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    Albert Einstein
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  • October 7th : First Qtr. Capricorn Moon with Saturn Opp. Uranus (revolutionary response) + Mars in Scorpio military coup.
    Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty! Revolution makes sense now...

    Site Last Updated October 6, 2008 (all times are for Pacific Time Zone)

    Capricorn Moon direct in Waxing Crescent moving towards First Qtr. on October 7th
    Sun in Libra SQ Jupiter (exact @ 9:52 AM) in restrictive Capricorn a time when legal battles and important court cases may make news and major debate plus distortions of the truth over economy.
    Adding to financial difficulties and expanding news with Major Announcemnt a Mercury-Libra SQ Jupiter aspect exact @ 4:46 PM
    Today's Venus Sextile Saturn @ 10:42 PM does add a ray of hope with settelments being reached as we confron the problems economically.
    The Capricorn Moon is bringing not just further financial and economic difficulties worldwide by major earth changes.

    Earthquake Alert in Asian Region: KYRGYZSTAN and CENTRAL AFGHANISTAN

    October 5th to 7th as Capricorn Moon triggers the Sun-Libra SQ Jupiter-Capricorn Conflict yet can allow important balancing Aquarian Solutions October Report-Balancing Order with Judgement

    From the new moon (Sept. 29th) major energies have been building in primal forms as the October 1st Scorpio moon hosted a powerful Mars sextile Pluto in air and fire. Those who engineered the takeovers and power plays in August want their way no matter the cost! At this point 700 to 800 Billion is cheap to keep the Pluto-Sagittarius casino economy going until a total North American Union and new currency burst on the scene next year. As the steam releases with those airy Mars in Libra transits morphing into an Intense, dignified Mars in Scorpio (October 3rd) - suddenly everything seems real precarious with lots of 90 degree angles forming into TSQ's by the critical first qtr. October 6th brings exact Sun-Mercury squares to ideological and expansive Jupiter but in strutural Capricorn. By October 7th when the First Qtr. begins at 2:05 AM PDT or 5;05 AM EDT in Washington DC each major move can turn into a Major Event. I am getting vibes that we are seeing a crumbling, dissolving and destruction of the capitalist system as practiced by Illuminati Bankers - this feels like when the Berlin wall came down On November 9th 1989 when the wall came down we had Uranus-Venus-Saturn-Neptune all in Capricorn and as we approach the exact oppositon of Saturn-Uranus in mutables on Nov. 4, 2008, a historic time approaches. Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26th and the timeline will be completed. Back to October 7th with Sun-Mercury in Libra SQ Jupiter in Capricorn in Cardinal, swift energetic forms of release. Of course a mutable cross is charged with craziness (attached a chart set for DC when first qtr. starts at 5:05 AM) Saturn sits on the ASC Opposing Uranus on the 7th while Juno-Pluto in Sagittarius in the death throes of the casino economy sits in the 4th along with Jupiter-Moon intercepted in Capricorn. The Sagittarius duo (Juno-Pluto) are opposing Pallas in Gemini reflecting the whole webot use of predictive linguistics conjunct Hygeia representing disease? Actually what hit me was the Mars-Venus Scorpio push in the 2nd holding the TSQ( in the house of Money$ and Vaules ) to S Node-Ceres Opposing Chiron and N Node. An Economic Worldwide Crash, Revolution to set things right from bottom of the pyramid? Or could this mean a mass epidemic plus major earth changes? All this building toward the Full Moon on Oct. 14th and sometime of incredible dénouement will occur!

    Mercury trines Neptune three times first on Sept. 19th then with retrograde again on Sept. 28th and finally on October 29th

    Under a Neptunian manic intensity - a new financial world order rising US pledges financial rescue plan as Paulson announces the Big Bailout is coming

    Aquarian Solutions Special as US and World Economic Crisis Continues : Look toward Oct. 6th and 7th when both Sun and Mercury (Libra) SQ Jupiter in Capricorn (expanded conservative structure ideas-legislation) when Important communications or announcements are made.

    October 6th: Sun-Libra SQ Jupiter-Capricorn then and finally the news gets out Mercury SQ Jupiter
    Congress Opens Hearings on Financial Meltdown with Lehman's CEO

    $700 Billion Bailout LAW - YOU WERE ROBBED

    October 5th: With Sagittarius Moon giving way to Cardinal Capricorn as a trigger for the next two days
    Germany Moves to Shore Up Confidence in Economy centered around German mortgage lender, Hypo Real Estate.

    October 3rd. Moon now in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter - revelations as to why this is happening.
    Former CEO Explains TRUE REASON Behind BAILOUT **MUST SEE**

    Oct. 1st - power plays by the senate to create ratification but are we beyond any financial stabilization?
    Financial Tsunami: The End of the World as We Knew It by F. William Engdahl

    Sept. 29th - "Martial Law" In House of Representatives - Under the martial law procedure, long-standing House rules that require at least one day between the unveiling of significant legislation and the House floor vote on that legislation — so that Members can learn what they are being asked to vote on — are swept away.

    Sept. 29th with Black Monday hitting on the Libra New Moon
    U.S. stocks plunge as global credit crisis continues - hammered as Fed adds more liquidity

    Sept. 29th: You won't believe where that $700-billion bailout figure came from

    Sept. 25 - 26th: Federal regulators explain reasons behind WaMu seizure and sale

    Sept. 23rd: Mercury-Mars together pushing "quick actions" but with Mercury turning retrograde on 9-24-08 they could be WRONG!

    Sept. 22nd. as Sun enters diplomatic Libra - on the same day that Venus Sextiles Pluto in risk taking Sagittarius - this is a time for accords to be reached for the elite as the collective feels disrupted -
    Bailout Plan Talks Advance in Congress

    An unaspected Uranus meeting Full Moon then Sun SQ Pluto as
    Financial Bailout: America's Own Kleptocracy The largest transformation of America's Financial System since the Great Depression ,

    Defending a Financial Meltdown - Regarding Henry

    Sept. 18th: Big Daddy Paulson to the Rescue Stocks surge on report of RTC entity for bad debt
    The report on CNBC said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is considering the formation of an entity like the Resolution Trust Corp. that was set up after the failure of savings and loan banks in the 1980s.

    Sept. 18th: Paulson: Congress Has No Authority Here

    Current transits detailed...

    Mars ingress into Scorpio on October 3rd to set up TSQ to Nodes

    Mercury Retrograde Alert Mercury turned retrograde on Sept. 24th in Libra @ 12:17 AM and won't station direct till Oct. 15th
    Sabian Symbol for 23 Libra : Chanticleer (Rooster) salutes the rising sun with exuberant tones. Whistle blowers, humanists, justice oriented heroes and patriots take center stage in the evolving dramas along side the robber barons with their plans.

    Oct. 1, 2008: Applying Moon Conjunct Venus @ 3:54 PM
    Relations with others, particularly women, are emotionally enhanced now. People are attracted to each other and feelings are shared. Public events move along more or less smoothly.

    Oct. 1, 2008: Applying Mars Sextile Pluto @ 8:58 PM
    Passions are high and daring actions are often a response. Situations intensify, bringing out the extremists and power-players. Takeovers are often successful under this transit.

    Oct. 1, 2008: Applying Moon Trine Uranus @ 12:11 PM
    This time favors social experimentation, novelty, gambling, and other forms of risk taking. People are more easily excited now.

    Oct. 4th 2008: Applying Moon Square Saturn @ 3:52 PM
    There is a conservative and serious mood in the air now and some may feel isolated. Fear reactions are driving events. Delays are possible. This is a time for work, organization, and restraint.

    Oct. 5, 2008: Applying Venus Sextile Jupiter
    Celebrations, meetings and weddings are successful. Confidence and feelings of prosperity move events along now.

    Oct. 6, 2008: Applying Moon Conjunct Pluto @ 6:47 PM Biological urges and basic emotions are often aroused by this transit. Passions and primal instincts stir people to hunt, dig, and investigate. A time for cleanups and changes.

    Oct.. 6, 2008: Applying Sun Square Jupiter @ 1:53 PM
    This is a time for moral and legal debate, a time when legal battles and important court cases may make news and leaders may struggle with approval issues. Negatively, this transit inclines toward over-growth, distortions of the truth, and indulgence.

    Oct. 6, 2008: Applying Mercury Square Jupiter @ 4:46 PM
    Important communications on matters of concern for many are at issue now. Moral, philosophical, or religious issues may be raised and debated. International meetings make news.

    Oct. 6, 2008: Applying Venus Sextile Saturn @ 10:42 PM
    Interpersonal matters confront the facts now. Settlements, formalization and solutions to problems emerge.

    Nov. 3, 2008 due to retrograde Mercury Applying Mercury Sextile Pluto @ 9:30 PM
    Agendas for change are announced now. There may be news about investigations and private matters.
    Social situations open up and accords are reached. It’s a time for sharing and participation with groups for mutual benefits.

    Nov. 4, 2008: Applying Saturn Opposite Uranus
    This transit emphasizes inequalities in society, the conflicts between the bottom and top of the pyramid! This may also be a time of severe socio-economic stress and even financial recession. Changes of rule and authority in many fields leave people feeling unstable and insecure. It is a time of frustration, accidents, rigid resistance to change, and attacks on authorities.

    Nov. 12, 2008: Applying Jupiter Sextile Uranus
    This is a time when mostly positive developments, changes, and innovations are happening in many fields, including medicine, religion, law, and transportation.

    with no exact aspects: Applying Saturn Trine Pluto
    Under this transit, leaders and ruling parties make necessary changes and adjustments. Taxes may be raised or imposed and scarcities may become apparent. This is a time that calls for restraint and economy. Many will find the endurance and persistence necessary to reach long-range goals.

    Past Transits with Major Impact in from January to August 2008 - For more details, visit my Past Astrological Transits for 2007-2008

    NEW: Astro Headlines Archives are back just in time for major changes in 2007 and moving forward in 2008: Check it out!

    Major Alert for Californians: The Real ID Card passed the California Legislature on Sept. 11, 2008 and is connected to Homeland Security - Let Governor Schwarzenegger know he should veto this repressive legislation.

    We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

    Financial Special for the week starting October 6th, 2008:

    October 6th : Nearing the middle of the Mercury retrograde period which ends on Oct. 15th yet problems in financial markets around the world will continue...

    From Ray Merriman: " On Monday, the Sun will square Jupiter. Since Jupiter relates to the principle of exaggeration, there is a possibility of further panic and sell-off early this coming week. "

    More from Merriman on why the Jupiter-Saturn trines of 2008 haven't stabilized markets.
    "I think it is also interesting to point out that the Jupiter-Saturn trine in Earth signs for 2008 did not result in stable financial markets as modern day astrologers (such as myself) would have expected entering into this year. I posed the question earlier this year that perhaps the classical astrologers might have it right. Jupiter and Saturn in earth signs are more bearish for financial markets. Earth signs suppress prices, regardless of whether the planets are in a favorable trine relationship or not."

    Background: Oct. 1st to 2nd: positive Moon sextile Jupiter and then Saturn add to easy collaborations and organizational efforts
    Sold down the river with the takeover in action: Senate passes massive $810 billion bailout - A strong bipartisan majority rallied behind the controversial Wall Street bailout package, passing it by 74-25.

    Oct. 1st - More skeletons in the closet are dancing about with Pluto-Mars prominent together dealing with debt.
    Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

    As we move toward MAJOR changes with Pluto now retrograde in Sagittarius till an ingress back into Capricorn Nov. 28, 2008Updated in Real Time both Natural and Man-Made Disasters and Emergency Conditions around the world: View Map and Refresh

    Earthquake and Volcano Alert for Pacific Ring of Fire, Western Hemisphere and US

    October 4th thru 6th with Sun-Mercury in Libra SQ Jupiter in Capricorn for Cardinal Climatic Quakes and now Venus applying to TSQ with the Nodes and Chiron near N Node.

    Oct. 5th: New Asian Area of Major Quakes: KYRGYZSTAN with a 6.6 Magnitude along with SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

    Oct. 5th: 6.5 Magnitude in KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND continues shocks in that area

    Sept. 29th: New Moon in Cardinal Libra with SQ to Jupiter as Major Quake hits Kermadec Islands with Magnitude 7.3

    Featured Videos & More Dealing with Pluto into Political and Occult Capricorn and Saturn Opposition to Uranus

    Pluto's entrance into Capricorn means total shake-up of the Elite Government, Media and the Church
    Pay Attention These Change Frequently and are passed to archives.
    When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
    Thomas Jefferson

    October 5th to 7th : Capricorn Moon will meet Jupiter expanding the monetary crisis with SQ to Sun-Mercury in Libra

    October 5th to 7th : Capricorn Moon will meet Jupiter expanding the monetary crisis with SQ to Sun-Mercury in Libra
    Calamitous Web Bot Predictions 1 of 12

    October 6th: Sun SQ Jupiter then Mercury SQ Jupiter for expanded news of worldwide financial collapse.
    Bank Run! Roubini: US Economy in Cardiac Arrest!
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    October 1st : Mars/Pluto ruled Scorpio Moon brings out those deeper desires
    McCain says he wants to be Dictator!

    October 1st : a passionate Mars Sextile Pluto

    Oct. 1st: Sun SQ Jupiter coming then Saturn OPP Uranus and just in cased you missed it the other day
    Americans + Bailout = REVOLUTION

    Sept. 30th: More evidence of the Jupiter sextile Uranus trine and this time with natural substances replacing dangerous pharmaceuticals
    Medical marijuana for ADD

    Sept. 29th: New Moon in Libra time for justice, balance and debate
    More Debate and Division in Congress in demand for total transparency - Are we under martial law??

    Sept. 27: as the debates create more confusion and Mercury Rx in Libra is trine Neptuneenjoy some humor at the candidates expense
    Sarah Palin? She's is a BIMBO! BIM-BO! Bill Maher

    Sept. 23: Cancer Moon SQ Venus along with long term Mercury Sextile Pluto announcing new power plays and agendas
    Perfect timing for : Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism

    Sept. 22: Cancer Moon in Opposition to Jupiter in conservative, aged Capricorn on the same day that Sun enters Libra
    Is Jim Marrs over the top or spot on with Rise of the Fourth Reich: Alex Jones Interviews Jim Marrs

    Sept. 20-21st Gemini Moon Opposes Pluto to reflect yesterday's massive power deconstruction as Sun SQ Pluto
    Back to basics and 2007 when Pluto begin to cross the Galactic Center

    Headlines reflecting current Astrological Passages
    Opinions of journalists or writers in the following articles or news pieces may not mirror the staff's beliefs at Aquarian Solutions.
    Former Astro-Headlines are arranged by Moon's Phases then
    archived here.

    October 3rd. Time for the debates? under a Void of Course Moon and Mercury retrograde applying to a SQ with Jupiter (ideas, beliefs) making for bread and circus - much to do about nothing except emotional drama.
    No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates

    October 3rd. WTF with a Mercury retrograde near Mars in Libra a sneaky Senate Slips Huge Pentagon War Funding Bill in Under The Radar.

    October 3rd: With Sagittarius Moon representing speculation-risks and Mercury Retrograde - House passes bailout!

    October 3rd. Time for the debates? under a Void of Course Moon and Mercury retrograde applying to a SQ with Jupiter (ideas, beliefs) making for bread and circus - much to do about nothing except emotional drama.

    October 2nd: with Scorpio Moon, Venus and Mars now VOC ready to enter Scorpio on Oct. 3rd. - Secrets are being suppressed about many historic events.
    FBI Prevents Agents from Telling 'Truth' About 9/11 on PBS

    October 1st : Today's Scorpio Moon adds passion and drive to our continual need for balance and justice ala Mercury retrograde in Libra

    Will the Mars sextile Pluto power play out weigh the current Sun-Mercury SQ to Jupiter (legislation)?
    Senate OKs $700B bailout

    Oct. 1st: Listen to democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich (Libra) tell of why he rejects the current deal
    “Is This the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?”

    September 30th with Sun-Mercury SQ Jupiter (finance and banks) plus Saturn Opp. Uranus
    Will Wall Street's Meltdown Turn America Into a Police State?

    September 29th and 30th with Mars Sextile Pluto and extreme events dominate
    NASA extends Phoenix mission as snow falls on Mars - NASA extended the mission of the busy Phoenix lander Monday, saying it will operate the lander until it dies in the cold and dark of the Martian winter.

    Sept. 24th
    Naomi Klein: “Now is the Time to Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine”

    Pluto aspects dominate the landscape as the Sun-Pluto SQ separates.

    Sept. 21st : Pluto sextile Mercury (exact Nov. 3, 2008) leads to more investigations as Darth Cheney must keep records, judge orders - WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge on Saturday ordered Dick Cheney to preserve a wide range of the records from his time as vice president.

    Sept. 21st: US "Homeland" Troops To Be Deployed On October 1st Vs Americans

    Pluto aspects dominate the landscape as the Sun-Pluto SQ separates.

    Sept. 21st : Pluto sextile Mercury (exact Nov. 3, 2008) leads to more investigations as Darth Cheney must keep records, judge orders - WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge on Saturday ordered Dick Cheney to preserve a wide range of the records from his time as vice president.

    Sept. 21st: US "Homeland" Troops To Be Deployed On October 1st Vs Americans

    Sept. 20th Technical Faults Halt the Big Bang Machine

    With multiple aspects to Pluto (today's Sun SQ Pluto the major one)

    Sept. 19th: Pluto's boomerang energy came back to roost with CERN's Large Hadron Collider
    Transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasher - GENEVA - The world's largest particle collider malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn't report the problem for a week.

    Sept. 20th: with both Sun SQ Pluto and Mars Trine Neptune pushing agendas for all the wrong reasons including cloning
    Australia issues first license to clone human embryos

    Sept. 19th: Let's call it for what it is as Mercury is applying to a sextile to Pluto
    Wall Street Fascism

    As the power moves intensify, the Illumninati are not hiding their intentions:
    New World Order: Likely Morgan Merger Leaves Goldman Last Man Standing
    Land Grabs too: Bush family cleaning up on transfer of public lands to private hands By Wayne Madsen

    Sept. 15th: The Nature of Time is Examined as we move toward the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld especially with Saturn (Cronos) applying to historic oppositon with Uranus (Freedom of thought)
    Stephen Hawking to unveil strange new way to tell the time - the Corpus Clock

    The Storm, Quake Alert and Radical Accidents are still in effect with now Pisces Moon. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is slowly separating from a dangerous oposition to Sun
    Let's Start with the Radical Developments and accidents
    Sept. 15th: Lehman Files For Bankruptcy; BofA To Buy Merrill - Financial Meltdown
    Sept. 14th:
    Death toll rises to 23 in L.A. train collision which occured @ 4:30 PM PDT (Sun was applying to the exact oppositon @ 7:21 PM PDT)

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