My Gift To You

My Gift to you is this Song in the evening
That filters through Dreamtime to the sweet morning dew
And It rises with Sun and rides the Winds of the Daylight
For we're All on a Journey of just passing through.

A voice is vibration of Earthly Sound
For Spirit's expressions on this Sacred Ground,
Like Butterfly we change with each passing day
And share Life's Joys with those on our Way.

We can dance in the meadows, talk with trees and the rocks
We can flow with the waters or chant with a drum,
If we meet today, let's take time to pray
For we're All on a Journey of just passing through.

Today you will know me, for I am this,
Tomorrow you may not know me, for I've grown to that,
We exist in the expressions of the Divine,
So many reflections that are all yours and mine.

Yes there will be joy and sadness in our precious days,
Shared Gifts of Wisdom guide us along the Way,
So sing loud, sing clear, release your voice to the Wind
And dance in the memories of Life,
As we travel this Journey, this long Sacred Journey
As we travel this Journey of just passing through.

@ Lorraine Ashkanase 10.16.99

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