Full Moon in Virgo - the Search for Perfection In the Infinite

Full Moon's are times when the energies of the New Moon complete their cycle of themes. The last New Moon on Feb. 21st @ 3 degrees Pisces) set in motion a time of deep structural healing. Speaking of structure, the Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees Pisces is "A Petrified Forest" - a time when the feelings of silence echo deep within the infinite wilderness. March 2012 has been building toward a time of mystical experience long awaited. The astrological configurations have pointed to fleeting hexagrams or Stars of David. In fact a developing Mutable Grand Cross, a Grand Trine in earth signs and Kite formation which is an extension of the Grand Trine. In this Kite, both Chiron/Pallas in Pisces oppose Mars in Virgo helping to form the hexagram. Mars is the motivator with earth and water signs adding a distinct feminine, productive energy on this International Women's Day. Gardens will began to flourish on many levels as Venus and Jupiter come together in Taurus!

On March 8th @ 1:39 AM PST or 4:39 AM EST or 9:39 AM UT, the moon is full in the sign of the perfectionist and Virgin: Virgo. Gemini is rising @ 14 degrees with the S Node as shown in the chart below.
Mercury is the chart's ruler adding a gravitas to the news media and all forms of communications. Not to mention that Mercury is conjunct Vesta and Uranus in the bellicose, martial and one of the most independent of all signs Aries. An Mercury is just about ready to station (exact March 12th) and move backwards.
News of those in the US. military acting out with a new independence is heard.
Marine's Facebook page tests military rules
The Sabian Symbol for 14 Gemini rising in the chart set for Greenwhich,UK: "Two people living far apart in telepathic communication. " In fact the S Node (past karmic gifts) forms one arm of the Grand Mutable Cross forming with Mars near the Moon in Virgo (also Mercury ruled) in the 4th house and opposed to Pallas-Chiron in Pisces (strategies involving healing the soul)

Look even deeper let's examine The Chiron Codex - Integrating the Wounded Healer
In this video the ability to link the day to day concerns of life with more urgent and profound spiritual spiritual realities

Neptune, which entered Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012 is the higher Octave of Venus providing a contrast to the pleasure and beauty of Venus. The archtype involving Pisces and the 12th. house is best described by behavior practiced by artists, martyrs and victims. Namely we will see transcendentalism, compassion, empathy, addiction, sadness, victimization, escapism and ways to balance these demeanours. Also with the 12th archetype represented by Pisces involving faith based news, expect some shockers in the world of religion.
Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012.

Native Americans have described the March full moon as the "Worm Moon" when the ground begins to thaw and then earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins and bluebirds. Other tribes knew this time as "Full Crow Moon", when the racous sound of crows signaled the end of a harsh winter. Of course with the current weather anamolies in many places there never was a winter:
NOAA: Fourth Warmest Winter on Record

Despite the building crisis and tension on many levels, there is a sense of relief that comes with this Full Moon. Sure we are in a times of major upheaval, disruptions, earth changes and revolution. This is most evidenced by th e two powerhouses Uranus and Pluto moving into an explosive cardinal square from June 2012 through March 2015,, it is best to get used to it. Yes Mercury, the messenger will station and move retrograde on March 12th in Aries but this lunation on Thursday, March 8th offers a time when we can evolve at warp speed. There is no denying that we are in an time of major solar activity reflected by the qualities of Mercury conjunct Vesta and Uranus all in Aries (the sign where the Sun is exalted). Plus with Mercury in "apparent" retrograde motion till April is good to use the quality of Mars transiting in Virgo which favors preparations and backups since glitches will happen with computers , cell phones and forms of communication. It is time to review, revise and redact and be aware before you sign any long term. contracts.

During this retrograde of Mercury, the winged messenger will meet Uranus coming and going three times (first March 5th, then March 18th after Mercury moves retrograde and finally on April 22nd. after Mercury stations.)
Sure we are in for many awkward, unusual and unexpected events dealing with the news media, communications and weather with Mercury-Uranus together. In Aries these two planets favor a courageous state of mind, perfect for "spiritual warriors", innovative discoveries in many areas of science, astronomy including extra-solar planets, medicine and magic.

The Pisces Sun is @ 19 degrees reflecitng a time of initiation with this Sabian Symbol: "A master instructing his pupil" This is a time when we can get our poetry on, bathed in lunar light and harmonizing with a beautiful sextile (exact March 6th) between Venus now in Taurus, the Goddess of Love and the higher octave of Venus, Neptune. Speaking of Venus which will be conjunct Jupiter in Taurus - a time of benevolence, generosity, and expansive celebrations on March 13th14th as integral parst of a Grand Earth Trine with Mars and Pluto - a time when our dreams can manifest. The Sun is followed by the asteroid goddess of Justice and Intelligence Pallas/Chiron (the centaur and maverick healer/mentor) and yes Neptune - A most potent combination where when we can utilize psychic healing via subtle dimensions and elixers.

Speaking of universal justice playing out, the Heliacal Rising Star for Universal Time in Greenwhich, UK is Deneb Algedi fournd in the constellation Capricorn and called "Judicial Point of the Goat". Deneb Algedi rising is known as the ancient law-giver representing not only physical but metaphysical laws which govern the world. Deneb Algedi relates well to this Full Moon since it marks the approximate position of the discovery of the Planet Neptune on September 23, 1846.

The Heliacal Setting Star is Regulus, one of the four royal stars known as the heart of the lion. Regulus corresponds to the healing angel Raphael and is the Watcher of the North. As a Setting Star Regulus describes a pure,natural talent along with a strong belief in in one's path. Regulus which enters Virgo this year royal properties, noble mind, frankness and courage.

The Pisces super group opposes the Moon and Mars in practical earth and it can be tense and stressful. Virgo analyzes and perfects while Pisces has faith and accepts. Meditation and getting close to the wonders of nature really help. This combination brings together a wholeness of being and purification to ready us for the Vernal Equinox – when new beginnings merge with our visions of a better world.
This combination of planetary vibrations brings together a wholeness and purification which gets us ready for the time of new beginnings an visions, the Vernal Equinox on March 19th @ 10:15 PM PST or March 20th @ 1:15 AM EST. This Virgo Full Moon enhances the ray of service marked by the 6th house. There is a special emphasis on physical health and well-being, while with Pisces and the 12th, there is an focus spiritual health and well-being. Remember that Neptune entered his home sign of oceanic, dissolution, Pisces (ingress Feb. 3rd.) the first time this has occured since 1848. We are in a time of massive transcendence and a global desire for an emotional absolute and divine love and beauty.

So the next stop is a wild Full Moon in Virgo when we reach a point of assimilation on both a personal, political and evolutionary level. We notice that a Mutable Grand Cross, Grand Trine and Kite formation add to a hexagram or Star of David. These formation will highlight today’s Full Moon which peaks by March 13th/14th/15th toward the Aries New Moon on March 22nd.

The Full Moon on March 8th has something for everyone and marks stage the 3rd. stage for 2012. First was the commencement of The Year of the Black Water Dragon on January 23rd. along with an awesome Aquarian New Moon and Mars stationing retrograde. Then on and on Februrary 3rd. the Dragon is immersed in water with Neptune entering Pisces.

From the solar perspective March 7th @ 12:24 AM UT, we had our biggest X-Class solar flare of the year (a 5.4 mega burst from gigantic sunspot AR1429. Then geomagnetic storms hit us as a coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on March 8th around 1100 UT.
Incredible auroras were seen like this one below captured in Finland with other images on the evening of March 7th.

Solar Activity and Surprises:with Mercury-Uranus in Aries for the unexpected.
There was even a Second X-Flare from Active Region 1429, making it a double X Flare. Investigators revealed that there was another spike was registered shortly after the initial X 5.4 event with a possible X 1.3 registered.
Still this flare paled in comparison to the monster on Nov. 3, 2003, the largest solar flare ever recorded measuring in the X-45 Class
We are in a time of bigger and badder with Jupiter sharing rulership with the N Node and the Piscean stellium
Per Richard Nolle On March 10th. the moon will be 362,399 km. from the earth in perigee and qualifies for the title of Super Moon.
Of course the potential for major earth changes is being played out whether it is Mt. Etna erupting for a third time in 2012 or a devastating Avalanche that killed 37 in Afghanistan. Many sensitives can feel the tug and pull of the earth's shifting plates and others are offering a clarion call that areas like the New Madrid fault in the Midwest is awakening. We are in a time when the human race must catch up with the ascension of the planet.

Even with the awakening of Earth's forces with the Grand Trine, this Full Moon has a distinctly personal feel relating to our own bodies and life paths. We are feeling the polarities between the Northern Hemisphere symbolized by the Moon and Mars in Virgo vs. the Southern Hemisphere where the Pisces Sun/Neptune/Pallas/Chiron reside. Symbolically Virgo tends to gather all that’s been learned and experienced subjectively, using the process of analysis to discover what is useful and then puts it into practice in our individual roads.

In many ways, the Virgo Moon represents a subjective awareness of others strives to improve oneself based on what he/she perceives those in her world judge. Whereas Pisces reflects the big picture of objective awareness of self and strives toward creating space to exist in harmony, based on her knowledge of what ultimately leads to transcendence.

So the next stop is a wild Full Moon in Virgo when we reach a point of assimilation on both a personal, political and evolutionary level.Both a Mutable Grand Cross, Grand Trine and Kite formation add to a hexagram or Star of David. These formation will highlight today’s Full Moon which peaks by March 13th/14th/15th toward the Aries New Moon on March 22nd.

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