemini SQ Mercury @ 20 Pisces.

    Precious metals sparkle, gold at 25-yr high North Node at 4* Aries trines Saturn in Leo for March 29th Solar Eclipse in "Aries"
    LONDON, March 30 (Reuters) - Records tumbled in precious metals markets on Thursday as gold raced to a new 25-year peak, platinum hit a record high and silver spiked to its highest in more than 22 years.

    the Messenger and communicator on Feb. 8th moves into Pisces till April 16 (Now RETROGRADE TILL MARCH 25) Communication is more impressionistic when Mercury is in Pisces. Feelings are paramount, which can lead to confusion instead of precision. There is an emphasis on religion, mystical states and drugs. Finding the words to express the vastness of Pisces can be challenging to say the least!

    Mercury Stations Direct on 3-25-06 at 5:42AM PST or 8:42AM EST near Uranus to stimulate wild ideas, imaginations and inspirations
    Sabian Symbol : At a cocktail party aboard a large ship, a glamourous starlet in a fox stole motions some revelers toward a private room.
    Seductive tempations can create danger.

    Cleveland Women Arrested And Charged With Two Felonies Related To Putting Up Anti-Bush Posters
    Mercury in Pisces furthers the deceptions of a "new normalcy" of intimidation and repression."

    British Vessel RRS Discovery Measures Record Ocean Swells
    A British research team has observed some of the biggest sea swells ever measured.

    Shallow Water Seagrass is in decline worldwideRecent Mercury conjunction to Uranus will help focus attention on this situation
    Around the world, seagrass beds – shallow-water ecosystems that are important habitats, food sources, and sediment stabilizers – are in decline, says Frederick Short, research professor of natural resources and marine science at the University of New Hampshire

    Remember The October Surprise? Who Is Ernest Backes And Why Does George H. Bush Want Him Out Of The Picture?
    Ernest Backes, finanacial officer for the Clearstream network, holds the "financial keys" to the many Illuminati scandals, including the October Surprise, The Vatican Bank scandal and more.

    "So if I understand you correctly, Jesus, I nuke Iran and then invade N. Korea? Or do I nuke N. Korea and then invade Iran? And do I do this after we spread the bird flu at anti-war protests and quarantine all the commies? " (click HERE)

    Venus Our Lover, Our Pleasure and Our Sensuality
    Into Pisces April 5,until May 3, 2006
    Entering the spiritual side of romance and a time for greater sensitivity and unconditional love

    Heliocentric Venus Joins Mercury in Sagittarius to Move the Markets to the Upside

    McKinney Gracefully Apologies for her Behavior Venus enters Pisces to soften the issue moving away from her Mercury at 29* Aquarius

    No one yet knows whether or not a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. will indict her for her run-in with a Capitol police officer last week

    Former Venus in Aquarius News Stories

    Aquarian and Legendary Actress Vanessa Redgrave (born Jan. 30, 1937) Calls Cancellation of Rachel Corrie Play an “Act of Catastrophic Cowardice”
    More on Rachel Corrie's Play Banned In New York

    Michelle Bachelet Sworn In As Chile's President
    Bachelet, the first woman in South America to be elected head of state without replacing a deceased or disabled husband.

    VALPARAISO, Chile, March 11 -- Vowing to capitalize on the surging spirit of equal opportunity that helped vault her into Chile's presidency, Michelle Bachelet on Saturday took control of a country eager to shed its dictatorial past and bolster its economic development

    Abramoff - White House Ties Emerge as Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton Resigns - with Moon/Saturn opposing Venus
    Proclaimed reasons notwithstanding, Norton leaves as the Abramoff scandal is progressively enveloping the White House - a scandal that has firmly ensnared the interior secretary.

    Artistic, Artistic, Entertainment and Music News ala Astrological Spin

    Naomi Campbell (born May 22, 1970) Accused of Assaulting Housekeeper
    Her troubles are just starting with Mars/Pluto opposition transiting her natal Mars @ 22* Gemini and the eclipse hitting her natal Chiron @ 9* Aries

    'Basic Instinct 2' Not a Trainwreck- can Sharon Vonne Stone (born March 10, 1958) supercharge her career?

    Solar Eclipse Degree at 8* Aries favorably aspects her Uranus-Venus Oppositon for more dramatic excitement.

    Despite the Hype: 'Da Vinci Code' which opens at Cannes will be Pisces Ron Howard's (born March 1, 1954) Passion of Christ
    Da Vinci Code opens on May 17, 2006 when Uranus transits Ron Howard's Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction in Pisces for world acclaim.

    Saturn and Nodes hit West Wing and Leo Martin Sheen (born August 3, 1940)
    TV's West Wing dropped after seven series

    Mars the Planet of Action
    Enters Gemini from February 17 to April 13, 2006
    Gemini Mars is much more energetic, lightening quick thought tends to create answers with diverse approaches where talking can supersede fighting. Our minds are know our best weapons.

    Charles Ghankay Taylor (born January 28, 1948) Pleads Not Quilty to War Crimes Mars transits his natal Uranus @ 22 Gemini and Quincunx Chiron @ 23 Scorpio.

    LA police pay $1 million to shot gangster rapper's familyMars opposes Pluto Quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio
    The family of Notorious B.I.G, a gangster rapper shot dead in Los Angeles in 1997 has been awarded $1.1 million (£633,000) for police negligence

    Pentagon plans cyber-insect army Sounds like alien inspired technology!
    The Pentagon's defence scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled to check out explosives and send transmissions.

    Mars which represents our most basic instinct for agression,survival and ambiton now direct in Gemini on an active information gathering journey. On March 10th we find Mars agressively challenging Uranus in Pisces for something explosive from the oceans to arrive.

    Google buys online word processor - With Mars in Gemini Words are Weapons with Power
    Google Inc. has acquired a startup that allows users to create and edit documents online, potentially taking aim at Microsoft's dominance in word processing.

    Jupiter the Greater Benefic and Planet of Good Fortune Entered Scorpio October 25 , 2005 until November 23, 2006 In the water sign Scorpio, Bringing focus and EXPANSION on debt, death, spying, secrets, sexuality, cleaning up pollution and unearthing the hidden occult and treasures deep within our earth and souls. Passionate Speech but sometimes misguided...

    Jupiter is now at 18Scorpio resulting in the Sabian Symbol at 19 Scorpio
    "An imp with curly hair and short horns holds up a magic mirror that mercilessly critical reflection of his morally squalid surroundings."
    Jupiter stations retrograde on March 4th at 18* 51' Scorpio keeping us in this vibration for a while.

    Scandals and Corruption Break Out as Berlusconi and Mills face charges
    Prosecutors in Milan have requested that Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi and British lawyer David Mills, estranged husband of Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, be indicted on charges of corruption.
  • Test Helps You Predict Chances of Dying
    It sounds like a perfect parlor game for baby boomers suddenly confronting their own mortality: What are your chances of dying within four years? Researchers have come up with 12 risk factors to try to answer that for people who are 50 and older
    I prefer this image of Scorpio


    Financial Updates per Ray Merriman for Week of April 3, 2006 Pluto Station Retrograde and Saturn Station Direct for Gold to Zoom Up
  • Saturn the Lord of Karma Entered Leo thus Saturn the planet of structure and limitations moves into July 16, 2005 till Sept 7,2007
    Children, gaming, sports, entertainmaint are now ready for more infra-structure Now we focus more dramatically on the future of our country with N Node at 7Leo limitations are being defined.
    Saturn always represents authority and government in Mundane Astrology - Leo is our Daddy and Cancer is our Mommy - let's see how it plays out as Saturn Retrograde moves into Waxing TSQ with Mars and Jupiter

    Saturn Stations Direct on April 5, 2006 at 5:56AM PDT and 8:56AM EDT - 4* 22' Leo with the Sabian Symbol for 5* Leo:
    "A master climber deftly ascends a series of invisible handholds. having attained the summit of the cliff, he turns and exhorts the climbers below."

    Boot camps to ban manhandling of kids
    The state's juvenile justice agency wants to avoid another boot camp-related death and wants to do away with the violent 'pain-compliance' techniques.

    Be Aware that Saturn in Leo deals with Serious Events concerning Children and Their Rights

    Between Saturn and Uranus their is a Maverick, Asteroid/Planet called Chiron which entered Aquarius 12/6/05 at 1:06AM GMT

    Thousands of Katrina victims evicted into the streets all over America - Chiron in Opposition to Saturn
    NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Hauling everything he owned in a plastic garbage bag, Darryl Travis walked out of the chandeliered lobby of the Crowne Plaza, joining the exodus of Hurricane Katrina refugees evicted from their hotel rooms across the country Tuesday.

    The Other Campaign Crosses Paths with the PRI’s Presidential Candidate - Politicians Don't Change Inside Only Their Stripes
    Marcos: Believing Politicians Can Change is a “Misreading” of the Sixth Declaration

    Ford to Slash Up to 30,000 Jobs by 2012 - Individual Pain becomes Collective Hurts Ford Workers Upset About Plant Closures

    Class-action lawsuit aims to stop demolition of damaged homes in New Orleans
    NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- Angry residents and protesters in New Orleans' devastated Lower 9th Ward clashed with workers who were using bulldozers

    Uranus This is the Rebel Planet of Unexpected Change which Entered Pisces
    March 10 until September 14, 2003 and will remain until March 12, 2011
    Uranus in Pisces is involved in revolutionary, innovative and far out changes involving oceans, prisons, UFO's and extraterrestrial contact.

    Scientific Report Confirms an Alien Presence in Puerto Rico? UFO's appear from the sea...
    Many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena originate in a zone south of the island of Vieques, coming out from or entering the sea.

    Evidence of Children’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters to be Presented at a United Nations Affiliated Conference in Montreal as Sun-Uranus come together
    Connections to Indigo and Star Children Theories - After being involved with over 1000 experiencers (alien abductees), a former registered nurse, who is now a professional counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, has concluded that alien “abductions” are not only real encounters, but that they are about spiritual awakening and galactic contact

    Short list for Extraterrestrial intelligence/life per SETI search
    The List
    • Beta Canum Venaticorum, Turnbull's top prospect. It's a sunlike star about 26 light-years away in the northern constellation Canes Venatici. Astronomers have been looking for planets around the star but have found none to date.
    • HD 10307, another sunlike star about 42 light-years away. It has nearly the same mass, temperature and metal content as our sun — plus a companion star.
    • HD 211415, which has about half the metal content of the sun and is a bit cooler. 18 Scorpii, a popular target for proposed planet searches. The star is almost an identical twin of the sun, Turnbull says.
    • 51 Pegasus, which was the first normal star beyond our solar system known to have a planet. The Jupiterlike planet was detected in 1995, and Turnbull believes 51 Pegasus could harbor Earthlike planets as well.

    Uranus Quincunx Nodes: Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise in near-miss with Japanese whaler harpoon near Antarctica

    New Moons and Rings Found at Uranus - Jupiter Trine to Uranus thru first half of 2006
    Astronomers have discovered new rings and small moons around Uranus and found surprising changes in satellite orbits around the giant planet.

    Of Mice and Men's Minds - Stem cell injections create mice that have human brain cells
    SAN FRANCISCO - Scientists have created mice with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

    So now with Neptune in Aquarius Revolutionary Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception to Neptune (ruler of Pisces) adding to even more accelerated changes in the area of scientific discovery, spirituality continuing to break down old faiths.
    Emphasis on the bizzare, strange or unusual like UFO's,extraterrestrials and Contacts with the Astroworld or Other Dimensions or Denizens of the Afterlife!

    I Opened up Solar Fire and ran an aspect list for 7/22 at 8:00PM and all I found was Uranus Contraparallel Mars!
    All I found that declination is just like an Opposition!

    Holy Shit - we are talking danger from the oceans, hurricanes, typhoons, bombs, danger, explosions All this since the Electric Awakener who is naturally aligned with the energy of Promethus and using the wardrobe of Neptune/ruler of Pisces since he stationed Retrograde on June 14th...

    The last time Uranos and Ares (Mars) were together was May 15, 2005 with Mars at 10Pisces9 next to 10 Uranus23 - these are the triggers considering Uranus went retrograde on June 14th. at 10:45.
    Lets go back to the first in this series of Mars/Uranus conj. in sign of the Fishes - June 23rd 1PM PDT - both planets are conjunct at 2º. Pisces 43. Note that the Dec. 26th Tsunami had Recent Mars ingress into 0:13Sagittarius SQ Uranus at 3Pisces 41. A trigger that forms difficult twelfth harmonics with Cardinals and Fixed Modes alike - read a definition of Quincunx or 150 degrees aspect. We will find out first hand that unconscious negligence can cause problems. The quincunx can be described as an irritant which leads to fulfillment. First reaction is that power may be dampened. There could be a need to give more than you get. Things may seem out of joint. There's some sort of quandary that requires readjustment, a change in routine and a need to analyze and perfect.

    This is a Trigger that will continue for the next 5 years then when Uranus finally enters Aries will intensify.

    Cetacean News, Planetary Discoveries and UFO Sightings - Uranus in mutual reception to Neptune

    Alien Encounter Filmed In Mexico?
    recorded on digital camera three boys were playing with a ball outside their homes in Fraccionamiento Del Parque, a neighborhood in the city of Merida, Yucatán.

    Mexican DoD Acknowledges UFOs In Mexico
    The UFO Phenomenon in Mexico has been recognized as a fact in an historic and unprecedent decision taken by the mexican Department of Defense under his Secretary of Defense

    Neptune (now Rx) ruler of the oceans and higher octave of Venus Has been in Aquarius since November 27, 1998 and will remain until April 4, 2011
    Neptunian illusion in Aquarius may manifest as charismatic leaders of blindly devoted followers and media deception.
    Also future ideals and fantastical dreams of scientific and technological advances.
    Neptune is currently Direct in Fixed Grand Cross with Saturn (opp), Jupiter and Mars

    Customs seizes fake Tamiflu for Bird Flu
    SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO Customs seizes fake Tamiflu Nation's first haul of bogus bird flu pills traced to China

    Pluto (now Rx) the Lord of the Underworld
    Has been in Sagittarius since November 10, 1995 and will remain until January 25, 2008.
    The Plutonian element of destruction and renewal has been centered on the areas of law, religion and aviation.

    Secret societies and their practices are revealed with this Pluto placement.
    We also have Pallas in Scorpio which get's to the core of the occult and hidden things around the world.
    Pluto's transit in Sagittarius has also resulted in mass migrations and more emphasis on countries in Latin America Diaspora where transformation of governments is occuring.

    Unfathomed Dangers in Patriot Act - The Gestapo Come to America 2006
    "There is hereby created and established a permanent police force, to be known as the 'United States Secret Service Uniformed Division'."

    MORE INTERESTING BOHEMIAN GROVE IMAGES SURFACE - Incredible Archive of Bohemian Grove Photos

    NASA New Horizons off to Pluto - the first step in a 10-year, one-way trip.

    Pluto Revealed by NASA
    NASA probe to send home first clear pictures of Pluto

    Australian poll reveals underlying racism contrary to prime minister’s statement last week
    Australia National Chart: Shows Effect of Pluto Transits in Sagittarius

    Pluto Special Exploring power structure in America: Harvesting the Seeds of the New World Order by Nancy Fenn

    Real Definition for Clandestine Events
    A conspiracy theory
    is a theory that defies common historical or current understanding of events,
    under the claim that those events are the result of manipulations by two or more individuals or various secretive powers or conspiracies.

    Hello! Can a man hold any public office, let alone the most important, and belong to a "secret society"?
    If this society were benign, would it have to be secret? - Henry Makow

    Secret Societies Links Exposing the secrecy behind Illuminati, NWO and multiple Fraternal Orders

    Purify All the Waters on Earth by Sending Love and Thanks

    Go to the Higher Octave of Uranus/Neptune Mutual Reception!

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