Mercury is Retrograde Again!
Time to Reflect, Reschedule and Review

Mercury the Trickster is at it Again
Aquarian Solutions Primer on Mercury Retrograde
written by Arthur R Gianfermo

How many times have you heard the phrase Mercury is Retrograde and either felt dread that your plans would go awry or thought to yourself what is the big deal? Have you ever thought twice before doing things like shopping for any main purchase or did you continue with your plans without a second thought? Well on March 12, 2012, Mercury begins its first retrograde phase of the year this time in the sign of action and impulse, Aries . On April 4, 2012 this cosmic messenger stations direct in Pisces. During this time period we watched explosive reactions, newer technologies and unsual trends develop since Uranus the planet of unexpected changes also in Aries and on conjunct March 18th
When we start cursing these multiple glitches, we should remember that Mercury retrograde is part of our heritage as United States residents. In fact the US Natal Chart has Mercury Retro at 24 Cancer maybe this explains the consistency of the US Postal Service being late delivering the mail! Or more appropriately government bureaucracies like the US Treasury or IRS with constant problems and inconsistencies.

First of all let's provide a little background: Mercury was named after the Roman god of commerce, travel and thievery. To the Greeks this changeable planet was given two names , Apollo for when it appeared as a morning star and Hermes when it came as an evening star. Myths of Hermes are innumberable, as a child he was precocious and considered one of Jupiter(Zeus's) smartest children - as an infant, legend tells of him leaving his cradle to steal Apollo's cradle then coming back to bed to pretend he was asleep. Hermes is known as a magician, patron of merchants, patrons of theives, finer of lost objects but more than anything else a true communicator. In astrology Mercury is said to rule both Gemini and Virgo two mutable and changle signs. Yes Mercury is a planet of extremes! with temperature variations swinging from 90 K to 700 K. Mercury also has an extremely eccentric orbit and the strange relationship between the orbit and the spin means that on Mercury, a single day lasts twice as long as a year!

Second of all even though the word retrograde means backwards, this is an illusion. Mercury only appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This illusory planetary motion is created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon (not really planets). What's really happening is that the earth is moving faster than the planet, hence giving the appearance, when viewed from the earth, that it is moving backward.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet, with the exception of the Moon (which really isn't a planet but for sake of convenience, is often referred to as one.) Mercury orbits the Sun in about eighty-eight days, but because of its retrograde motion it takes about a year to traverse the entire zodiac. Remember Mercury normally speeds through a sign in than three weeks when its motion is direct. It will take eight to ten weeks in a sign when it is retrograde. Mercury retrograde spends in one of your natal houses means that Mercury's energy is directed at the affairs associated with the arena of life as represented by its house and sign location in your natal birthchart. In this particular passage of Mercury in Taurus expect the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius to be particularly effected.

 Mercury Retrograde Periods for 2012
Date Begins
Placement at Rx Station
Date Ends
Placement at Station Direct
SR March 12, 2012
6 Aries 49
SD April 4, 2012
23 Pisces 50
SR July 14, 2012
12 Leo 32
SD August 7, 2012
01 Leo 32
SR November 6, 2012
4 Sagittarius18
SD November 26, 2012
18 Scorpio 10

So what happens during this retrograde cycle that causes so much trepidation? Simply explained: communications of all kinds break down and fail.
Expect that some data can get lost or misplaced unless backed up. Remember Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce and transportation. Actually to be astrologically accurate we mean that :
Mercury Rules: Gemini and Virgo
Exalted: in Virgo
Detriment: in Sagittarius and Pisces
Fall: in Pisces
Exalted Degree: 15 Virgo

What this really means is that the third house (Gemini) is involved with all types of communication with the environment, day to day routine interactions, all information processing, intellectual endeavors, teaching, writing, messages (email), correspondence (letters), short journeys and commuting, relatives, neighbors, siblings. You may say, those are important areas to any problems in today's information age. True, so expect that TV and radio announcers, journalists, writers, salespeople, orators, commentators, critics, spin doctors, and thieves will all experience some personal misunderstandings; along with flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade. We will all notice glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, the mail system,cars, buses, and trains. Most of these problems occur because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry. The good news is with a certain amount of dilligence we can fix these problems and be on our way. The better news is that this period is only three weeks long! On May 20th when Mercury stations and goes direct, we too can go forward with our plans.

Remember this is a time to focus on activities that start with "re" This is a time to revise (that document), research (all possibilities), repair, recalculate, reread, rewrite and more then anything reevaluate. Time to clean the house, office or car.Don't plan ahead, since appointments will probably be cancelled. According to Kaye Shinker a faculty member and teacher of Financial Astrology at the Online College of Astrology

These are the Do Nots of a Mercury Retrograde
  • Don't sign contracts or proposals.
  • Avoid purchases on credit.
  • Don't buy anything that isn't disposable or recyclable.
  • Don't trust your memory.
  • Don't start a project that will take more than a day to complete.
  • Assume schedules will be revised
  • Assume traffic will snarl
  • Assume important documents will be misplaced.
  • If you go on a long trip, buy travelers checks and carry on your luggage.
  • Don't count on changes of weather. Weather patterns get stuck during this time.
  • Most importantly don't buy,sell or lease or trade a motor vehicle!

    Regarding Mercury Retrograde and financial markets: Here is some sage financial advice from Ray Merriman - well known Financial Astrologer:
    Mercury retrograde is a time to be careful about false assumptions. In politics and financial markets, investors seem to change their minds about good-news bad-news on a daily basis. Support and resistance areas tend not to hold, and technical buy and sell signals tend to be more false than accurate. Decisions made during this time are often subject to changes.

    So what are the specific effects of Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio for the Fall of 2012? What else will occur in the news besides stories about politicians, dignitaries, judges, criminals, taboos and all kinds of destruction and rebirth? With Mercury in Sagitarrius then moving backwards to form a square with Neptune there will be some strange and unusual events. Religious cults and deluded crusaders will get front page coverage as the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st to square Neptune. Many leaders and CEO types could resign their positions. Mercury entering Scorpio on November 13th. the same day as an intense Solar Eclipse will mean new revelations bubbling up as investigations are ongoing past the direct station on November 26th.

    For the individual on a day to day level we may all have difficulties with ADHD thinking as Mercury in Sagittarius tends to distract. Our thinking and converstions will also be grandiose and filled with exaggerations. Normally Mercury in Sagittarius tends to enhance our enthusiasm and optimistic endeavors but with this retrograde details will be scattered and even the big picture will be hazy.

    So relax, have a sense of humor. Don't take things so seriously these three weeks. Take a sip of some herbal tea or do something to calm your nerves. Not every business will have a slow down during Mercury Retrograde periods, in fact notice how your local printers will be busily correcting mistakes and doing reprints. Yes this is a time when we should get used to doing things twice, sending that email or letter again, making a second phone call to clarify some issue and be sure and look both ways before making that lane change. And when November 26th. rolls around, you can start to make travel and shopping plans.

    Stay tuned for new articles by Arthur R Gianfermo - the Founder and Editor of AquaSoul.

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