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    Balsamic Moon Phase now in Gemini with the twins taking power @ 5:24 AM PDT - Things will appear in two's

    Today June 13th positve air and fire with Applying Moon Sextile Venus exact @ 6:17 PM PDT
    A time of good feelings and intentions, a time favorable for meetings and social interactions,

    Applying Sun Trine Neptune exact on June 13th @ 00:31 AM PDT

    This is a compliment to the current Balsamic Moon Phase: A vision of the future is possible now. This is a time for spiritual reflection, voluntary actions, artistic creativity, and leadership with vision.

    Applying Moon Square Saturn in Leo exact @ 2:06 PM PDT
    Security is threatened as we take a more serioius view of our lives

    Applying Moon Sextile Uranus exact @ 10:55 PDT
    Feelings of excitement as conditions favor innovations, novelty and experimentation.

    For more specifics, visit my Revised Astrological Updates Site

    With Mars-Venus-Jupiter and Pluto all in fire signs- Time to announce


    Earthquake Alert for Pacific Ring of Fire, West and East Coast of US with Cardinal Aspects aligning with Fixed Challenges

    Update June 12:Continuous tremors in the Mammoth Lakes area of California

    For complete predictions on June 12th and Beyond visit

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    Headlines reflecting current Astrological Passages
    Opinions of journalists or writers in the following articles or news pieces may not mirror the staff's beliefs at Aquarian Solutions.

    June 13th - Mercury SQ Mars in Cardinal signs along with Moon-Gemini applying to SQ with Nodes and Uranus

    Magnitude-6.8 Quake Strikes Off Guatemala's Coast - A second major earthquake in a week struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on its Web site.

    June 13th - More Gemini energies even effect historical conclusions

    More Clues in the Legend (or Is It Fact?) of Romulus and Remus (brothers)

    June 13th - with Sun-Gemini (double) applying to difficult opposition to Pluto-Sagittarius (religious-transformation- foreign)

    Golden Shiite shrine damaged in new attack - destroyed the two minarets of the Askariya Shiite shrine in Samarra.

    June 12th - Jupiter-Sagittarus (deep space) with SQ to the Nodes and contraparallel Mercury

    NASA checks into potential hit on shuttle Sensors on Atlantis’ wing edges set off; station spreads solar wings

    June 12th - with Jupiter now Jupiter void in Sagittarius ruling travellers including those who are sick

    CDC Investigating Sick Passengers-MIAMI (AP) - Health authorities responded Tuesday to reports that 11 people were ill on a flight from Mexico to Miami International Airport.

    June 12th with New Moon @ 24 Gemini to oppose Pluto in Galactic Center and trine from Mars-Aries - truths are revealed

    US Army Pushes For Amnesty Bill Fast Track So It Can Recruit Illegal Aliens

    June 12th - with Mercury applying to SQ with Mars (police-military)

    Man Faces 7 Year Sentence Under "Wiretapping Law" For Filming Police - OK for police and government to film and wiretap US citizens though

    June 12th - as we move towards a Gemini New Moon on June 14th where Mercury ruler of thought is featured as Retrograde Period Begins on 6-15-07

    June 12th - with both Moon SQ Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius (putting heavy emphasis on legal decisions)

    Prosecutor Wants Libby Sent to Prison Immediately - Patrick Fitzgerald Says an Appeals Court is Unlikely to Overturn Libby's Conviction

    June 12th - with Mercury in applying trine to Uranus and the Neptune-Saturn oppositon

    Patent sought on 'synthetic life'- Scientists working to build a life form from scratch have applied to patent the broad method they plan to use to create their "synthetic organism".

    June 11th - with Saturn-Neptune making a TSQ to Hawkish Sen. Joseph Lieberman's (born 2-24-1942) Mars @ 23 Taurus takes aggressive stance against IRAN

    Listen to Video: Lieberman U.S. Should Take Aggressive Military Action Against Iran

    June 11th - with both Applying Sun Sextile Saturn and separating from sextile to Mars in Aries - leaders of fiery ilk speak out

    Aries Colin L. Powell Calls for Closure of Military Prison at Guantanamo

    June 10th - with Sun Sextile Mars preventing serious attack

    G8 False Flag Terror Attack Averted? as German surveillance stopped a team of US "security men" attempted to smuggle C4 plastic explosive past checkpoint

    June 10th - with Ceres (ruler of grains-food) now in Taurus the Bull SQ Venus in Headline Grabbing Leo

    Beef Recall Expands to 5.7 Million Pounds on E. Coli - A California meat supplier once again expanded a beef recall Saturday to include a total of 5.7 million pounds of both fresh and frozen products because they may be contaminated with E. coli, the U.S.

    June 10th - power of Mars meeting Moon in Aries - pioneering news for the Red Planet

    Mars rover finds "puddles" on the planet's surface-Opportunity reveals what appear to be small ponds of liquid water on the surface of Mars.

    June 9th with disruptive aspects like Mercury SQ Mars and Sun SQ Uranus chance or large riots in metro areas like LA

    The Lost Angeles Tinderbox Primed for Large Riots due to immigration issue and more

    June 9th - with Sun SQ Uranus - all leaders are facing difficult times pushing their agendas

    As Senate Deal Sinks, So Does Bush’s Power

    June 8th - Life science breakthroughs with Mercury applying trine to Uranus and Sun-Gemini (rules lungs)

    Transplant Patient Receives Second Set of Lungs

    June 8th - Mutable Squares create surprising changes especially Uranus-Pisces pushing the envelope and Paris is back in the jail cell

    Paris Hilton Goes Directly to Jail as Judge Ends Home Detention

    June 8th - with Sun-Jupiter in Sagittarius(travel to foreign countries) TSQ Moon-Uranus

    Draconian Travel Laws Eased: U.S. Eases Passport Rule on Air Travel to Canada,Mexico, Central America and Caribbean nations

    June 7th -Positive Uranian aspects: with Mercury applying to trine

    The end of the plug? Scientists invent wireless device that beams electricity through your home - a 'non-radiative' electromagnetic field.

    June 7th -Update on Ed Brown as WACO is averted - with positive Moon-Mercury aspect: Ed Brown: Police, SWAT Team Incident Was "Test" To See What Response Would Be

    June 7th - with Mercury-Cancer (domestic thinkng) SQ Mars-Aries (militant action) - WACO 2007

    Tax resistors Ed and Elaine Brown under attack: SWAT Teams, Armored Vehicle Seen Near Brown Compound

    June 7th - with Saturn-Leo (celebrities) opposing Neptune (glamour) Celebrity Culture at It's Peak

    Paris Hilton 'freed early' after serving just three days of her 45-day sentence - the deal was struck yesterday afternoon

    June 7th - as applying Saturn Opposing Neptune aspect puts pressure on issues of oil and gasoline

    Drive on biofuels risks oil price surge as OPEC threatens the West.. DO NOT INVEST IN BIOFUELS OR ELSE!

    June 7th - with Mercury applying toward trine with Uranus-Pisces - scientific breakthroughs abound in life sciences.

    Ordinary cells reprogrammed to mirror stem cells - If the mouse study works on human cells, the method could create limitless supplies without ethical strings attached, scientists and social conservatives say.

    June 6th - with Mercury applying to SQ with Mars - impuslive actions coupled with Moon-Neptune conjunction in Uranian ruled Aquarius (Neptune connects to religion)

    "Deranged" German man tries to jump on Pope's jeep

    June 6th - with both Moon conjunct Neptune and Saturn applying to Neptune opposition on June 25th - Price of Oil and Gas soaring!

    Oil prices could soar to $80 - Oil prices will soar if Cyclone Gonu halts shipping through the Strait of Hormuz,

    June 5th - with Sun opposing Jupiter - fears of inflation are fanned

    June 5th - with Sun opposing Jupiter as important court cases may make news now - Scotter Libby (8-22-1950) goes down in flames.

    White House reels as Libby gets 30 months - sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail today for perjury and obstruction of justice in relation to events leading to the Iraq war.

    June 4th - Moving toward a TSQ on June 9th with a T-square between Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus for Wild Weather

    Gas may hit $5 per gallon by end of month - Tropical Cyclone Gonu expected to hit Persian Coast within the next two days

    June 4th - With Neptune moving into exact orb with Saturn on June 25th. - be careful who and what you believe

    JFK Airport Plot Has All The Hallmarks Of Staged Terror - Near-retarded "ringleader", paid government provocateur mirrors legion of previous cases

    June 4th - As Sun moves into an over the top TSQ with Jupiter and Uranus - Uranian ruled Paris Hilton (2-17-81) goes to county

    Transiting Chiron (wounds) applying toward her Venus (fashion-sense) Hilton Heiress Reports for Jail Term and She Walks Red Carpet Before Turning Herself In

    June 4th - with Mercury in Cancer trine Uranus as the collective of families is seeing the dangers of WiFi and other technologies

    Health concerns urge Wi-Fi removal in UK

    June 3rd - Capricorn Moon applying to SQ with Mars - Cardinal aspects can trigger quakes and explosions

    Earthquake rattles NH Seacoast with underground methane explosion

    June 3rd - Cardinal Active Moon in Capricorn with SQ to Mercury-Cancer and today powerful SQ to Mars in Aries

    China earthquake hits Yunan and injures 300, 3 dead

    June 2nd - Moon in Capricorn (authority) opposing Mercury (sensitive mind state) along with Mercury applying to SQ with Mars in Aries

    German police clashed with hundreds of protesters at Rostock G8 site

    June 2nd - Mercury applying to SQ-Conflicts with aggressive Mars in Aries

    US attacks Somali 'militant base'- A US Navy warship has carried out a missile attack on a Somali village where Islamist militants are reported to have set up a base.

    June 2nd - Blus Moon has brought some scary truths as Mercury SQ Moon now in Capricorn

    More Evidence HIV Was Made At Ft. Detrick

    June 1st - with Mutable TSQ's highlighting the current Full Moon

    WE ARE CHANGE targets and confronts the Real Axis of Evil

    We Spotlight Sustainable Solutions for our Planet :

    9-11 Truth

    May 28th as the Mercury Opposition to Pluto separates the spin is faced down.

    The Truth About Charlie Sheen & Loose Change as a concerted effort of controlled media to spin actor's role in film, attack 9/11 truth movement

    Historic Result from San Diego Citizens Grand Jury deemed sixteen individuals as deserving further investigation for the charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'.

    May 14th - another 9-11 revelation with New Moon: Claim: Silverstein Warned Not To Come To Work On 9/11

    Bravisimo! Italian TV Network Covers WTC 7 Evidence

    Gone But Not Forgotten - Dancing with the Dead

    We at Aquarian Solutions offer our condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the Blacksburg Massacre

    List of confirmed deceased from VA Shooting

    Time of event set for 7:15 AM EDT in Blacksburg VA - my intial comments of chart Making Sense of Blacksburg Massacre and Confusing Mars in Pisces


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    Major alterations, or breakdowns, in the climatic machinery, and the severe biospheric effects. These climatic transformations and the material composition of the Earth's atmosphere.

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