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  • "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."
    Albert Einstein
  • “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it… Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.” ~ Buddha
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    We hear you out there! Hello to all my friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, Winnepeg, Canada, Ft. Collins, Colorado, San Jose, California, Lochristi, Oost-vlaanderen, Clevland, Ohio, Anchorage, Alaska, Beaverton, Oregon, Edmonton, Alberta, San Antonio, Branson, Missouri, Monroe, Louisiana, Sydney, New South Wales, Los Osos, California, New York, Boston, MA., Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Cataluna, Winter Park, Florida and many more locations around the world.

  • Virgo New Moon Special with AstroFlash! brought to you by Barbara Hand Clow
    Excerpt: As it turns out, we have much to look forward to in early September, even though the US will be unspeakably tense in the weeks leading up to the November elections. Let us not lose sight of the fact that we enter Day Six of the Galactic Underworld on November 12, when those who have thoroughly processed the darkness within throughout Night Five will be feeling quite jubilant. So, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, please at least notice the great change in world affairs this summer that is showing us the way of the future.

    Site Last Updated September 1,, 2008 (all times are for Pacific Time Zone

    Libra Moon ingress @ 4:44 AM Lots of activities, conversation and public events rock forward with Moon meeting Venus-Mercury and then Mars throughout the day.
    Moon conjunct Venus @ 9:23 AM starts the morning out with positive energies and emotional bonding especially with women
    Finally and possibly disastrous is the Moon meeting Mars for some erupting emotional changes.
    By Sept. 2nd Moon will SQ Jupiter @ 3:59 AM as overconfidence and over indulgence are just too of the side effects - emotions are conflicted over belief systems.

    By Sept. 3rd with a Sun-Saturn conjunction, the need to be accountable and responsible is highlighted along with numerous delays and obstacles like the RNC Convention
    Mercury meets Mars on Sept. 8th as weather and transporation related events still dominate the news
    Massive evacuation in the Gulf Coast with almost two million people fleeing Gustav

    Aquarian Solutions Special: Storms Rage, First Gustav as Part One: Order is Demanded From Chaos. September Begins

    Combo of Mercury meeting Mars and Pluto stationing direct on Sept. 8th can indicate even more then just Gustav in the air and land
    Stormpulse: Hurricane Gustav Tracking Map

    Sept. 1st - Alert: War on Journalism and Truth Intensifies (Moon-Mercury-Mars in Libra (Justice) SQ Jupiter in Conservative Capricorn

    Amy Goodman and Two Democracy Now! Producers Unlawfully Arrested At the RNC
    (Pluto Void of Course as Power Plays out at RNC) Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar have been arrested while covering a protest at the Republican National Convention in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

    On the positive side Earth our mother and the Virgin energies of Virgo have come together as Sun entered Virgo on August 22nd and true service will trump the heavy role of the critical perfectionist attitudes.
    Libra Planets with Venus dignified demand peace even from former warriors (Mars-Libra SQ Jupiter)
    August 30th: Vietnam Veterans for Peace Demonstrate Against Fellow Vet John McCain

    Neptune (catalyst for last Katrina Hurricane) in orb of N Node /Chiron with aspects to Libra Planets
    Raw Video: Gustav Lashes Houma, La.

    Perfect storm for accidents on air, land and sea with Mars applying to SQ with Jupiter (over confidence creates calamaties) and both Mercury and Venus opposing Uranus

    September 1, Now with Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars all in Libra applying to SQ with Jupiter

    Gustav is the most tracked storm in history as it makes landfall and stalls (Sun-Saturn together)

    Current transits detailed...

    Aug. 22, 2008: Sun entered Virgo @ 11:02 AM
    Time to accentuate service, health and appreciate the true need for work as opposed to forced industry...the analytical Virgo mind does well to remember that perfection is not a fixed state of being but an ongoing process

    Aug. 22, 2008: Applying Mercury Opposite Uranus @ 11:13 AM
    Be open to sudden changes and awkward situations. Inflexibility in communications inhibit progress. Shocking news items, innovation, and change are correlated with this transit. Controversial or radical persons make news. Authorities are challenged.

    Aug. 23, 2008: Applying Venus Opposite Uranus @ 8:49 AM
    Reversals, surprises, and sudden or unusual trends are the norm under this transit. Meetings may be canceled or postponed, or may prove awkward or uncomfortable. The limits and the rules are challenged by radical behaviors.

    Aug. 25, 2008: Applying Moon Square Mercury
    Strong emotions may trigger misunderstandings. Communicate sensitively. Schedule disturbances and transportation complications are possible now. Meetings with females require focus.

    Aug. 27, 2008: Applying Mercury Square Pluto @ 6:36 PM
    Challenging announcements and agendas for change are made now. Talks take place in a tense atmosphere. This can be a time of transportation upsets, disturbing events, explosions, storms, and stories of covert operations. Who’s telling the truth?

    Aug. 28, 2008: Mercury ingress into Libra @ 7:50 AM as we look toward a more sociable and diplomatic solutions to our current issues and crisis (since Mercury turns retrograde on Sept. 23rd this will be a long stay)

    Aug. 29, 2008: Applying Venus Square Pluto @2:50 AM
    Stressful events may occur during this challenging transit. Cooperation and participation is forced and demanded. A difficult time for open talks, trust, and sharing.

    Aug. 29, 2008: Applying Venus Square Pluto Stressful events may occur during this challenging transit. Cooperation and participation is forced and demanded. It’s a difficult time for open talks, trust, and sharing.

    Sept. 3, 2008: Applying Sun Conjunct Saturn
    This transit is about making realistic judgments and locating responsibilities. A transit dealing with beginnings and endings, delays and obstacles, and cooling down. Patience and organization are favored.

    Sept. 7, 2008: Applying Mars Square Jupiter @ 2:06 PM
    Ego energies need constructive areas of expression. Over-confidence in one’s beliefs and urges for action can create problems. There is a tendency now for people to impose their views on others with a high probability of conflict and disagreement.

    Sept. 7, 2008: Jupiter Stations Direct @ 9:16 PM after difficult Void of Course Period

    Sept. 8, 2008: Applying Mercury Conjunct Mars @ 10:44 AM
    Problem solving activities increase in intensity now. Communications are direct and honest, while transportation matters present challenges. It’s a time of transportation upsets, emergency actions, strikes, and executive decisions.

    Sept. 8, 2008: Applying Saturn Trine Jupiter @ 4:17 PM
    This transit brings positive developments in political and economic matters. In general, leaders and the public move toward more traditional ways of handling problems and making decisions. Leaders are sworn in now, courts and panels give their approval, and reputations are cleared.

    2008 with no exact aspects: Applying Saturn Trine Pluto
    Under this transit, leaders and ruling parties make necessary changes and adjustments. Taxes may be raised or imposed and scarcities may become apparent. This is a time that calls for restraint and economy. Many will find the endurance and persistence necessary to reach long-range goals.

    Past Transits with Major Impact in from January to August 2008 - For more details, visit my Past Astrological Transits for 2007-2008

    NEW: Astro Headlines Archives are back just in time for major changes in 2007 and moving forward in 2008: Check it out!

    We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

    Financial Special for the week starting Sept 1, 2008:

    For the week starting August 25th: Lots of noteworthy geocosmic signatures from August 13 through September 24 including a Sun conjuncton to Saturn, Jupiter turning direct on Sept. 8th along with a positive trine to Saturn or does it signal a reversal zone?

    From Ray Merriman: "Nevertheless, August 27-September 13 should be a most fascinating period in market behavior, according to the study of Financial Astrology. And if it is interesting in the financial markets, it is also likely to be interesting in terms of mundane and geopolitical events in the world. "

    As we move toward MAJOR changes with Pluto now retrograde in Sagittarius till an ingress back into Capricorn Nov. 28, 2008Updated in Real Time both Natural and Man-Made Disasters and Emergency Conditions around the world: View Map and Refresh

    Earthquake and Volcano Alert for Pacific Ring of Fire, Western Hemisphere and US

    For more details visit my Earth Changes Page as QUAKES AND VOLCANOES CONTINUE ON THE RING OF FIRE

    Aug. 28th: Continued Seismic Acitivty with Mars SQ Jupiter in Cardinal signs along with Virgo SQ's to Pluto
    Breaking News: 6.1 quake strikes off western Canada in Vancouver Island Region

    Aug. 27th: Cardinal Cancer Moon Opposing Jupiter
    Magnitude 6.3 - LAKE BAYKAL REGION, RUSSIA

    Aug. 27th: Large quake hits Indonesia, tsunami alert lifted

    Aug. 26 to 27th: Update with Strong Quake in Tibet (WESTERN XIZANG) upgraded to Magnitude 6.7 and no injuries reported

    Aug. 24 to 25: Preponderance of earthy Virgo Planets in conflict with Uranus and Pluto
    Multiple Strong Quake in WESTERN XIZANG Region Near Nepal including a sharp 6.3 Magnitude Quake

    Aug. 21 to 22: Virgo Planets still in orb of SQ and Opposition with Pluto and Uranus
    Earthquake Wednesday in Eastern Arkansas started along mystery fault line

    Aug. 20 to 21: Mars now in Libra adds to cardinal energies with applying SQ to Jupiter - Watch New Madrid Fault including Arkansas-Indiana-Missouri

    Featured Videos & More Dealing with Pluto into Political and Occult Capricorn

    Pluto's entrance into Capricorn means total shake-up of the Elite Government, Media and the Church
    Pay Attention These Change Frequently and are passed to archives.
    When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Sept. 1st: Pluto Void of Course stations on Sept. 8th Old wounds are reopened and confrontations forced. Power plays occur. Secret forces make their presence known.
    Remembering Denver Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 1 and 2)

    Mars-justice oriented Libra moving toward a SQ to Jupiter on Sept. 7th
    Some of the only truth emanating from inside or outside the DNC

    Cynthia McKinney at R-68 in Denver

    Dennis Kucinich * WAKE UP AMERICA!!!* Dems Convention 2008

    August 25 to 27th: Mercury SQ Pluto - get to the depth-investigate all covert, hidden agendas
    Alien Agenda, Secret Underground Bases & The NWO - Phil Schneider

    August 16th with news that Arctic Ice is not melting are we in a period of Global Dimming
    Global Dimming - the Truth about Current Climate Change

    Headlines reflecting current Astrological Passages
    Opinions of journalists or writers in the following articles or news pieces may not mirror the staff's beliefs at Aquarian Solutions.
    Former Astro-Headlines are arranged by Moon's Phases then archived here.

    September 1: Pluto SQ Moon-Venus Why Are Mercenaries Being Contracted To Provide Security For Hurricane Gustav?

    August 30: Mars applying to SQ with Jupiter and the Sun applying to meeting with Saturn (Sept. 3) facisim ramps up as RNC is set to start
    Crackdown begins: Food Not Bombs house among Saturday raids

    August 30: Venus Ingress into Libra adds more credibility to McCain's Strategy by picking Sarah Heath Palin (bloodline to traced to illuminati)
    Sarah Palin and Paul Begala’s Sour Grapes by Kurt Nimmo

    August 27: Virgo (service people) planets ruled by Mercury (mind) SQ Pluto
    Defense Intelligence Agency Seeking "Mind Control" Weapons

    August 26: Sun in tecno. Virgo meeting Saturn creates more delays and glitches especially with Mercury-Venus/Virgo SQ Pluto-Sagittarius (airlines)
    Problems in Georgia, USA: Computer outage causes airport delays

    August 25 to 27th: MercurySQ Pluto Challenging announcements and agendas for change are made now.
    Venus SQ Pluto Cooperation and participation is forced and demanded

    August 26th: the problem is Georgia not Russia
    Russia Backs Independence of Breakaway Georgian Areas
    Russia on Tuesday formally recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the two enclaves in Georgia whose separatist aspirations stirred the fierce conflict this month.

    Aug. 25: Moon SQ Mars adds to Draconian Reactions from PoliceDenver Police Arrest 91; Fire Pepper Spray & Pepper Balls At Protesters
    Cindy Sheehan Catches Phone Bugger in the Act at DNC
    Will Authorities Stage Riots In Denver?

    August 25th as Mercury SQ Pluto upsets prevail as people are disgruntled and want REAL CHANGE not fascism
    Antiwar Activists Take to the Streets to “Defend Denver”

    August 25-26th: Mercury SQ Pluto adds to tornado/storms in SE US
    50 flights canceled as tornado, flash flood watches go up in N. Georgia

    August 23-24th: As Venus begins to separate from an Opposition to Uranus in dancing Pisces moving toward a SQ with Power Hungry Pluto
    Dancing With The New World Order

    Aug. 23rd: In EDT early AM Mercury Opposed Uranus and then @ 8:49 AM Venus Opposing Uranus - shocks, reversals, surprises or reactions to "supposed surprises) create disruptions
    Obama Biden '08: Obama picks Biden as VP

    Aug. 22nd Mercury Opposes Uranus and most people don't except the official story despite the NIST Lie
    NIST WTC 7 Report: Shameful, Embarrassing And Completely Flawed

    Aug. 21: The Sun-Pluto trine opens up the investigation that is signified by Mercury-Virgo (Youth) and Venus-Virgo (precise women) applying to Uranus (sudden and shocking/unexpected news) with reversals of previous decisions
    Olympics Truth and Fairness Prevails with Mars-Libra - Chinese Gymnasts 14, Official Document Shows (update)

    August 20th. with Moon-Aries and Mars-Libra critical questions as to whether WAR is necessary in the 21st century.
    A conservative historian who spent twenty-three years serving in the US Army The Limits of Power: Andrew Bacevich on the End of American Exceptionalism

    August 17th: with Mars-Virgo SQ to Pluto-Sagittarius separating while Moon in Pisces triggers oppositions with Mercury-Venus-Mars over the next few days
    "Petropolitics at heart of Russia-Georgia clash". Turkish official confirms BTC pipeline blast is a terrorist act

    Mars/Virgo-Uranus/Pisces Opposition separates to translate the light and create wide TSQ with Pluto - Larger accidents happen more frequently.
    August 17th: Hundreds flee after dam break near Grand Canyon-A rain-soaked earthen dam near the Grand Canyon broke on Sunday, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of residents from a flooded village in a downstream Indian reservation,

    August 16: With Applying Venus Trine Jupiter peaking @ 5:16 PM on Saturday: August 16th Famous and non-celebrities alike took advantage of Great aspect for celebrations, weddings and get togethers
    Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi wed

    August 16: With Neptune in the mix as Sun Applies to exact Opposition with Neptune on August 15th.

    Confusing double messages yet highly political with Moon-Jupiter together in Capricorn and Venus-Saturn in Virgo
    Russia pledges cash to restore South Ossetia-MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia will spend at least $400 million in 2008 on restoring South Ossetia's battered capital Tskhinvali, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Wednesday.

    Wag the Dog in Media war against Russia - staging photographs on the battlefront

    Bush the drunken clown keeps us laughing as the Endangered Species Act is thrown out and Depression is around the corner

    Photos of George W. Bush 'Drunk As A Monkey' At the Olympics

    August 16: As Mercury-Virgo separates from a serious conjunction with Saturn for disturbing news and applies to an opposition with Pluto for bad to worse on August 27th
    Climate Change Caused Widespread Tree Death In California Mountain Range, Study Confirms

    With Mercury ruling planet of the Virgo grouping (Venus-Mars-Saturn-Mercury) triggering details: The Devil is in the Detail

    We Spotlight Sustainable Solutions for our Planet :


    For more earth-changing events Visit NEW UPDATES: Hurricanes, Floods, Quakes, Global Warming Effects, plus Tsunami and Volcano News from Astrological and Mystic Perspective

    Understanding Climate Transformations - It May Not Be What You Think
    Major alterations, or breakdowns, in the climatic machinery, and the severe biospheric effects. These climatic transformations and the material composition of the Earth's atmosphere.

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