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We are free to discuss global warming and earth changes with
Tsunami,Earthquake and Volcano News from Astrological and Mystic Perspective

Aquarian Solutions is continually changing it's format
We will continue to post daily and weekly headlines, myths and stories blending them with Astrological Cycles.
These are cycles that demonstrate profound change in our attitudes! toward life, love and liberty.
Now that Chiron has entered Aquarius on February 21st, 2005 - more people are recognizing the collective wounds on the planet.
As the alternative media and concience becomes stronger more facts and make political commentary are posted to the internet.
Aquarian Solutions will be spending more time writing spiritually based articles.


But before we talk about the planetary picture, let's set the stage by describing the emotional atmosphere and those points of destiny representing the future and past.

Moon's Nodes and Their Effects from 12/26/04 till 6/23/06

On December 26th 2004 - day of the Tsunami - True North Node entered Aries
The Dragon's Head in Aries now has meant continued military action around the world, conflicted fighting, competition and reality shows like the contender about pugilism.
N Node in Aries can also enable the many to step ahead of the collective and undertake daring deeds
Only action will bring good fortune and a chance of success;
We need to be aware that Aries N Node indicates rashness that is profitable - beware of the profiteers.
Besides being a time when we may feel assertion and initiative are the only things that can bring sucess, the need to pioneer and strike out from the norm is accented.

One Side Benefit of Aries N Node - New Techniques in many areas including medicine.
Growing New Teeth Envisioned for Future Since Aries rules the head and Capricorn Teeth and Bones

The Dragaon's Tail is the polar opposite: thus SOUTH NODE IN LIBRA Ruled by Venus

South Node represents our past gifts and lessons in this and past lives.
In past incarnations there was compromise even uneeded sacrifice to others - sacrifice not fully appreciated.
We are finding that some of the souls that have reincarnated may be plauged by resentment.
We may seem dismayed at not reaping the rewards of our past work.
Sometimes there is a contrariness of the Libra South Node and actually prevents some from discovering their real Self!
Remember the North Node is the future an ideal of performance.
This future state can't be achieved unless the gifts of the South Node reach the zenith of their karmic level.
Again we see that in order to rise to the pinnacle of material and spiritual success we must learn to serve willingly,
There must be no inclination of desiring any rewards beyond our own spiritual advancement.
Perhaps these folks were impressionable in other lifetimes. Now they spend at least the first half of their life coping with the leftover residue of our own gullibility. As the years pass, we may have become an avid readers and researchers, which help crystallize their thoughts. Still, there are so many past-life habits of indecisiveness that they need to overcome the indecisive tendency and forge ahead - this is where Aries N Node helps!


The Sun Our Solar Principle of Identity Now in Cancer June 20 till July 22 Cancer symbol of the mother and the nurturer ramps up our emotions, memories and sentiments.
We all live in a Cancerian Sun country - highly nationalistic yet with Sagittarius rising - purporting to see the big picture.
With the people as represented by the Moon in Aquarius striving to see the truth and when pushed hard enough will make changes.


New Moon Birthday: DalaiLama Celebrates his 70th as Thousands of Tibetans living in India offered a special prayer today
View Chart: The Dalai Lama's natal Saturn/10Pisces conj. Uranus/Pisces Finger of God aspect for today's new moon - More to be heard from Dalai Lama

For the 4th of July - our Pres. Cancerian Sun -Leo Rising: Keep Global Warming Safe for Democracy
Bush Rules Out Accord Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions at G-8

HAVE A CODE PINK 4TH OF JULY 2005: DECLARE LIBERTY with Renegade Masquerades

Orwellian hotbeds fire up with fight or flight coupled with fears of security highlighted - Jupiter/Libra Opp Mars/Aries SQ Sun/Cancer

Example: The Second Patriot Act Is Much Worse Than the First
and The Senate Intelligence Committee just passed the measure on June 7th.

More Evidence on WTC Planned Demolition: WTC 7 Smoke & Mirrors On 9/11 with Interview with Demolition Scientist Van Romero.


Mercury Messenger and communicator of Our Thoughts entered Leo June 27 to September 4 Express yourself in a BIG WAY, speak from your heart - fire and enthusiasm are the order of the days.

For Those Who Want To Know: Cover-up News Articles

Karl Rove - King of Lies and Deceit but with an Alibi: Rove Talked But Did Not Tattle, His Attorney Says
The Bush advisor spoke with a Time reporter days before a CIA operative was outed

Make Some Noise to: strengthen democracy by promoting media that are "of, by and for the people."
Stop Fake News and PR: Stop News Fraud - Sign the Petition

Stan Goff Bellows for Freedom: Praise for George Galloway " Gorgeous George" - An Open Letter to U.S. Democratic Elected Officials
Independence and new styles of communication surrounded on impatience perhaps a bit abrupt.

>The Centre Daily Times - owned by Knight-Ridder publishes Victor Thorn's article questioning government’s “official” story of 9/11

Venus Our Lover and Our Sensuality
Enters Leo June 27 until July 22
Large gestures of love, romantic love and the need to be adored have arrived with a roar and a shout!
Add a touch of narcisism and rabid fans and we got celebrity world.

Can't Get Enough of Paris,Cruise,Uma and the rest of them: Venus in Leo along with Jupiter in Libra push the glamour envelope.
Paris - View Chart: Aquarian Leo Moon,with trine from Jupiter/Libra publicity won't stop only get bigger!

Lil Kim with Sun in Cancer finds out that Saturn don't play: Prison for rapper Kim on perjury
Kimberly Denise Jones born 7/11/75 is experiencing Transiting Saturn/Cancer to Jupiter/Chiron in Aries Opp to Uranus/Libra

Mars the Planet of Action
Enters Aries on June 11 to July 27 The Warrior has arrived in his own sign, aggressive and impulsive. We are now in a period of ACTION, immediacy, and pioneering efforts.

National Guard Spying on Peace Activists: Military authorities began investigating Calif. National Guard Spy Activities

Specific Danger Period Begins from June 24-July 12, when Mars will be in opposition to Jupiter, and both squared by the Sun and Eventually Saturn

Reactionary period with Multiple earth changes starting to explode and ignite as we move into a more fixed planetary picture this Fall.

The Most Cowardly War in History By Arundhati Roy Opening Statement at the World Tribunal on Iraq

Mars Aries/Jupiter Opposition still in Orb TSQ Sun/Cancer:
Military Action Under Scrutiny of World Justice as Our Sense of Purpose is Driven by Fear - Read On

While NeoCons have their backs against the wall

Incinerating Iraqis; the napalm cover up as the Pentagon lied to Geneva Accord

With Bush at his lowest rating sends Aries Rising Rove on the attack: White House Stands Behind Rove's Comments

Perhaps he will be using an insanity plea when the shit hits the fan with the Valerie Plame trial
Perhaps he will be using an insanity plea when the shit hits the fan with the Valerie Plame trial

Starcats Astrology takes a peek into the mind of the devious: Karl Rove - SUN/Capricorn with TSQ including Uranus and Saturn

Stop the Pentagon's Illegal Database: Say No to the Militarization of Youth

Same as a Draft but worse : Pentagon Developing Massive Database on Millions of U.S. Students
Mars in Aries pushes Military to find more cannon fodder using No Child Left Behind Ac

Italians Act for Freedom - Bravo Ragazzi!: Italian Judge Orders Arrest of 13 CIA Agents to combat America's "extraordinary rendition" program

David Ray Griffin in Madison, WI: Theologian Calls for Response to 9/11 - C-Span 4/30/05
Mars in Aries continues to keep this broadcast in the headlines: as David Ray and others call for Action in response to 9/11 Being an Inside Job!

Jupiter the Greater Benefic and Planet of Good Fortune Entered Libra September 24, 2004 until October 25, 2005 In the air sign Libra, justice, balance, harmony and relationships. Justice, Law, and Relationships and how they fare are the focus.

Jupiter News - Another Right Wing Politico Hypocrite Under Fire: Agents raid Calif Rep. Cunningham home, MZM office, yacht

Aquarian Solutions Corruption Special:
Will The Real Duke Please Standup? Charts and more...

Reality Page and Some Laughs: Balance of Power Changes: Sandra Day O'Connor Retires From Supreme Court
View Chart: Sandra who has Sun/Uranus/Venus all in Aries finally agreed to quit when the Mars/Jupiter Opposition transited.

Grievous Globilization Laws - CAFTA Worse Then NAFTA:
"CAFTA is a Disaster for the People of Central America and the USA" per Rep. Bernie Sanders

in Case You Didn't Know on 6/27/05: World Tribunal on Iraq Condemns U.S. and Britain, Recognizes Right of Iraqis to Resist Occupation

Jupiter opposes Mars in June/July: Supreme Court on the move to destroy our amendments.

Democracy Now Special (6/28/05) on Supreme Court Rulings: From Ten Commandments to Property Rights to Internet Cases

June 27th Supreme Court’s rulings: The Ten Commandments raise more questions than answers

Private Property Under Pressure: Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize or Demolish Private Homes

Jupiter Stations Direct in Libra on June 5, 2005
Full Speed Ahead for activities connected with debate, finances, cultural pursuits, mental apsects, communications, the law, politics, travel and interpersonal relationships.

With Jupiter Direct in Legal Libra: Draconian Laws from US Supreme Court: Supreme Court allows prosecution of medical marijuana

Debates on everything from the Nuclear Option (Filibustering) to Evolution (give me a break) continues full swing with Jupiter stationing direct June 5th at 9 Libra.
Fashion, clothes and beauty still top the charts of consumers.


Trade Deficit at All-Time High of $665.9B
All-Time High of $665.9 Billion in 2004, Commerce Dept. Reports

Financial Update for Week of July 5th Feds raise rates as market remains volatile
Mars/Jupiter oppisition TSQ Sun in Cancer > sharp moves up or down!

Saturn the Lord of Karma Entered Cancer thus Saturn the planet of structure and limitations entered Cancer from June 3, 2003 until July 16, 2005
Women and traditional Child-Rearing are under pressure to restructure. In the USA (born under the sign of Cancer) with natal Jupiter/Venus and Mercury in Cancer - limitations are being defined.
Saturn always represents authority and government in Mundane Astrology - let's see how it plays out...

As Corrupt Leaders that Pander to Fear Will Soon be Treated Like the Crooks They are: Are you ready for Saturn moving into Leo - July 16, 2005?

Nationalistic and Control Mechanisms: Saturn Quincunx Pluto in Sagittarius
Period of Adjustment to Outworn Beliefs grasped by Power Hungry Legislators and their NeoCon Pushback Posse

Downing Street Memo Will Bring Down the Empire - A Watergate DejaVu

Fmr. NY Congressmember Holtzman who helped impeach Nixon Calls For President Bush and His Senior Staff Held Accountable for Abu Ghraib Torture

It's now official according to ABC and corporate media: US public opinion turns against Iraq war

John Conyers, Jr and Barbara Lee Start the Fire: The Out of Iraq Caucus

SATURN AND FOOD - July 2nd - Ice Cream (Dairy ruled by Cancer) Suspect: Cold Stone ice cream linked to salmonella

Darest before the Dawn, Last Degrees of SAturn 28 Cancer 03 - The Sign of Apartheid Wall

Happy Saturn Return Mr President: Bush criticised for linking 9/11 with Iraq

Bush's last Saturn hit at 26Cancer30 on June 18, 2005 before his solar return 7/6/05- Saturn now moving toward his Ascendant 7Leo
Even Mercury/Venus crossing his ASC will not provide a boost: Bush's Iraq Speech Fails to Rally Support, Zogby Poll Finds

The truth is Bush is severely limited by his ignorance and lies and is still using the phony 9/11 card.

Housing Bubble Begins: More sell homes to lock in big gains (6/17/05)

Stop the Patriot Act and Preserve the Fourth Amendment
"If we continue on the same path, the Fourth Amendment will be rendered meaningless," Barr said.
Waxing SQ from Sun to Saturn will create a showdown for the American people to preserve liberty.

Saving Seed Is Latest Tech Piracy Watch out for Monsanto's "seed police"
Seeds are in the domain of Cancer and Ceres.

Patriot Act Prevents Woman From LicenseGeorgia Woman Barred from From Driver's License

Uranus (now Rx) the Rebel Planet of Unexpected Change Entered Pisces March 10 until September 14, 2003 and will remain till December 30, 2003 until March 12, 2011
So now with Neptune in Aquarius Revolutionary Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception to Neptune (ruler of Pisces) adding to even more accelerated changes in the area of spirituality continuing to break down old faiths.
Emphasis on the bizare, strange or unusual like UFO's and Contacts with the Astroworld or denizens of the Afterlife!
Uranus stationed Retrograde on June 14th

Higher risks linked to antidepressants: FDA issues 2nd suicide warning for adults
Multiple dangers from the "Medicated Society Model" emphasized with both Uranus and Neptune in Retrograde Cycle.

Unexpected Deadly Disease correlate to Uranus/Pisces: West Nile virus may have hit its first human in Washington State

Mexico UFO Update 7/2/05: Amazing UFO Fleets Continue Over Mexico

Massive Sightings Of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico 6/25/05

More Influential News/Trends ala Neptune ruled Pisces:

New dolphin species discovered in Australia: Snubfin Dolphin first dolphinnew species in 30 years

Uranus in Pisces (Surprising Fish Events) Inconjunct Jupiter/Aries 6/30/05: No Fish Tale: Thais Catch 646-Pound Catfish!

Uranus in Pisces Retro: Whales Win
Japan loses whale vote - the International Whaling Commission rejected Japan's bid to lift the ban on commercial whaling.

Feds Raid Calif. Marijuana Dispensaries on June 23, 2005

Uranus Station Retro in Pisces: The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal beyond Smear Tactics

New Images and New Planet : Astronomers say huge planet sighting in distant solar system confirmed in Hydra Constellation

Cognitive therapy as good as antidepressants
Cognitive therapy to treat moderate to severe depression works just as well as antidepressants

ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihoodlatest view from Senior Space Writer Leonard David

India May Be First To Reveal ET Contact

Will India break the silence and tell of ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials?

Past Weather/Environmental Tampering Have Scientific Tampering in the Last 70 Years Created Destruction?
Uranus pushes the envelope and we feel the effects.

Neptune (now Rx) ruler of the oceans and higher octave of Venus Has been in Aquarius since November 27, 1998 and will remain until April 4, 2011
Neptunian illusion in Aquarius may manifest as charismatic leaders of blindly devoted followers and media deception.
Also future ideals and fantastical dreams of scientific and technological advances.
Neptune is currently Retrograde

Neptune at it again: Saddam Capture was Staged - We Knew
Public version of Saddam capture fiction: [World News]: RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 9
Piscean stellium Moon/Sun/Venus/Uranus and Juno meet Pluto for more revelations of THE ILLUMINATI PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

Illuminati Deception ala Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield Cabal

More on Falsified Documents to Downplay Climate Change: White House Council on Environmental Quality chief of staff Phillip Cooney is Guilty!

U.S. official Doctored not just edited global warming documents in deliberate attempt.

Jupiter Trines Neptune on March 14th and again August 17th 2005 - High Hopes and Irrational Enthusiasm Ideals

Soon a Reality: Natural Breasts grown from Stem Cells

Stem Cells May Make Shapelier, Longer-Lasting Cosmetic Implants

Oppose Bush and Be Candidate for Looney Bin Opposing Bush - A Form of Mental Illness?
Neptune in Aquarius tries to standardize what is sanity!

Example of Neptune/Aquarius Dangerous Charisma
We Don't Need Another Illuminati Sponsored Dictator!
Watch Video Clip in Arnold's own words How he supports a Constitutional amendment that would enable him to run for President.

Pluto (now Rx) the Lord of the Underworld
Has been in Sagittarius since November 10, 1995 and will remain until January 25, 2008.
The Plutonian element of destruction and renewal has been centered on the areas of law, religion and aviation.

Secret societies and their practices are revealed with this Pluto placement.
We also have Pallas in Scorpio which get's to the core of the occult and hidden things around the world.
Pluto's transit in Sagittarius has also resulted in mass migrations and more emphasis on countries in Latin America Diaspora where transformation of governments is occuring.

David Icke offers revelations and loving solutions to secret societies destructive efforts:

(An Astro Viewpoint)

Pictures taken by by Journalist Josh Renaud

Next stop: Iran Yank commandos already in place looking for WMD'S by BY JAMES GORDON MEEK
T Mars is moving to conjunct Pluto and oppose US 1776 Mars soon!

First hand Evidence of Underground Bases in Dulce, NMThe COVERT take over of Planet Earth as reported by a USAF Officer

Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish by Henry Makow PhD

Real Definition for Clandestine Events
A conspiracy theory
is a theory that defies common historical or current understanding of events,
under the claim that those events are the result of manipulations by two or more individuals or various secretive powers or conspiracies.

Secret Societies Throughout the World Emphasis on Mercury/Venus and Pluto in Sagittarius join the week of January 3rd 2005!
Let the Secrets Be Revealed!

Hello! Can a man hold any public office, let alone the most important, and belong to a "secret society"?
If this society were benign, would it have to be secret? - Henry Makow

For Your Info: The Bohemian Grove Is an Offshoot of Skull and Bones

Secret Societies Links Exposing the secrecy behind Illuminati, NWO and multiple Fraternal Orders

Earthquake and Volcano and Tsunami News

Earth Changes Mirror Cardinal Aspects: Mars/N Node/Aries,SQ Sun/Saturn in Cancer, Opp. Jupiter in Libra in orb from June 21 to July 27

Hurrican Season in Full Force: Tropical Storm Cindy heads to upper Gulf Coast 7/5/05

Mount St. Helens on July 3,2005 - Lava Dome Falls: sending an ash plume above the crater rim

Japan Verifies: Volcanic Activity Spotted Off Iwo Jima - 3,300 ft. column of steam!

An aftershock or preview?: Fifth quake in week hits off California coast for June 19, 2005

Fourth Major Quake Hits Calif. This Week: 6.6-magnitude temblor 125 miles off the coast of Eureka

Magnitude 7 Quake 90 miles from Crescent City Sparks Temporary Tsunami Warning from the California-Mexico border north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Cardinal Planets: Mars SQ Mercury/Cancer along with Venus, Saturn in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra

7.9 magnitude earthquake rattled the northern region of Tarapaca near the Bolivian border on June 13th
the Chilean Quake was world's third strongest temblor since the quake that set off an Asian tsunami in December

CRESCENT CITY QUAKE Sparks Tsunami Scare on the West Coast

Another Quake on April 10th - A 6.8-magnitude quake hits near Sumatra
Jakarta — A strong, undersea earthquake hit Sunday

UPDATES: Increased frequency of earthquakes since March 28, 2005 - date of the 8.7 Quake in Sumatra

Earthquakes from around the world in the the Past 24 Hours are increasing

New studies of the giant earthquake Quake lifted the surface of the globe one inch

Mars Square Uranus was a trigger so now View the aftermath of Tsunami on USA at Cancer Full Moon
When the disaster occured Saturn was opposed by Chiron which indicated: severe extremes of weather, famine and disasters.

Tsunami Reverts Beaches to Natural State By washing away rampant development, it returned the beaches to nature. Pluto Lord of the Underworld both destroys and renews!

Toba Caldera in Sumatra, Indonesia

Disaster waiting to happen - a super volcano
Detailed Geophysical analysis of the: Toba Caldera Complex

Realtime Earthquake Monitor to see Multitude of Quakes on Ring of Fire

Latest in Volcano News Current volcanic activity

Tangible Solutions for a Sustainable World

Community Gardens Everywhere!: Sustainable Community Gardens

Organic Consumers Association helps:mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto's global corporate terrorism.

Celebrate: Ivory-billed woodpecker is back from the dead!

Red-Tail Hawks bring droves of human supporters to Manhattan
Pale Male: In Love With A Hawk

Celebrate Human Rights and Enviromental Activist Wangari Maathai
Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai

Your Own Health And Fitness Cutting edge information on health with Layna Berman and Guests

Bananas, Root Veggies May Cut Kidney Cancer Risk according to Swedish study diets rich in fruits and vegetables may help stave off kidney cancer.

I empower in order to beautify: The Millau Viaduct a bridge of grace and elegance in France

The Findhorn Ecovillage - New Frontiers for Sustainability

>THE PATH TO FREEDOM - Solutions to Globalization and Enviromental Crisis

A monetary-planetary win-win!! Green Mary

Purify All the Waters on Earth by Sending Love and Thanks

Go to the Higher Octave of Uranus/Neptune Mutual Reception!

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