The USA Sibley Chart
Can the Galactic Community Co-Exist with US Nationalistic Attitudes? We will know by 2012...

VIEW: the US Sibley Chart calculated for July 4th 1776 at 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, Pa.

Catching Up in 2005

Transiting Saturn 27 Cancer Opposes US Sibley Pluto27 Capricorn - June 23rd
Draconian Lockdown on US Citizens Underway

Jupiter opposes Mars in June/July: Supreme Court on the move to destroy our amendments.

Democracy Now Special (6/28/05) on Supreme Court Rulings: From Ten Commandments to Property Rights to Internet Cases

June 27th Supreme Court’s rulings: The Ten Commandments raise more questions than answers

Private Property Under Pressure: Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize or Demolish Private Homes

Jupiter Stations Direct in Libra on June 5, 2005
Full Speed Ahead for activities connected with debate, finances, cultural pursuits, mental apsects, communications, the law, politics, travel and interpersonal relationships.

With Jupiter Direct in Legal Libra: Draconian Laws from US Supreme Court: Supreme Court allows prosecution of medical marijuana

June 23, 2005: Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize or Demolish Homes to Generate Tax Revenue

Looking Back on 2004

December 2004 has been marked with major changes to the Bush cabinet and to our enviromental laws.
On December 23rd right before Christmas and after the Solstice, the Grinch struck! When most were planning for their favorite joyous holiday by buying those last minute presents, children's toys, and other gifts, new rules calling for the ending of enviromental protections to our US Forests are passed. This is the biggest change in forest-use policies in nearly three decades.

On December 3rd with Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson announced he was quitting. Tommy Thompson marked the 8th Cabinet member either resigning or walking away.
Cancerian Bush (Leo rising) demands totally loyalty out of his cabinet.
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (Aries Sun) was the first to announce. Then like dominos falling over we had:
Attorney General John Ashcroft resign, Commerce Secretary Don Evans, a Texas friend of the president's, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Education Secretary Rod Paige and Tom Ridge, the U.S. homeland security secretary, who announced his resignation on November 30th.

Aries Sun Colin Powell was the first to announce:

All of these changes were culminating in the Polemic New Moon on December 11th 2004 with Sun/Moon/Mercury and Pluto in Sagittarius - where secret groups, enemies within and institutions are catalzyed for change.

Here is a Bi Ring Chart with the Inner Ring being the US Natal Sibley Chart and Outer Ring the Polemic New Moon Dec. 11th

Mercury/Sun/Moon/Pluto and Vertex (fated point) all are transiting on the US Ascendant. In Mundane astrology the first house represents: the nation, its people and the image of the nation - Sagittarius represents beliefs,religion, higher education, space travel and future explorations. We are moving quickly into the future and still re-investigating the past with Mercury Rx and Mars/Venus in Scorpio transiting the US 12th house of hidden deceptions dealing with secretive goverment actions.

November 2004 saw Transiting Pluto at 21:07 Sagittarius (destruction via religious crusades and fanatacism) opposing US Chart's Mars at 21:23 Gemini. Fallujah, Iraq where a sea of death has resulted is the primary example of this dangerous aspect. This opposition is exact on Thursday November 25th, 2005 - Thanksgiving Day for Americans what irony. Perhaps the horror of what the US Empire is and has done to all indigenous people will wake us up?
With Uranus going direct on November 11th 2004 at 02:52 Pisces (Oil and Water don't mix) we are seeing efforts to ramp up The Mandatory DRAFT (conscription for all Americans up to age 55?). Tranisting Uranus will oppose Sibley US Chart's Uranus located in the 6th House of Selective Service and Military Organizations at 08:55Gemini. Exact Opposition on April 4th 2005 - Draft will be in place around that time.

From September 10th 2004 to September 20th - the violent effects of transiting Pluto at 20 Sagittarius (now direct) in conflict to Sun/Mars/Ceres in Virgo creates destruction for US in Iraq and Southeastern US.
The New Moon on September 14th 2004 has presented more then just challenges for the average American citizen but a platform to question how they will serve (Virgo) their own spiritual path inspite of rampant murder in the name of democracy.
In the US Sibley Chart Mars at 21 Gemini 23 (our agressive militaristic behavior) is under tremendous pressure to find another way.
The fact that Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 has a natal SQUARE to Mars exaceberates the mentality of US Citizens who are questioning the fantasy that the US is the John Wayne of the world saving everyone.

The Sun (Ego and Core Values) for the US at 13 degrees Cancer were negatively impacted in June 2004 from both Saturn and Mar transit in the sign of the crab. Days to watch are from June 10th to June 15th as the Saturn transit will be at it's strongest point. On November 8th, 2004, after the US Elections (if they indeed take place!) Saturn will station direct and enter a retrograde period. This retrograde period will bring with it tremendous limitations to the American people who will feel trapped and probably demand a recall of the current administration over the next 5 months.

Be aware that transiting Pluto from April of 2004 and into June Pluto has continued to oppose the US Mars at 21 Gemini 23 - this has put continued pressure on our Nation's energy supply. In the US Sibley Chart Mars is almost exactly square Neptune accounting for our Warrior/Image Myth preference for Military Leaders. Transiting Pluto has been putting major emphasis on this Natal Square and when Venus finally reaches this point in Gemini - the divine feminine will finally come back into play.
Look for the time around July 27th to July 30th as Venus crosses US Mars and squares Neptune! A Woman will take charge in American Politics and even bust the old ideas of Male domination.

Notice in the chart below the US moon is 27° Aquarius heavily moved by the February 16th 2003 transits of Sun/Uranus conjunction.

US natal chart has Mars at 21 degrees Gemini with a 90 degree square to Neptune at 22 Virgo which leads to vulnerability in our collective conciousness. We are still stuck on the myth of the military hero - the John Wayne General riding into battles ready to Nuke the "Native Villans"
Our Natal mutable aspects were under tremedous pressure in April 2004 by transits from Pluto in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini. Death to Amnerican service men were catalyzed by fanatical religious struggles in the Middle East and other countries to the detriment of the US.
In 2002 and parts of 2003 the transit of Saturn in Gemini put pressure on the US activities both domestically with GDP and abroad.
US energy and vitality is symbolized by Mars has been restricted and limited. In 2002 Saturn in Gemini put a huge damper on our economy and of course was precipitated by the Saturn/Pluto Opposition highlighted by Terror from the Sky - 9/11.

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