2011 Brought the Dawn of the Unity Wave
The Ninth and final Wave of the Mayan Calendar

Mayan Day Sign Updates 2013


Updates for November 2013

November 20, 2013: It has been a while since I have posted any updates and now after those two incredible eclipses listed below, it is the right time:
A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on October 18th. @ @ 26 degrees Aries opposing the Sun @ 26 degrees Libra.
Solar Hybrid Eclipse on November 3rd. at 12 degrees Scorpio
More importantly with Comet ISON heading toward the Sun for a meeting on Novermber 28th. we can look realistically at Mayan Prophecies
Mayan Prophecy of UFO Sighting
he Maya said "sighting and messenger" not doomsday!
- Written by Wayne Herschel, author of 'The Hidden Records' (ref) Star orientations viewed from my home in S.A. 33°53'26.00"S 18°30'43.33"E.
This was the grand Maya calender prophecy made famous in December 2012 that never happened firstly because they never took leap years into account and secondly because they lied about what the prophecy was about. It was about the return of a messenger!
It will be completed on the 13th b'ak'tun.(see date debate) It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in (early 2013???) and it will happen a 'sighting' (in the sky) It is the display of B'olon-Yok'Te' (Tree of Life Deity) in a ceremonial founding of authority (messenger)
(Full analysis follows)... source (ref).
The date was never ever the 21st December... New age writers tried to make it fit solstice tradition! Scholars argue over time calculations... repleat with errors! Was the 'doomsday' lie also part of an intentional global elite plan? Do the global elite have sinister plans if the Maya prophecy is real? These questions answered here and more. This page will evolve as the truth emerges. A recent Sumerian prophecy artifact now adds to the story at the bottom of the page Jan 2013 update. There are 5 prophecies that all seem to be merging as one. So much false information has been published and broadcast to taint these prophecy interpretations. Scholars calculations are now all in question. While the date interpretations are recalculated, the date remains unsolved. However while scholars argue over the date, I no longer believe, as I did previously that the prophecy of the Maya of a UFO 'sighting' and 'messenger' might be intentionally timed to 'follow messenger tradition' near Christmas (ref) previously known as 'Sol Invictus' (ref) I would also expect this 'eye opening' Maya prophecy claim and three other prophecies if true to be more intentionally correlated in sequence with the 'known' future time calender ending that the Maya seers would have seen. When two calenders end... theirs and ours... near this year ending. But even with this added thought, as I have said all along: Lets not hold our breath on which day, but consider at the most that it could be soon.
A prophecy of a UFO appearance and messenger claim of the Maya (source ref follows) cannot possibly be timed precisely to an exact date. At the most if all the five prophecies studied here are true, then it is a much wider time marker window in context with all the clues covered in this article. Five prophecies are cross referenced with many ancient star 'god' artifacts and traditions. But since scholars cant even be sure of the date calculation it leaves us all just waiting and watching for updates.
There are currently 4 comets in our skies and the naming of them by many as the 4 horsemen of Revelation is a little daunting but here is the reasoning. In the old days a messenger on a horse would gallop long distances to deliver important messages as it would no doubt be quite a sight as it passes by. Imagine the horse with a plume of dust behind it. Well, the Revelation prophecies speak of signs as messages to watch out for and if its a cosmic horseman then a comet with its dust plume is quite a reasonable way to speak of it. The worrying thing about this chance of fitting prophecy is firstly it is followed by a mountain sized object falling from the sky called Wormwood, but on the other hand, positively, it also speaks of a cosmic messenger return.
The Maya vase in the image below shows the depiction of Bolon Yokte. The ancient vase artifact is titled 'The vase of the Seven 'gods' which suggests importance of Pleiades personification as the Greeks did making each star a deity. See the reference source for the vase image and scholars opinions... see how all seven 'gods' sit in a cluster with Bolon Yokte in the position of the 'god' Atlas in the matching Greek personification of the Pleiades. See if you can spot a cross bone symbol with three crescent orbs on each side of it representing Orion as the greek symbol the Chi Rho, and the three overlapping orbs match the Nostradamus sketch which follows: ref.
The throne Bolon Yokte is sitting on explains something profound. It is the ultimate Jaguar throne. Bolon Yokte is often described as of high authority of the Jaguar deity as well as the Sacred Tree authority. Click this reference to see more on the amazing information scholars present for this Jaguar 'god'. Scholars say its personification of seven stars. They will not suggest which seven stars so it remained a mystery. I am completely convinced its the Pleiades as you will see what follows and how it all fits consistently with a repeating pattern deciphering 35 hidden records of ancient star maps of the 'gods' found all around the world.

November 20, 2013:Archaeologists Unearth 13 Alien-Like Skulls in Mexico

This news reflects the current Scorpio transits relating to burial sites
and Jupiter now retrograde in Cancer opposing Pluto relates more to the children who underwent this terrible ritual of head flattening than alien skulls.
the children whose skulls where compressed between two wooden boards from early childhood.
17 of them were children between 5 months and 16 years of age and only 1 was female. The children had no signs of disease or trauma indicating a cause of death.
In a discovery that echoes the recent finding of an elongated skull in France, archaeologists excavating the ancient burial site “El Cementerio,” near the Mexican village of Onavas, made a shocking discovery. They unearthed 25 skulls, 13 of which were elongated and pointy at the back and did not look entirely human.

Updates for May 2013

May 1, 2013: Speaking of shockers in the Year of the Snake, a time when
"the hidden comes to light with sudden impact. "
This has been even more apparent lately with Saturn in hidden Scorpio in opposition to the Taurus stellium
Per example in the world of archeology.

Mexico City where another archeological find appeared
where a Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple

Hundreds of mysterious spheres lie beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, an ancient six-level step pyramid just 30 miles from Mexico City.
Like many discoveries where secrets are brought to light during this period when Jupiter is transiting in Gemini
and trine Uranus in Aries
It is more about the technology which helped unearth these spheres
In fact Jupiter the planet of expansion in Gemini sometimes misses the Big Picture
The robot was able to enter in the part of the tunnel which has not yet been excavated yet and found three chambers between 100 and 110 meters (328 and 360 feet) from the entrance," Gómez Chávez said.
"They look like yellow spheres, but we do not know their meaning. It's an unprecedented discovery," said Jorge Zavala, an archaeologist.

Updates for December 2012

December 21, 2012: Forget apocalypse and embrace the Sun-Neptune sextile for more visionary energies
where "This world is being reborn as a better world,"
except that the Neptune transit also creates some confusion around the dates
No one was quite sure at what time the Mayas' 13th Baktun would officially end on this Dec. 21.

a href ="">Phew! Mayan heartland rejoices as world survives apocalypse
Ceremonial fires burned and conches sounded off as dawn broke over the steps of the main pyramid at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza Friday, making what many believe is the conclusion of a vast, 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan calendar. Some have interpreted the prophetic moment as the end of the world. The hundreds gathered in the ancient Mayan city, however, said they believed it marked the birth of a new and better age. Genaro Hernandez stood with his arms outstretched to the morning light, all clad in white, facing the pyramids' grey stone, to welcome the new era. "This world is being reborn as a better world," said Hernandez, a 55-year old accountant who wore an expression of bliss. No one was quite sure at what time the Mayas' 13th Baktun would officially end on this Dec. 21. Some think it already ended at midnight. Others looked to Friday's dawn here in the Mayan heartland. Some had later times in mind. One thing became clear to many on the site by Friday morning: The world had not ended. "Wait until the dawn on the 22nd; that is when we Maya will speak," Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu had warned at an earlier symposium. Calendars may be days off Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History even suggested that historical calculations to synchronize the Mayan and Western calendars might be off a few days. It said the Mayan Long Count calendar cycle might not really end until Sunday. Whatever the details, the chance to mark epochal change seemed to be the main concern among celebrants drawn to the Yucatan peninsula. Hundreds of people were scattered around the vast central plaza of Chichen Itza, some kneeling in attitudes of prayer, some seated with arms outstretched in positions of meditation, all facing El Castillo, the massive main pyramid. Ivan Gutierrez, a 37-year-old artist who lives in the nearby village, stood before the pyramid and blew a low, sonorous blast on a conch horn. "It has already arrived, we are already in it," he said of the new era. "We are in a frequency of love, we are in a new vibration." But it was unclear how long the love would last: A security guard quickly came over and asked him to stop blowing his conch shell, enforcing the ruin site's ban on holding ceremonies without previous permits. What nobody was calling the moment was the end of the world, as some people in recent years have interpreted the meaning of the end of the 13th Baktun — despite the insistence of archeologists and the Maya themselves it meant no such thing. "We'll still have to pay taxes next year," said Gabriel Romero, a Los Angeles-based spiritualist who uses crystal skulls in his ceremonies. If the chanting and dancing of a crystal skull ceremony held Thursday weren't enough to end fears of an apocalypse, scientists chimed in, too.

December 12, 2012: Cashin is correct regarding the Uranus-Pluto square and earth changes
and now that the Neptune squares to Mercury the messenger (Dec. 11th) and to Venus the planet of emotions (Dec. 16th)
are in full force even the traders are concerned.
Yes this could create hysteria.

ART CASHIN: Planetary Alignments Could Trigger Earthquakes During The 'Mayan Apocalypse'
In recent months, UBS's Art Cashin has been warning about increased earthquake activity driven by peculiar planetary and solar angles. In this morning's "Cashin's Comments," he notes that another planetary alignment could trigger earthquakes during the period when we're supposedly going to experience the Mayan apocalypse: Coincident Anniversary And The Mayans – Pop culture has delighted in focusing on the December 21st Mayan calendar number. Some have even projected the date as the end of the world. (In fact, floor wags teased disconsolate Romney supporters after the election, by saying "Cheer up. Sure Obama's re-elected but the world's gonna end in a month and a half.") Some traders note that the Mayan date comes reasonably close to the Anniversary of the great New Madrid earthquake of 1811. They bring that up because, at least one planetary observer claims that the period of December 17 through 23 will have planetary alignments, which he claims may be conducive to more frequent and more powerful earthquakes on this planet. This is not astrology. It simply measures the angle of alignment as if you were observing from the surface of the sun. Just one more thing to keep track of. Back on Sept. 9, Cashin warned of increased earthquake activity just hours before a major earthquake struck off of the coast of Costa Rica.

December 9, 2012:
Review: Things really got started yesterday with moon entering super intense and magnetic Scorpio
The first stop was a trine to Neptune (exact 2:50PM) now direct in Pisces
Time to get your craziness on while many thoughts and conversation will focus on the mysterious and strange,
including the upcoming Solstice 2012 when the over-hyped Mayan Calendar is supposed to end.
For many people this will be a non-event,
as they awaken on Dec. 22nd with the perception that nothing really happened.
For others growing hysteria and panic of the so-called coming apocalypse is more dangerous than the actual event itself.

Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears
Fears that the end of the world is nigh have spread across the world with only days until the end of the Mayan calendar, with doomsday-mongers predicting a cataclysmic end to the history of Earth.
Ahead of December 21, which marks the conclusion of the 5,125-year "Long Count" Mayan calendar, panic buying of candles and essentials has been reported in China and Russia, along with an explosion in sales of survival shelters in America. In France believers were preparing to converge on a mountain where they believe aliens will rescue them. The precise manner of Armageddon remains vague, ranging from a catastrophic celestial collision between Earth and the mythical planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, a disastrous crash with a comet, or the annihilation of civilisation by a giant solar storm. In America Ron Hubbard, a manufacturer of hi-tech underground survival shelters, has seen his business explode. "We've gone from one a month to one a day," he said. "I don't have an opinion on the Mayan calendar but, when astrophysicists come to me, buy my shelters and tell me to be prepared for solar flares, radiation, EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) ... I'm going underground on the 19th and coming out on the 23rd. It's just in case anybody's right." In the French Pyrenees the mayor of Bugarach, population 179, has attempted to prevent pandemonium by banning UFO watchers and light aircraft from the flat topped mount Pic de Bugarach.

December 5, 2012: With the stellium of Scorpio planets including Saturn-Venus-Mercury reflecting extreme change and transformation,
the article below speaks to what and how the last great Mayan empire may have collapsed.
There is also reference to the Hopi tribe of the American Southwest
and their prophesies regarding the end times, they have Prophecy Rock, and the nine signs.

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My!
t is a brilliantly clear night in 754 A.D. as K’inich K’uk” Bahlam ascends the 91 steps to the top of the pyramid of Kukulcan in the city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan. He is currently the ruler of the Mayan empire, and as he gazes up into the dark rift in the Milky Way he wonders if he will be the last. The mighty Maya empire is past its zenith and beginning the descent into disintegration and chaos. Inner-state conflict has arisen across the empire as long standing alliances have broken down. It is the beginning of the end. The Emperor looks out toward the observatory to the North as an ominous feeling of dark foreboding sweeps over his body with the cool night breeze. He knows this is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, as written in the calendar. It takes another hundred fifty years but the collapse of the Southern lowland cities marks the end of the classic Maya period. Another 300 years sees the abandonment of the great Northern Mayan cities, around 1200 A.D. Then in 1244 Chichen Itza itself is abandoned for reasons unknown. As with many things in life a multiplicity of factors combined to create this downfall, but one factor was predominant. The Empire had grown to un-sustainable size, and in doing so had depleted the resources in what can only be described as conspicuous consumption. No amount of human sacrifice could appease the over 160 different gods of the Mayan cosmology as the once great society broke up into 16 rival sub-states or ‘kingdoms’ each governed by one of the many former kings of the empire, and each desiring to be the most powerful. With the arrival of the Spanish in 1517 the ultimate destruction of the Mayan culture was a Fait Accompli. Not only were the Maya world class astronomers and mathematicians, they left their entire recorded history, and knowledge written in books, as well as carved in stone. As they explored and plundered this new land, the Spaniards burned every book they could find. They were exceptionally efficient at this task as today only four remain; the most famous and complete is of course the Dresden Codex. The Spanish were also quite efficient at destroying what was then left of the once mighty Mayan Empire. The new diseases they imported to meso-america were devastating; between the smallpox, influenza and measles it heralded the end of the Mayan resistance by 1541. Within another hundred years 90% of the remaining Mayans were dead, either from violence or disease.

Updates for November 2012

November 17, 2012: Just the fact that limitation and denial of access to the Pic de Bugarach
relates to Moon in Capricorn square Venus (known to controlling desires)
but this story has all the fingerprints of the ongoing Mercury-Neptune square where myths, fears and fantasies churn into panic or hysteria

France denies access to refuge for Mayan end-of-the-world believers
France on Friday dashed the hopes of those who had planned to take refuge in one of the few places on Earth some believe will be spared when the world ends on December 21. Local officials banned access to the Pic de Bugarach, a mountain in the southwest where rumour has it the hilltop will open on the last day and aliens will emerge with spaceships to save nearby humans. Eric Freysselinard, the state’s top representative in the area, said he was blocking access to the mountain for public safety reasons to avoid a rush of New Age fanatics, sightseers and media crews. Believers say the world will end on December 21, 2012, the end date of the ancient Mayan calendar, and they see Bugarach as one of a few sacred mountains sheltered from the cataclysm. Freysselinard said the 100 police and firefighters he plans to deploy will also control approaches to the tiny village of the same name at the foot of the mountain, and if too many people turn up, they will block access there too. “We are expecting a few visionaries, a few people who believe in this end of the world, but in extremely limited numbers,” he said in the nearby city of Carcassonne. “We are expecting greater numbers of people who are just curious, but in numbers we cannot determine. Above all, we are expecting lots of journalists,” he said. Films, documentaries and websites have promoted the idea that the ancient Mayan calendar predicts that doomsday is on December 21. The culture ministry in Guatemala — where half the population are of Mayan descent — is hosting a massive event in the capital just in case the world actually does end, while tour groups are promoting doomsday-themed getaways. But the country’s Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop accuses the government and tour groups of perpetuating the myth that their calendar foresees the imminent end of the world for monetary gain. It issued a statement last month saying that the new Maya time cycle simply “means there will be big changes on the personal, family and community level, so that there is harmony and balance between mankind and nature.”

November 13, 2012: Today marks a Solar Eclipse in the extreme sign of Scorpio
with Mercury the weather planet not only retrograde but moving back into Scorpio this evening.

Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
Decades of extreme weather crippled, and ultimately decimated, first the political culture and later the human population of the ancient Maya, according to a new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers that includes two University of California, Davis, scientists. The collapse of the Maya is one of the world's most enduring mysteries. Now, for the first time, researchers have combined a precise climatic record of the Maya environment with a precise record of Maya political history to provide a better understanding of the role weather had in the civilization's downfall. Their findings are published in the Nov. 9, 2012 issue of the journal Science. "Here you had an amazing state-level society that had created calendars, magnificent architecture, works of art, and was engaged in trade throughout Central America," said UC Davis anthropology professor and co-author Bruce Winterhalder. "They were incredible craftspersons, proficient in agriculture, statesmanship and warfare - and within about 80 years, it fell completely apart." To determine what was happening in the sociopolitical realm during each of those years, the study tapped the extensive Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project, run by UC Davis Native American Language Center director and linguist Martha Macri, a specialist in Mayan hieroglyphs who has been tracking the culture's stone monuments for nearly 30 years. "Every one of these Maya monuments is political history," said Macri. Inscribed on each monument is the date it was erected and dates of significant events, such as a ruler's birthday or accession to power, as well as dates of some deaths, burials and major battles. The researchers noted that the number of monuments carved decreased in the years leading to the collapse. But the monuments made no mention of ecological events, such as storms, drought or references to crop successes or failures. For that information, the research team collected a stalagmite from a cave in Belize, less than 1 mile from the Maya site of Uxbenka and about 18 miles from three other important centers. Using oxygen isotope dating in 0.1 millimeter increments along the length of the stalagmite, the scientists uncovered a physical record of rainfall over the past 2,000 years. Combined, the stalagmite and hieroglyphs allowed the researchers to link precipitation to politics. Periods of high and increasing rainfall coincided with a rise in population and political centers between 300 and 660 AD. A climate reversal and drying trend between 660 and 1000 AD triggered political competition, increased warfare, overall sociopolitical instability, and finally, political collapse. This was followed by an extended drought between 1020 and 1100 AD that likely corresponded with crop failures, death, famine, migration and, ultimately, the collapse of the Maya population. "It has long been suspected that weather events can cause a lot of political unrest and subject societies to disease and invasion," Macri said. "But now it's clear. There is physical evidence that correlates right along with it. We are dependent on climatological events that are beyond our control." Said Winterhalder: "It's a cautionary tale about how fragile our political structure might be. Are we in danger the same way the Classic Maya were in danger? I don't know. But I suspect that just before their rapid descent and disappearance, Maya political elites were quite confident about their achievements."

November 11,2012: Powerful forces building in the short term with the Moon in Libra triggering the explosive Uranus-Pluto square
and in the longer term with two major eclipses: one on November 13th with the New Moon in extreme Scorpio
and on November 28th with the Full Moon in Gemini opposing a fiery Sun in Sagittarius

Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012
Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it's significance to the world. His heritage is authentic. Check out his website for lots more information and to see the work Ac Tah and a lot of other dedicated people are doing....

Updates for October 2012

October 25, 2012: With active Mars in truth telling sign Sagittarius and opposing Jupiter relating to ethics and beliefs
Guatemala's Mayan are sick of their government and others
perpetuating the myth that their calendar foresees the imminent end of the world for monetary gain.

Maya demand an end to doomsday myth
AFP - Guatemala's Mayan people accused the government and tour groups on Wednesday of perpetuating the myth that their calendar foresees the imminent end of the world for monetary gain. "We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit. They are not telling the truth about time cycles," charged Felipe Gomez, leader of the Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop. Several films and documentaries have promoted the idea that the ancient Mayan calendar predicts that doomsday is less than two months away, on December 21, 2012. The Culture Ministry is hosting a massive event in Guatemala City -- which as many as 90,000 people are expected to attend -- just in case the world actually does end, while tour groups are promoting doomsday-themed getaways. Maya leader Gomez urged the Tourism Institute to rethink the doomsday celebration, which he criticized as a "show" that was disrespectful to Mayan culture. Experts say that for the Maya, all that ends in 2012 is one of their calendar cycles, not the world. Gomez's group issued a statement saying that the new Maya time cycle simply "means there will be big changes on the personal, family and community level, so that there is harmony and balance between mankind and nature." Oxlajuj Ajpop is holding events it considers sacred in five cities to mark the event and Gomez said the Culture Ministry would be wise to throw its support behind their real celebrations. More than half of Guatemala's population of nearly 15 million are from indigenous groups of Mayan descent. The Mayan calendar has 18 months of 20 days each plus a sacred month, "Wayeb," of five days. "B'aktun" is the larget unit in the time cycle system, and is about 400 years. The broader era spans 13 B'aktun, or about 5,200 years. The Mayan culture enjoyed a golden age between 250 AD and 900 AD.

October 18 , 2012: Reflecting an active prophetic Mars and Moon in Sagittarius or is more of Neptune in Pisces?
the story below
claims a Mayan Codex represents the results of the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

The Mayans: Who Will Return in 2012?
Scott C. Waring, of UFO Sightings Daily, presented a theory featured on the titled, “Mayan Doomsday Clock reveals U.S. Presidential Election Results”, which he claims the Mayan Codex represents the results of the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. Waring believes two of the glyphs on the codex represent President Obama and his wife! All of this was conjectured based on the deep blackness (and an eagle on the head of one) of the two Mayan glyphs and the fact President Obama is in office and he is Black.
[Show as slideshow]
There are two sources of the article. One is Dr. John Lash, who quite frankly I can not vet where his information is from nor is there an archeological footprint . The other source of the article’s theory is David Icke, who is an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world.” He has gained a large following with his theories of a secret reptilian race controlling the world through shape shifting elites such as the British Royal family. He claims the élite drink the blood of their victims and this allows them to maintain their human form, while at times they have trouble cloaking their reptilian form. His current career is the silver lining in a cloud which will forever follow him.
In 1991, Icke was a guest on a United Kingdom television show where he claimed to be Jesus Christ and the Son of God! The host of the show was very entertained by Icke and began to query why he believed he was the Son of God. Icke answered “Yes, I am”, several times when asked if he was the Son of God, to the amusement of the audience . Even if the “reptile theory” is true, Icke’s belief he was Jesus makes him a controversial ambassador for representing the “reptile theory”. Or does it?
Since then he has distanced himself from his delusional state as the Son of God and claims it was a result of seeing a psychic, who told him he would divulge great secrets. According to Icke, he was inundated with psychic messages and became confused. I commend David Icke for becoming an author and building a business based on his theories. Now you understand the unbiased history of Icke we can continue. Icke’s research may sound far fetched; but, many ancient cultures have myths of reptile Gods, aliens, or giant lizard men who lived in the Earth. Cecrops, first King of Athens was said to have been half man, half snake. Ancient India spoke of a Reptilian race said to live underground and interact with the kings and others on the surface. The Hopi Elders speak of a race of Reptilians called the Sheti, or Snake-Brothers, who lived underground. The Mayans spoke of a race of “Iguana-Men”, who descended from the sky teaching them pyramid construction and demanded human blood sacrifice. The Dogon Tribe in Africa spoke of the Nommo, who were a fish reptile creature who taught them astronomy and promised to return one day. Finally, we have the talking serpent in the Garden of Eden.
Ironically, there is irrefutable evidence humans are related to reptiles. Science has identified a reptilian complex in the human brain known as the amygdala. It appears the human brain is linked to reptilian behavior. The reptilian complex brain matter controls our basic instincts. I dare say the reptilian part of our brain is the most important. It is the mechanism which ensures we survive as a species and people who commit suicide are not in touch with their inner reptile? The reptilian complex is responsible for autonomic life functions such as breathing, heart rate, sex drive and the fight or flight mechanism, the reptilian brain’s impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It is this part of our brain — concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating — which has allowed our continued survival. Source
Now let’s take a look at the source of Waring’s analysis which is the Dresden Codex. It is considered the oldest book written in the Americas. Most of the Mayan documents were destroyed by the Spanish invaders and this intact codex provides us with clues to humanities future according to Mayan Priest. The Jesuit Priest immediately found value in them and salvaged what they could. What is the Dresden Codex? The Dresden Codex, also known as the Codex Dresdensis, is a pre-Columbian Maya book of the eleventh or twelfth century of the Yucatecan Maya in Chichén Itzá. This Maya codex is believed to be a copy of an original text of some three or four hundred years earlier. It is the oldest book written in the Americas known to historians. The Dresden Codex consists of 39 sheets, inscribed on both sides, with an overall length of 3.56 metres (11.7 feet). Originally, the manuscript had been folded in accordion folds. Today, it is exhibited in two parts, each of them approximately 1.8 metres (5.9 feet) long, at the museum of the Saxon State Library in Dresden, Germany. The Mayans were experts with a keen understanding of the solar system with a Galactic perspective reflected in their long and short count calendars. Do you really think they would designate two glyphs for President Obama and his wife? If anything the glyphs in question represent a people. Waring clearly overlooked translations of the ancient past regarding the “Black-Head” people. In order to understand this we have to take a look at the Sumerian culture. This is important because Sumerians influenced the Egyptians, the Egyptians influenced Olmec, and the Olmec were the parent civilization of the Mayans. In Sumeria ten thousand tablets have been found and translated which refer to an alien race which created a race of humans to work as slaves in their mines in Africa. This race is called the “Anunnaki”, or the “Abbennakki”, and it specifically states that the “Black-headed” people of Sumeria were created by these beings. The royalty was said to be a combination between “Dragons” and humans. - Zecharia Sitchin The Sumerian prophecy speaks of the return of the “Black-Head” people and perhaps this is what the glyphs are showing us. President Obama might be considered Black; but, his skin tone is not! He is what Black people call Mulatto or Puerto Ricans call, cafe con leche! Do you not think the Mayan seers would have chosen another color from the crayon box to color President Obama? They certainly used a color better suited for Wesley Snipes! Now more on ancient accounts of the reptilian race who allegedly “created” African people. A Reptilian race called the Draco, originating in the Draco star system. A more benevolent Reptilian race called the Abbennakki, created the Black race in Africa. This is supported by ancient Sumerian tablets, as well as the histories of the indigenous peoples of Africa, such as the Zulu, as well as physical evidence such as ancient mines which have been discovered by the Anglo-American company, dating to 60,000 years B.C. – Stewart Swerdlow Now the eagle on top of the head of “Black-Head” person can also represent a return from the air. There is also a feathered reptile running with the black glyph. The question is – If the Black-Head people are returning, where are they returning from? Where did the Black-Head people go and why? Many cultures besides the Mayans have prophecied a return of a God or gods! Even the Bible has a space based return of Jesus

October 16, 2012: This discovery may have been as old as July 2012 but the video explains new evidence of dates.
Dr. David Stuart, University of Texas at Austin]: "I was very amazed and amused yesterday to notice that that panel records the date of the end of the 13th baktun (20 cycles of the Mayan long count calendar), which for us is coming up in just a few months time in December of 2012. Here we have a Mayan monument that was carved 1,500 years ago that's talking about the year we're in right now."

October 4th - This discovery aligns with the start of Saturn and Mercury into the sign of ancient mysteries Scorpio
Scorpio is a feminine sign ruled by Mars the warrior.

Mayan Warrior Queen K'abel’s Tomb Discovered in Guatemala

Archaeologists have unearthed the royal tomb of the Mayan queen Kalomt'e K'abel in Peten, north of Guatemala City. Also called Lady K'abel, Kalomt'e K'abel was the wife of K'inich Bahlam, the seventh century ruler of the Wak kingdom of the Classic period of the Mayan civilisation.
The ancient grave, at the archaeological site of El Peru in Laguna del Tigre National Park, was excavated in June and the archaeologists have made their announcement based on the recovery of a white alabaster jar and other ceramic vessels found in the burial chamber. "The white jar is carved as a conch shell, with a head and arm of an aged woman emerging from the opening. The depiction of the woman, mature with a lined face and a strand of hair in front of her ear, and four glyphs carved into the jar, point to the jar as belonging to K'abel," archaeologists at the Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL), who were a part of the excavation team, explained.

Updates for September 2012

September 4th. with amazing investigations revealing our origins of culture and history.

Atlantis Code: Ancient links between Sumer and the Maya - Journey through lost civilizations
Exploring the connection between Sumer and the Maya. A lecture by Jonathan Barlow Gee in 8 parts: pre-Sumeria, Sumeria's God, Sumeria's Satan, pre-Maya, pre-Deluge, ancient pantheon, 2012, and Pacal Votan and the Arecibo message.

Updates for July 2012

July 25th:
'Day Out of Time' July 25, 2012, Mayan New Year's Eve brings Reflection as 'Golden Age' dawns
July 25, 2012, is a day of tremendous importance in the Mayan calendar - it is New Year's Eve - also known as the Day Out of Time. This day is the last day of the galactic year, meaning that of the 13 moons per year in a 28 day cycle, and 364 days, this is the extra day, or literally, the day out of time.

July 20th:
"Dramatic" New Maya Temple Found, Covered With Giant Faces
Archaeological "gold mine" illuminates connection between king and sun god.
Some 1,600 years ago, the Temple of the Night Sun was a blood-red beacon visible for miles and adorned with giant masks of the Maya sun god as a shark, blood drinker, and jaguar. Long since lost to the Guatemalan jungle, the temple is finally showing its faces to archaeologists, and revealing new clues about the rivalrous kingdoms of the Maya. Unlike the relatively centralized Aztec and Inca empires, the Maya civilization—which spanned much of what are now Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico's Yucatán region (Maya map)—was a loose aggregation of city-states. (Read about the rise and fall of the Maya in National Geographic magazine.) "This has been a growing awareness to us since the 1990s, when it became clear that a few kingdoms were more important than others," said Brown University archaeologist Stephen Houston, who announced the discovery of the new temple Thursday. El Zotz, in what's now Guatemala, was one of the smaller kingdoms, but one apparently bent on making a big impression. By 2010 archaeologists working on a hilltop near the ancient city center had discovered 45-foot-tall (13-meter-tall) Diablo Pyramid. Atop it they found a royal palace and a tomb, believed to hold the city's first ruler, who lived around A.D. 350 to 400. Around the same time, Houston and a colleague spotted the first hints of the Temple of the Night Sun, behind the royal tomb on Diablo Pyramid. Only recently, though, have excavations uncovered the unprecedented artworks under centuries of overgrowth.

July 17th
Archaeologists uncover largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America
Recent excavations, sediment coring and mapping by a multi-university team led by the University of Cincinnati at the pre-Columbian city of Tikal, a paramount urban center of the ancient Maya, have identified new landscaping and engineering feats, including the largest ancient dam built by the Maya of Central America. That dam – constructed from cut stone, rubble and earth – stretched more than 260 feet in length, stood about 33 feet high and held about 20 million gallons of water in a man-made reservoir. These findings on ancient Maya water and land-use systems at Tikal, located in northern Guatemala, are scheduled to appear this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in an article titled "Water and Sustainable Land Use at the Ancient Tropical City of Tikal, Guatemala." The research sheds new light on how the Maya conserved and used their natural resources to support a populous, highly complex society for over 1,500 years despite environmental challenges, including periodic drought.

Updates for June 2012

June 29th - Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument
Archaeologists working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala have discovered a 1,300 year-old year-old Maya text that provides only the second known reference to the so-called “end date” for the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012. The discovery, one of the most significant hieroglyphic find in decades, was announced today at the National Palace in Guatemala. “This text talks about ancient political history rather than prophecy,” says Marcello A. Canuto, Director of Tulane’s Middle American Research Institute and co-director of the excavations at the Maya ruins of La Corona. “This new evidence suggests that the 13 Bak’tun date was an important calendrical event that would have been celebrated by the ancient Maya; however, they make no apocalyptic prophecies whatsoever regarding the date," says Canuto. La Corona for many decades has been known as the enigmatic “Site Q,” the source of many looted sculptures whose whereabouts had remained a mystery until its rediscovery only fifteen years ago. For the past five years, Marcello A. Canuto and Tomás Barrientos Q. (Director of the Centro de Investigaciones Arqueológicas y Antropológicas at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala) have directed the La Corona Regional Archaeological Project (PRALC) which has been investigating this intriguing Classic Maya city and its jungle environs.

June 5th. "2012 Venus Transit: Return of K'uKuulKann

Updates for May 2012

May 10th: Sun and Jupiter meeting on the 13th. inspiring more discoveries.
Of course this is not a map for the apocalypse.

Nevermind the Apocalypse: Earliest Mayan Calendar Found

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth
The oldest-known version of the ancient Maya calendar has been discovered adorning a lavishly painted wall in the ruins of a city deep in the Guatemalan rainforest. The hieroglyphs, painted in black and red, along with a colorful mural of a king and his mysterious attendants, seem to have been a sort of handy reference chart for court scribes in A.D. 800 — the astronomers and mathematicians of their day. Contrary to popular myth, this calendar isn't a countdown to the end of the world in December 2012, the study researchers said. "The Mayan calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future," said archaeologist David Stuart of the University of Texas, who worked to decipher the glyphs. "Numbers we can't even wrap our heads around.

Updates for April 2012

April 19th: Sun entered Taurus @ 9:12 AM PDT with ruler Venus moving toward the Transit on June 5/6, 2012

The Taurus constellation is composed of two main groups of stars; the Pleiades and Hyades. Both groups have connections to rain; pluvial, a word related to Pleiades, is a Latin term for rain; and hyein, a Greek term meaning 'to rain', is related to the word Hyades.

Venus will transit over all the Fixed Stars in this constellation in 2012

Venus made an ingress into Gemini and was aligned with Alcyone on April 3rd.
Since Venus stations on May 15th moves retrograde more than once!

Even more intellectual relating to Venus transiting the Sun @ 16 degrees Gemini

In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilizations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamen, of Egypt, and Viracocha of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China.

April 11th: Pluto the great transformer has stationed and is moving retrograde till September 17th.

Notice in the video below Drunvalo mentions Dr. Marina Popovich, PhD who has helped break the crop circle code.
Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Code: Pole Shift Impending

April 8th. Get ready for the Venus Transit (June 5, 2012)

Updates for March 2012:

March 27th: In synch for the last New Moon in Aries and the Sun-Pluto square with portents of major transformation.
or is this just more publicity for Raul Julia-Levy?

Mayan documentary to warn humans of impending catastrophe
LOS ANGELES, March 27 ( - Mayan writings do not predict the end of the world when the calendar cycle ends in December - but according to the producer of an upcoming documentary about the Central American civilization, they do make the sobering prediction that three-quarters of the earth's population will be wiped out in the ensuing 15 to 20 years.
And those who live, insisted producer Raul Julia-Levy, will need to quickly colonize outer space, just as he said the Mayans did.
"This is the most critical time in human history, and mankind is going to have to face the music," said Julia-Levy, the son of the late actor Raul Julia and producer of "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond."

March 18th in time for the Vernal Equinox (March 19th/20th) a New Article by Calleman
Focus on the Sun - Shifting the Frame of Consciousness of Humanity on the Venus Transit (June 6) and the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) of 2012
After the intense protest movements during the seven first days of the Ninth wave up until October 28, 2011 it seems to me that the movement for positive change in the world has slowed down at least as what we can see on the surface. The acceleration of time, which culminated during the period March 9-October 28, 2011, will never again be as intense as it was then. On October 28, 2011 all the waves went into their night modes, which however does not mean that the energies of the Mayan calendar will stop influencing us. The Ninth wave, and the energy opening that was created when all nine waves were in the day mode last year, has made an indelible impression on humanity, and after some time of reflection new avenues to move forward will be sought by people more broadly. Thus, the 9th Wave continues to grind unity consciousness into existence, and on October 23 the eighth day of the 8th Wave will be activated and provide a background of feminine energies for this. How these waves will play out in the year 2012 is presented on my web page (
Regardless, the fact that humanity has now experienced all nine levels of evolution means that people everywhere have gained a sense of what is possible and this by itself means an enormous change. My own view is however that we have no reason to expect that any shift in consciousness will take place automatically on a global scale just because there is a special date. If there is a shift in consciousness to be generated, we will have to rise up to the task ourselves. I also think we should keep in mind that a shift in consciousness by definition is not something that is generated out of the already existing frame of consciousness. Thus, a shift cannot be about having more of what we already have like “raising our consciousness” and even less so “raising the vibrations of mother earth.” A shift in consciousness is a shift and not just more of the same or a temporary fluctuation. I think these things are important to keep in mind as we are approaching dates that are possibly to be marked by large events all over the world.

Redux aligned with the Mutable Cross and the Grand Earth Trine (Triangle)

Ancient STARGATE Artifacts (Klaus Dona & Nassim Haramein) & Mayan 2012 (ILLUMINATION)

Redux: for Mercury Retrograde again from March 12th to April 4th, 2012:

Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact!

Last updated on March 13, 2012 at 12:01 am EDT by in5d Alternative News
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Amazing new Mayan artifacts prove the extraterrestrial connection between the Maya and their galactic visitors, furthering the preponderance on the December 21, 2012 end date to the Long Count calendar.
Many people have speculated that the Maya were visited by extraterrestrials and that at least one of their deities, Kukulcan (also known as Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs), may have been a galactic visitor who taught the Maya about agriculture, mathematics, medicine and astronomy. How else could one explain the Mayan calendar, a calendar that to this day can accurately predict every lunar eclipse within 30 seconds?
The Maya knew of planets that were not “discovered” until many centuries later. They were also the first civilization to use the “zero” in mathematics.
Interestingly, while Quetzalcoatl was described by the Maya as appearing to be Caucasian, having blonde hair and blue eyes, some of the artifacts appear to have African characteristics, thus giving credence to the hypothesis that our civilization was seeded here from various star nations.
For more on this premise, please see: Starseeds and Our Human Origins
The demise of the Maya civilization came in 1521 when Hernán Cortés invaded the Maya during the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatan, funded by the Roman Catholic Church. Cortés believed the Maya were a pagan civilization and ordered his Conquistadors to raid the Mayan buildings. Books, biographies, musical compositions, histories, genealogies and other Mayan works were burned, thus destroying nearly every trace of this great civilization.
Now, the Maya may hold the ultimate answers to UFO disclosure. Additionally, according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, there are 1000’s of Mayan codices that were discovered in the basement of a museum library after many people believed that all but four codices were destroyed.

More disinformation from NASA combined half-truths:
NASA Crushes 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Claims
The agency's Near-Earth Objects Program head points out many fallacies, including the claim that an imaginary planet will collide with Earth in December. Thousands of astronomers have not seen this.

Updates for February 2012:

Mayan Light Beam Photo: Message from Gods, or iPhone Glitch?

When Hector Siliezar visited the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza with his wife and kids in 2009, he snapped three iPhone photos of El Castillo, a pyramid that once served as a sacred temple to the Mayan god Kukulkan. A thunderstorm was brewing near the temple, and Siliezar was trying to capture lightning crackling dramatically over the ruins.
In the first two images, dark clouds loom above the pyramid, but nothing is amiss. However, in the third photo, a powerful beam of light appears to shoot up from the pyramid toward the heavens, and a thunderbolt flashes in the background. Siliezar, who recently shared his photographs with occult investigators, told that he and his family didn't see the light beam in person; it appeared only on camera. "It was amazing!" he said. He showed the iPhone photo to his fellow tourists. "No one, not even the tour guide, had ever seen anything like it before." [See photo]
The photo has surfaced on several Mayan doomsday discussion forums. But was the light beam a sign from the gods — a warning about Dec. 21, 2012, the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar cycle, and when some people fear the world will end? Or is it simply the result of an iPhone glitch?

Jade Mask Found inside the Pyramid of the Sun
Archaeologists discovered a series of deposits in the interior of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in Mexico. The team of researchers announced their findings after exploring the 65-metre high pyramid from 2008 to 2011.

Updates for January 2012:

Time for the The Rainbow Warriors to Arise

John Walsh - 2:13am Jan 24
"According to Mayan Priest/Shaman, Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Peres: "... The prophecy says now is the time of the awakening. This is your job now, to awaken. The Vale of the Nine Hells is past and the Time of Warning has now arrived. It is time to prepare for the Age of the Thirteen Heavens. The time of 12 Baktun and 13 Ahau is fast approaching, and they shall be here among you to defend Mother Earth. The prophecy says, 'Let the dawn come. Let all the people and all the creatures have peace, let all things live happily', for the love must not only be between humans, but between all living things. They said, 'We are the children of the sun, we are the children of time and we are the travelers in space. May all the songs awaken, may all the dancers awaken. May all the people and all things live in peace for you are the valleys, you are the mountains, you are the trees, you are the very air you breathe'....Now is the time of return of the grandmothers and grandfathers. Now is the time of the return of the elders. Now is the time of the return of the wise ones. And the wise ones are all of you. Now is the time to go out into the world and spread the light. The sacred flame has been kept for this purpose and now the time approaches when you will be required to love all things, to love a world that has gone crazy, to rebalance the heavens and the Earth. For the Time of Warning has come to pass and the Warriors of the Rainbow are now beginning to be born. The Vale of Tears, the Nine Hells, is over and it is time to prepare for the 13 Heavens. The ancestors are returning, my brothers and sisters, and we do not have long. Now is the time that the prophecies will be fulfilled."

The 8th and 9th Waves in 2012 per Calleman

Mayan Ruins in Georgia? Archeologist Objects
The textbooks will tell you that the Mayan people thrived in Central America from about 250 to 900 A.D., building magnificent temples in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and southern Mexico.
But could they possibly have left stone ruins in the mountains of North Georgia? Richard Thornton thinks so. He says he's an architect by training, but has been researching the history of native people in and around Georgia for years. On, he wrote about an 1,100-year-old archeological site near Georgia's highest mountain, Brasstown Bald, that he said "is possibly the site of the fabled city of Yupaha, which Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto failed to find in 1540."
This might all be fairly arcane stuff, except that an archeologist he cited, Mark Williams of the University of Georgia, took exception. In the comments section after Thornton's piece, he wrote, "I am the archaeologist Mark Williams mentioned in this article. This is total and complete bunk. There is no evidence of Maya in Georgia. Move along now."
Immediately the story exploded. In comments on Examiner, as well as on Facebook and in emails, users piled on. One woman called Williams "completely pompous and arrogant." A man wrote he was "completely disrespectful to the Public at large." Another said he would urge the state of Georgia to cut off funding for Williams' academic department at the university.
All of this left Thornton, who writes often about the Maya for, "dumfounded." "I actually was giving Williams a plug," he said in an interview with ABC News. "I've got a regular readership, but this thing just went viral."

The Ninth wave Continues after October 28, 2011!
In earlier articles I have promised to get back to the issue of how the energies will continue and what Mayan calendar, if any, to use after its “end”. What the October 28, 2011 “end” means here is that the thirteen baktun Long Count and the other eighth sequences of thirteen heavens have now all been completed. This “end” also means that the climb to the top of the nine storied pyramid has been completed and that the cosmos is not offering a higher level to go than this one of unity consciousness. The seventh day of the Ninth wave, October 11- October 28, 2011, was the first time in cosmic history that all the nine waves were activated in a state of light and in fact an excellent opportunity for integration of their total energy field. October 28, 2011, 13 Ahau in the tzolkin, was the fundamental shift of the ages and now for some time the composite of these energies will be playing out in our individual lives as well as in the history of our planet at large. There is no turning back.
So what is the nature of the energies that currently maintains the energy field of the planet? To begin with it seems clear that we do not now at this point live moment by moment by moment, but experience a continuity with the past. This means that all waves and cosmic energy cycles have not come to an end, but some remain in existence creating an experience of an ongoing flow in our lives. The question is then how these waves continue. After discussions with people, who like myself, can actually feel the energies of the Mayan calendar, and by observing how these energies are now manifesting in the world I feel that I have now got clarity about in what form the cosmic energies are creating continuity. I would like to share this very briefly in this communication. The full consequences of the shift of the ages will have to be dealt with later, maybe in book form. There are many consequences of this in the form of leaving past traditions that are no longer relevant to instead enter something entirely new.

MAYA Crystal Skulls Serpent Mound Maya ELDER 10-29-11

The Mayan Calendar has come to an End by Carl Calleman.
The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011. In mythological language, Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-support-god, and especially the unity consciousness of the ninth wave has been strongly experienced by a certain number of people. Many now typically report that they experience a flattening of time, an end to time acceleration and as a result a great calmness. The end to the acceleration of time is even experienced as a deceleration and some have reached so deep into their own presence that the term “future’’ is starting to loose its previous meaning. The future is no longer a place to get to. With the completion of the Ninth wave we potentially already have direct access to all the guidance we need. This shifted experience of time all seems understandable given that was has happened is that the directed nine evolutionary processes from seed to mature have now been completed. For those that have a conscious relationship to the tree of life the new experience of time will continue to deepen also after this shift. As we know from all previous experience of the shifting energies of the Mayan calendar it always takes time until their external manifestations become visible.
A good thing about the end to the Mayan calendar is that the world did not also come to an end on October 28, 2011. We now have reasons once and for all to throw out the notion that an end to the world was somehow scripted by the Mayan calendar. This should also go for many of the sometimes crazy disaster scenarios that were suggested under the influence of the high frequency of the Ninth wave when it was sometimes hard to keep the balance. The Mayan calendar is primarily about changes in the human beings themselves and everything else is secondary.

More details of the sacred journey Across USA October 26th to November 9th, 2011.

Now that the Universal Underworld is complete, the next stage of the calendar has started:

On October 11th the final phase of the Universal Underworld begun as a period of culmination/fruiting and maturaton occurred.
Thus on October 11th, the 13th Heaven of the Unity Wave began in synch with a powerful and explosive Aries Full Moon
This period ended on October 28, 2011 and completed the 9th Wave
This is a time of uniting duality and polarities along with massive transformation.
The Aztec God Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god both male and female,
who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.
The Mid-Point of this phase is on October 19th/20th aligned with the Last Qtr. Moon and Mercury in an opposition to Jupiter
These major structural changes and transformations that are needed to rebirth our earth-society-cultures ala the 9th Wave
A simple explantion is that our brains are being rewired to perceive unity, spherical and quantum realities
During the days, everything is more creative and expressive
as the Universal Underworld came to a close on October 28, 2011 what will it mean?

Update: October 26, 2011:A major pilgrimage has been set in motion as we move past today's highly revelatory and occult Scorpio New Moon
tofinish up the Mayan Calendar on October 28, 2011
The 13 Crystal Skulls are being brought across the USA
The journey will begin in Manhattan on the 27th of October, 2011; it will culminate in Los Angeles on November 11th, 2011.

The Mayan Elders, The 13 Crystal Skulls, & the Importance of Their Upcoming Ceremonial Pilgrimage Across the USA
I first heard about the Crystal Skull journey back on the twenty-third of July. At the time I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together because so many variables, both logistical and ethereal, had to be taken into consideration. Since that day many things have been arranged and rearranged. After several meetings, Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper and Elder Priest of the Mayan Itza Council, and Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, President of the Mayan Council of Elders, have announced their plans to lead a group of Mayan Elders on a ceremonial pilgrimage that will carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls from one coast of the United States to the other. The journey will begin in Manhattan on the 27th of October, 2011; it will culminate in Los Angeles on November 11th, 2011. Enroute from New York to Los Angeles the Elders will stop at specific power points to fulfill a prophecy which states that the time has come to reawaken the Spirit of the North American Continent so that it can reclaim itself as the sacred ground in whose soil would be sown the seeds for the enlightenment of all mankind. At each stop along the way ceremonial gatherings will be held to open the ground and raise the ancient energies that will fuel the Gateway Event in Los Angeles on 11:11:11. All of these gatherings will be open to anyone who feels called to participate.

Day7 of The Universal Underworld - a video by Pink Pallina1

Aries Full Moon, the 7th Day Begins and Chaos Renews
Hunter's Moon Where the Hunters are Hunted. We are only days away from the Next Full Moon and the start of the 7th and final day of the Universal Underworld. Traditionally for the Native Americans this October Full Moon was known as the "Hunter's Moon." When October rolled around, the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior saw the leaves falling from trees, the deer fattened up , and realized it was time to start storing up food including meat for the long winter ahead. They were able to see into the fields which had been harvested by early October. Thus the hunters could easily see fox and other animals that come out to glean from the fallen grains in the field. This metaphor will hold true over next week as Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god, male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.

On October 2, 2011, we intersect with the Mid-Point of the Sixth Night of the Unity Wave.
Here is a message to help in our understanding as we head toward the Seventh Day on October 11, 2011

The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes by Carl Calleman
We have now celebrated the Cosmic Convergence and there is less than one night and one day before the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation (or at least the attainment of the top level). As predicted the Ninth wave of this plan, which is coming to a close together with the other waves of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011, has brought a tremendous frequency increase to the world.

The Mid-Point of the Sixth Night of the Ninth Wave is On Fire

Frequencies Increase with the Autumnal Equinox and the 6th Night

A Strange Pisces Full Moon Brings Us to the Mid-Point of the Sixth Day

The Sixth Day Dawns - Flowering of Consciousness and New Breakthroughs
So today's the day: Sept. 5th on a Labor Day Monday in the USA and wildly active everywhere else, the 6th Day and 11th Heaven begins. This 18 day period of Flowering ruled by the Goddess of Flowers and Birth, Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl lasts till Sept. 22nd. right before the Equinox. So it has not been disappointing as new discoveries and wild synchronicity abounds. What a change we have moved from Tezcatlipoca God of the Smoking Mirror and night winds to Xochiquetzal a goddess associated with concepts of birth, fertility, beauty, and female sexual power. Much more feminine on the surface since she was known as protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth. But wait a minute digging deeper we find that she like Persephone, was kidnapped and taken from her husband, Tlaloc. to the underworld by Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld.

Invocation to Day Six
I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, my I Am Presence, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I now wrap myself in the beautiful silver-gold flame of Galactic Christ Consciousness, through the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Brotherhood of the Light.
I now affirm: I am open to receiving and transmitting these Light encodings of Divine Love through increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. I choose to be of Service in Love. I choose to experience each day giving and receiving the Flame of Divine Love, connecting to all Life through this Unified Field of Love and Light. I have the power, the strength, the courage, the discipline and willingness to affect and create change within my reality, experiencing simply the reality of One Unity Consciousness. I now integrate my personality and soul aspects as I merge with my I Am Presence, experiencing a deeper activation of the dormant DNA and the Unified Field of Divine Love through the energy of the super-electron.

The Fifth Night Begins - The King is Dead - Maybe...
The 5th Night/10th Heaven of Universal Underworld begin on August 18th and will last till Sept. 4th. Even though I am writing this report on August 22nd, their is a timeless quality to the reactive quality of this The 5th Night is ruled by Tezcatlipoca- the "Smoking Mirror." Tezcatlipoca is god of the nocturnal sky, god of the ancestral memory, god of time and the Lord of the North, the embodiment of change through conflict.

Invocation to Night 5 and the 10th Heaven of The Universal Underworld
As I align with my I Am Presence and Mother/Father God,
I call in all the Beings of Light from On High
that I personally acknowledge.
As this first wave human Soul in full embodiment of the new I Am Avatar Blueprint,
I bring my focus to the Cosmic Ray of Interstellar Service,
expressed as Illumination, joy and Love,
and Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light.

The Fifth night of the Ninth wave by Carl Calleman
The Fifth Night of the Ninth Wave starts as of August 18th of 2011 and many are wondering what this energy will carry. When we look back at history the fifth night usually appears as a very destructive time period and this naturally adds drama to the interest. Typically, the Fifth night means a ¨dark age¨ with some kind of destruction and without exception it has meant a sharp economic decline. It is however never entirely true to talk about an energy in the Mayan calendar as exclusively being destructive or constructive, because similarly to how the god Shiva among the Hindus is both the creator and destroyer all calendrical energies carry both aspects and the destructiveness is there to give room for something new to be created. For us who are living in this momentous end time what is important is to be able to grasp the most relevant information from the Mayan calendar and not get stuck in simplistic labels. It was by recognizing this multifacetness of the calendrical energies (and, if you like, Revelation 16) that I was able to correctly predict that the economic collapse caused by the Ninth wave would be precipitated by the Fifth day that started July 31 and ends now on August 17.
To some this downturn may seem like a destructive event, inconsistent with a day, but from the perspective of the emergence of unity consciousness, which is the chief purpose of the Ninth wave, the economic crisis is actually a constructive event that paves the way for the future. Based on that assumption it can actually be said that the development of this economic crisis has followed the Mayan calendar with exceptional precision. In the fifth day the stability of several major European banks has been seriously threatened and government leaders are in constant teleconferences to discuss how to halt the crisis. The US, on its part, has lost its status as AAA and since the midpoint of the fourth night (the seating of the energy of the fifth day) 7 trillion dollars of stock value has gone up in smoke.

Participate in the Cosmic Convergence September 23-26, 2011! by Carl Calleman
Throughout the shift points of this Ninth wave various initiatives have been taken for inspirational events and towards its culmination not only are events being planned for the midpoint (October 21, 2011) and end-point (October 28, 2011) of the seventh day, but also for the Gregorian date 11:11:11 (November 11, 2011). Even if the latter date is not based on the Mayan calendar, but on numerology, it gains its real meaning from this calendar and is the day for celebrating that we have made it through the end times and into the new world to be created afterwards. I encourage all such initiatives celebrating shift points, especially if they educate people more broadly in the true meaning of the Mayan calendar and its various days and nights. However, I also feel that there is a need for events that emphasize the work that we need to do at the current time. For this aspect of the process I feel that there is one shift point that deserves our full attention and this is the beginning of the sixth night. The reason is that the beginning of the sixth night on September 23, 2011, and its following few days, means a convergence of an energy shift in the Mayan calendar and the passage of the comet Elenin between the earth and the sun (and, if you like, the autumn equinox as well).

The Fifth Day/9th Heaven of the Universal Underworld begins - Quetzalcoatl Leads
Frequencies increase as time accelerates and a radical change is upon us all. After the Aztec rain god Tlaloc or Yucatec Maya deity Chaac brought still lingering thunder storms even in places like Southern Calif. Tlaloc in reaction to he 4th Day energies unleased torrents of rain, along with boiling temperatures and even unseated media mogul Murdoch whose fear-mongering news channels did a good job at keeping millions asleep. The 4th Night/8th heaven completed yesterday but didn't go quietly as Mars in the sign of communications opposed the the N Node at the Mid-Point circa July 22nd when the Norway assassin struck.
Today on the Gregorian date July 31, 2011 the long awaited Fifth Day and 9th Heaven of the Unity Wave begins. This 18 day period lasting till Aug. 17th is ruled by Quetzalcoal, the Aztec God most aligned with Christ Consciousness. Day five opened right after yesterday's Leo New Moon to mark the budding phase of a new unified consciousness. Awakening might be a better term than budding but during this 5th Day ruled by the Aztec God - Quetzalcoatl or the "plumed serpent" of course we still are in a budding period - an early stage of development showing promise or potential for total transformation. Quetzalcoal was also ruler of the great metropolis sometimes called "Tollan Cholula" or the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán. Mighty Quetzalcoal who is related to the gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, is known as a bringer of arts, crafts and knowledge.

In preparation for the 5th Day/9th Heaven take a look at this excellent video

9th Wave Decoded - A Theory On Elenin & Manifestation (1/3)

Invocation to Day 5 and the 9th Heaven of The Universal Underworld
I call upon the Overlighting of the Company of Heaven, Helios and Vesta, the Solar LogoiNature Intelligence and Mother Earth, as I align myself through Mother/Father God, and my I Am Presence.
I am now taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light, into the Crystalline City of Light above the Great Pyramid in Egypt,

Mid-Point of the 4th Night/8th Heaven - Rain, Thunder, Explosive Change

Tlaloc Brings Rain, Thunder, Lightning and the Potential Enlightenment during the 4th Night of the Universal Phase

Invocation to Night 4 and 8th Heaven of The Universal Underworld
I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge as I now merge with my I Am Presence, expanding my I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light in this alignment to my Highest Light.
I call upon the Archangels and Angels, the Mighty Elohim, the Ascended Masters, Melchior, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron and the Brotherhood of the Light, Helios and Vesta, Lord Buddha, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians, and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting through the Crystalline Cities of Light, Shamballa and multidimensionally in the creation of Unity Consciousness for the new Earth.
I now ask to be taken in an external Merkaba vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Palenque so I may experience the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness.

Update: 7-19-2011: These recent discoveries include two 1,300-year-old limestone sculptures of Mayan Warriors
and further north in Morelos state, another dramatic discovery of a monolith dating back to the 8th century in the shape of an Aztec God, Tlaloc .
Even though these discoveries were made on July 7th around the mid-point of the 4th Day
Now during the 4th Night they are being brought to light - a time when the God of Rain, Thunder and Lightening rules.

Mexican archaeologists have found two millennium-old sculptures in the southern Chiapas state

Mexico finds 2 sculptures of Mayan warriors
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican archaeologists have found two 1,300-year-old limestone sculptures of captured Mayan warriors that they say could shed light on the alliances and wars among Mayan cities during the civilization's twilight.
The life-size, elaborate sculptures of two warriors sitting cross-legged with hands tied behind their backs were found in May in the archaeological site of Tonina in southern Chiapas state along with two stone ballgame scoreboards.
The 5-foot (1.5-meter) tall sculptures have hieroglyphic inscriptions on their loincloths and chest that say the warriors belonged to the city of Copan, archaeologist Juan Yadeun said in a news release Wednesday.
From the video: further north, in Morelos state, another dramatic discovery was recently made: a monolith dating back to the 8th century in the shape of an Aztec God, Tlaloc
Dramatic finds for Mexican archaelogists

From Johan Calleman on the collapse of the monetary system by the 5th Day of the Universal Underworld
The beginning of the Fourth night of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar system

From Aquarian Solutions Jog: MidPoint Overview for 4th Day/7th Heaven of the Universal Phase

From Aquarian Solutions Reports: The Fourth Day of the Universal Underworld with Centeotl and More

Welcome to the Mayan Calendar Portal per Carl Calleman's Unique Vision

Visit Ian Xel Lungold's Mayan Astrology Site

2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun ?
Mayan elder Don Alejandro Oxlaj speaks of our coming alignment with the Great Central Sun - Hunab-Ku
He tells us not to be afraid while the earth passes thru the central axis and to keep the fires burning.

June 26th. Carl Calleman elucidates his theories about tying in Comets Elenin & Honda, Three Days of Darkness, Christian Prophecy and the Blue Star of Hopi Prophecy.
With Neptune now transiting in Pisces in a square to Mars now in the sign of the communicator Gemini makes it easy to let our minds jump on the end times bandwagon.
Before we totally embrace all these pronunciations and expect three days of darkness (literally) we should see what occurs as the Grand Cardinal Squares play out in August.

Comets Honda and Elenin fulfill Mayan, Hopi and Christian Prophesies as the Mayan calendar approaches its end on October 28, 2011
Many people have now heard about the upcoming entry to the inner solar system of the comet Elenin ( and there is a whole range of ideas and speculations about what this might entail. Comets have always been seen as harbingers of auspicious or (more commonly) ominous tidings and this one certainly is no exception. Ideas have been suggested that it is in fact a brown dwarf star, a spaceship or causes earthquakes. Regardless, this upcoming fall two comets, Honda and Elenin, later to be followed by Levy, will arrive creating a sequence of celestial bodies in the skies Comets ELENIN LEVY & HONDA. ARE ON THE WAY NOW 2011 .
The comet Elenin, which has received the greatest attention of these, is estimated to be at its shortest distance from Earth around October 16-20, 2011 close to the midpoint of the seventh day of the Ninth wave (or Universal Underworld). Especially since this is right before the true 13 Ahau culmination date of the Mayan calendar (October 28, 2011), this comet is, regardless of the specific nature and role that it may have, an end time phenomenon. These comets will then arrive against the background of deepening global political and economic chaos produced because the institutions of the world are not consistent with the incoming unity consciousness of the Ninth wave. This mandates a study of how this comet is related to end time prophecies from various sources.
In The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004) I wrote:
“At least some minor earth changes may thus result from the high frequency change in consciousness that we are now undergoing. But the reversal of cause and effect to generate a doomsday view where such earth changes are presented as the very purpose of creation is untenable. Any possible physical effects should be seen only as by-products of the consciousness field, and most climatic change will still probably be caused by carbon dioxide emissions rather than some purported insidious divine plan for the destruction of the earth through geophysical changes.”

June 23rd. Carl Calleman speaks of the Mayan Calendar & Transformation on Coast2Coast Radio

June 21st: Carl Calleman Talks About Elenin and More in this video:
Skip to 29:40 in the video where he mentions Elenin, Honda and Levy by name.
He claims events picking up speed from July 3rd
He says many will be frightened by what they are going to see
9th wave of the Mayan Calendar ending on 28th October 2011 - Dr Calleman

June 15, 2011: The Mid-Point of the 3rd. Night of the Unity Wave is marked by a Total Lunar Eclipse

Volcanic Fire, Mutable Energies, Rising from the Ashes on a Blood Red Moon
Stay tuned because this Lunar Eclipse will at first stimulate primarily inner journey and is falling on the midpoint of the 3rd. Night of the Universal Underworld.
Note that this is one of the darkest eclipses ever, second only to the total lunar eclipse on July 16, 2000. As I indicated, the ruler of this 18 day Night is Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Dead. Since this "night" began on June 7th, there have been a number of themes around death whether physical emotional, political or spiritual

On June 7, 2011: heading toward the second eclipse in June - a Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15tth
The 3rd. Night of the Universal Underworld begins and lasts till June 24th.
with the midpoint being Jun 15-16th.
The ruler of this 18 day period is Mictlantecuhtli ("Lord of Mictlan")
The 3rd. Night Begins on June 7th - Ruled by Mictlantecuhtli - God of Death,Transformation and Rebirth

Mictlantecuhtli is the Aztec god of the dead and the king of Mictlan (Chicunauhmictlan), the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld.
Mictlantecuhtli is truly a shadow diety was associated with owls, bats and spiders the eleventh hour, and the northern compass direction, known as Mictlampa, the region of death

NEW FEATURE: Find Today's Gregorian Date as Corresponding to Aztec Calendar Symbolism

On May 20, 2011: after a Full Moon in Scorpio and the 3rd. Day or Heaven of the Universal Underworld began

The 3rd. Day/Heaven Begins for the Unity Wave - Praise Tlazolteotl the “The Eater of Filth.”

On May 2, 2011: A New Moon in Taurus and the start of the 2nd Night of the Universal Underworld
From May 2nd to May 19th. and the Mid-Point of this period is May 11th when Mars changes sign from hot, impulsive Aries into more fixed, earthy Taurus.
The God ruling this period of time is Tonatiuh (Nahuatl: Ollin Tonatiuh "Movement of the Sun") was the sun god.
He was also known as the fifth sun, because the Aztecs believed that he was the sun that took over when the fourth sun was expelled from the sky.

The Bull Charges with Tonatiuh, the Sun God Part One
On May 1, 2011 we can all feel that everything is speeding up as the Universal Underworld has picked up frequency.
Per Calleman: The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into the chaos from which the new world will be born

Update with the 2nd Day of the Unity Wave - at the Midpoint: April 22nd-23rd.

The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into the chaos from which the new world will be born

The 2nd Day of the Universal Underworld begun on April 14th. To start the cycle, Neptune of course in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo @ 12:07 AM PDT.
Neptune is about waves of energy that will be dissolving boundaries on may levels
Of course with the Moon in detailed, specific Virgo we this wil create feelings of uncertainty and confusion at first
Since Neptune is near Chiron and Pisces/Virgo are also about the axis of health/service/disease/drugs
more will be revealed about allopathic medicine, its misuse and addiction prescription drugs.

The mid-point of this 2nd Day Cycle is April 22-23 when Mercury stations and moves direct @ 13 degree Aries
Sabian says it all: "A bomb which fails to explode, is safely concealed."
Day Two is ruled by Aztec Goddess: Chalciuhtlicue the goddess of love, beauty, youth, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms
Expect more major oceanic, river and water issues to take prominence also. .
Unfortunately radiation is another element that seemingly knows no boundaries and will continue move across the globe.

Day Two of the Universal Underworld Begins April 14th.

Learning about the motion of the Ninth Wave and the Universal Underworld

As we approach the time when all the nine waves, developing at different speeds, will simultaneously come to manifest fully (28 October 2011, 13 Ahau) there is thus going to be quite complex patterns of overlapping of these waves. The Sacred Calendar rounds of 260 days will still have an unquestionable energetic existence and so these, as part of this overlapping, would continue the three stage rocket into the birth of the new world that started on 9.9.9 (Sept 9, 2009, please see For this reason the dates of the beginnings of the two next tzolkin rounds, May 27, 2010 and Feb 11, 2011, will also remain as important times for celebrating alignments with the cosmic plan and potentially very important for the preparation for the Conscious Convergence and the actual ninth wave respectively.
Per Carl Johan Calleman

Is October 28, 2011 - The End of the Mayan Calendar?
After Jupiter conjoins Uranus and opposes Saturn, there won't be any more conjunctions or oppositions of the Big 4 planets until 2015. As it turns out, two of the days that are mentioned in relationship to the 'conscious evolution' movement, are the day that Saturn opposed Uranus geocentrically and the day that Jupiter opposes Saturn.
The October 28, 2011 date sees the sun oppose Jupiter and Mercury conjoin Venus. I also connect the Merc/Venus conjunction to October 15, 2011 which ties in with Patrick Geryl's 88 day cycle.

The Dawn of the Unity Wave began on March 9th
Unity consciousness is a process of switching to a different method of awareness
This event synchs astrologically with a crescent moon phase, Mercury meeting Uranus
then the shift of both planets into Aries first Mercury the mind (March 9th)
then Uranus (drive for freedom) into Aries - a new cycle (March 11th.)

Dawn of the Unity Wave: Mayan Calendar March 9th 2011

The Mayan Calendars and the Nine+Nine-day Count
What does it mean Jelly-bean? Here is my take on the Mayan calendar shift based on my own personal sojourn. The shift into unity consciousness is moving from the over-use of the logical mind, back into intuition. I have noticed when I feel my way through life, that magic happens and when I fall back and resort to what makes sense; I often end up in situations that are less than ideal. The feedback loop of cause and effect are speeding up to the point that lessons that used to take years to learn may happen in a week. I have seen 20 year old kids grow up in a matter of minutes as the lights are being turned on inside as if they are ancient sages of old.
Unity consciousness is a process of switching to a different method of awareness, where both half's of the brain are functioning at the same time. You could say we are becoming super-conscious as a species, with some rejecting the process out of fear.
As the nine + nine day count of the Ninth wave becomes active March 9, 2011, and even before, we will to some extent be confronted with a choice as to whether to follow the 260-day tzolkin with its various individuality-generating day signs or the 234-day ninth wave of unity consciousness. Since the ego is a product of the same wave as the tzolkin it would then seem that we are to some extent presented with a choice between individuality and unity consciousness.
Calleman's Guide to Transcendence During the Unity Wave
Step in Process
Day 1
Mar 9 – Mar 26 Mar 17-18 seeding
Night 1
Mar 27 –April 13 April 4-5  
Day 2
April 14 – May 1 April 22-23 germination
Night 2
May 2 – May 19 May 10-11 reaction
Day 3
May 20 – June 6 May 28-29 sprouting
Night 3
June 7 – June 24 Jun 15-16  
Day 4
June 25 – July 12 Jul 3-4 leaf formation
Night 4
July 13 – July 30 Jul 21-22  
Day 5
July 31 – Aug 17 Aug 8-9 budding
Night 5
Aug 18 – Sept 4 Aug 26-27 destruction
Day 6
Sept 5 – Sept 22 Sept 13-14 flowering
Night 6
Sept 23 – Oct 10 Oct 1-2  
Day 7
Oct 11 – Oct 28 Oct 19-20 fruition

The nine + nine count creates a remarkable opportunity for us to choose our paths in the time ahead based on what calendar we use. This is indeed a free choice, since after all the lower waves will not disappear just because the ninth wave is activated. Yet, the climb to the ninth level would imply that the emphasis is placed on the 18-day count even if we also follow the tzolkin. It seems reasonable to assume that in order for Bolon Yokte Ku to appear in his full regalia it is necessary that a sizable part of humanity indeed chooses to climb to the ninth level, which then also implies following the 9+9 day count. The time acceleration that this count implies also by itself will propel us to live increasingly in the present moment. In this process we will let go of many of the particular individual traits that have been so important to our ego identities and as this happens we will open ourselves to the unconditional love of the All.

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