Swords, Torches and Sorcerers with the Gemini New Moon

by Art Gianfermo, who is actively engaged in AstroJournalism

The New Moon in Mutable Mercurial, Gemini Keeps us guessing
Guessing which side our our friends and enemies...

Before we discuss more details about Partial Solar Eclipse let's examine the chart for the New Moon set for 5:03 PM EDT in Washington DC.
Looking below we see Scorpio rising @ 1 Scorpio 05 over a divided and tainted beltway.
First of all issues around debt and the debt ceiling dominate. (relate to Scorpio and Pluto in a close square to Saturn)
House deals symbolic blow to raising debt ceiling

Notice that my title Swords, Torches and Sorcerers relates to the Sabian Symbol for the ancient ruler of Scorpio - Mars and the Sabian for 17 degrees: "A symbolical battle between swords and torches."
This sort of sounds like the Game of Thrones from the HBO show where everyone has to watch their back while striving for the crown.
This metaphor works well with the Republicans searching for a champion from Palin to Trump to Romney - someone who won't embarass them in their attempt to rule the seven kingdoms.
The House overwhelmingly refused to raise the nation's borrowing ability Tuesday — a largely symbolic vote designed to bolster Republican arguments...
Today's New Moon Eclipse in dual Gemini will finally reveal Kissinger, Palin, Mengele…How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Scorpio the ascendant - A broken bottle and spilled perfume. deals with these key phrases .: Love's mixture, transformation, toxins and other worldly scents.
Here we have with Scorpio a slighly poisonous oriented event. A scene where the bottle is broken and perfume which for many of us can have both aphrodesical and magnetic properties (Mars-Venus in sensual Taurus).
Perfume of course eludes to fragrance and the sense of smell per Gemini and the lovers card of the Tarot.

Nevertheless the Scorpio/Taurus axis with rulers Mars and Pluto/Venus is bringing people together as much as dividing with sword in hand.
Mars now Void of Course in Taurus in the 7th house of open enemies
Mars in this placement is more passionate near Venus but filled with pent up emotions which seem to incite the survival instinct. Along with stimulatating either a determined, progressive movement or spontaneous panic even violence.
Mars is also opposing the asteroid dealing with health, Hygeia and is exposing more health risks than were previously admitted. Per example with Sun now in Gemini (relates to phones) Study links cellphones to possible cancer risk
Also with Taurus strong in this chart and relating ot farming and food, the other major news to promote fear of organic produce is the the E. Coli Outbreak in Germany around a "mysterious"source

The Sun-Moon are at 11 degrees 2 minutes Gemini in the 8th house of debt, death and hidden resources.
The Sabian Symbol for that degree is : "A black slave-girl demands her rights from her mistress or master."
Expect to be seeing strong sense of justice demonstrated by the downtrodden with Sun-Moon square Neptune-Chiron in Pisces.
A rising up around the world of the oppressed so to speak will occur.

On the weather front, thunderstorms and tornadoes will plauge the entire Northeastern US
Mass. tornado damages hundreds of homes

The Partial Solar Eclipse

An animated path of this partial solar eclipse
This eclipse is the second of four partial solar eclipses in 2011, with the others occurring on January 4, 2011, July 1, 2011, and November 25, 2011.

The next eclipse on June 15, 2011 is a Total Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Sagittarius (1:14 PM PDT) and will be particularly potent and wild with a Grand Mutable Cross.
Virgo will be rising and opposing Ceres in Pisces crossed by Moon-N Node opposing Sun-Mercury-S Node all in Gemini.

Visibility of the June 1st Eclipse : A Rare Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

"It might sound like a contradiction to have a solar eclipse in the middle of the night, but this is what we will see in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland on June 1st," says Knut Joergen Roed Oedegaard, an astrophysicist at the Norwegian Centre for Science Education in Oslo
The angle of greatest eclipse occurs in far northwestern Russia, near Cheshskaya Bay at 21:16:11 UT with a magnitude of 0.602.
Expect to see volcanoes or quakes or a magnetic shift originating form these Arctic regions.
The maximum eclipse happens two hours after the eclipse begins its path from Siberia. An eclipse magnitude of 0.601 will be visible from the Arctic coast of western Siberia, while Icelanders will receive a magnitude of 0.462 just before sunset. The northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland will also get a midnight sun eclipse.
A very small partial eclipse can be seen from northern Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and portions of northeastern Asia.

Speaking of the great Sol which is heading now quiet qctive and will be producing more solar wind streams.

Sunspot complex 1226-1227 poses a threat for M-class solar flares.
Expect some spectacular auroras the first couple of weeks of June.

Saros Series: 13 South - this time with a descending node in Gemini near the Sun-Moon and Astraea opens us movement and cosmic energies.
This family of eclipses has a similar energy to it's North Node cousin: expansive energy, under which lies a more sinister flavor.
An urge to expand is experienced, but the expansion contains frustrations, inhibitions and loss or separation.

Fixed Stars for this Eclipse in DC

Heliacal Rising is Menkar - the star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster, Cetus.
according to Robson: causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune.
Another allusion to the energy of sorcery is that per Robson when rising Menkar will deal wit h legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

Heliacal Setting is Zuben Eschamali, star marking the Northern Scale of Libra.
Here we see a leader or politicians trying to influence society from a position of power
Generally the Northern Scale offers good fortune, high ambition, beneficence even honor an d riches per Robson.

The shaman or sorcerer in the mix is represented by Deneb Adige which is culminating as Mercury is rising.
Mercury is the ruling planet of this lunation and enhances the mind.
Yes Deneb Adige is brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan, Cygus.
The Black Swan if you will but also Deneb has the nature of Venus and Mercury, offering ingenious creativity where a a clever intellect will prevail.

Challenging and Difficult Fixed Stars of this Eclipse over DC

One of the most volatile aspects involves Uranus which is Rising with the demon star Algol

Wild Weather: Per Noonan: The constellation Perseus and the star Algol is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. Sounds like tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that have been plauging the nation.

Of course Aldebaran which is culminating with the Sun (arising and lying hidden) is also connected to Violent and troublesome causing storms and tempests .

Algol and Flash Mobs.
With Uranus we are seeing the start of the masses rising up via rebellion, the anger of the common people
The passion of this star known as the Demon, the Demon Star, and the Blinking Demon has been building since the 3rd. Day of the Universal Underworld began on May 20th.
Uranus relates to mobs and crowds of people who are unpredicatable.
This last weekend particularly Memorial Day (midpoint of the 3rd. Day) we are hearing numerous reports of flash mobs creating havoc and mayhem
from Chicago to unruly crowds in Nashville to uptown chaos leaving one killed, 70 arrested in Charlotte melee to even fights involving 100 youth in Rochester, NY

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