AquaSoul’s Current Report for January 2003
Copywright© by Arthur R Gianfermo

Get ready for another startling occurance this spring.
On March 11th 2003, Uranus, the planet of invention and rebellion is moving into the area of the Zodiac ruled by Pisces.Uranus has a cycle of 84 years and spends around seven years in each sign and in each sector of our charts.
Uranus often brings sudden and unexpected change. Be aware that these changes occur so quickly that lives can be indelibly altered. As many know this is a planet that requires freedom of expression/liberation and
when Uranus is triggered it often encourages us to throw off the past and be liberated. For an astronomical fact sheet prepared by NASA comparing Uranus to Earth notice big differences in size and gravity!

Yes in March 2003 and again on Dec. 30th (after retrograde back in Aquarius) Uranus enters Pisces. This will mark the completion of a seven year plus transit of Uranus in Aquarius. Does Uranus, which has a tendency for the erratic, bizarre and creative genius agree well with the mutable nature of watery Pisces ruled by Neptune Before we become too enamoured by this alchemical mixture let's examine various opiinions: Some astrologers say: "The extreme dryness of Uranus does not agree well with the cold and wet nature of Pisces. This has the effect of slowing down transitions, submerging rebellions into the underground and creating passive resistance." Well guess what, in this case the above explanation may not be correct: as Uranus moves into Pisces this year it goes into mutual reception with Neptune.
This rare phenomenon which means that each is in the sign ruled by the other. We see that these two planets, Neptune (watery) and Uranus (airy) are not normaly compatible
and represent very different energies which create great tension.
In mutual reception, however, their energies combine to form a synergy!

Mutual Reception

Looking back in in history, the last times that we had Uranus and Neptune in Mutual Reception
were: 1507 to 1508 | 1670 to 1676 | 1836 to 1843.

The first period from 1507 to 1508 was the time when the Catholic Reformation began. This reformation was led by Martin Luther, now a household name. A Neptunian flavor is evident in Martin Luther's decision to become a religious leader. On July 2, 1505, Luther was caught in a storm and abolt of lightning struck nearby and Luther was thrown from his horse. Similiar to the story of the apostle Paul transforming from a soldier named Saul. Luther was convinced that it was a sign from God, he vowed to become a monk, and entered the monastery the next day.

The second period 1670 to 1676 was a fertile time for scientific advances. Newton had just produced his theory of gravitation.
Huygens and Boyle worked out the refinement of the inverse-square law of gravitational attraction. Gottfried Leibniz discovered the mathematics of calculus at this time as did Newton. Jean Picard in 1675 noticed a glow from his mercury barometer and he began a train of enquiry which gave us the neon light. Note that the first dinosaur bone was discovered in Cornwall in 1676 which precipitated a debate over its true meaning and again we see fundamentalist Christian societies shaken.

The third period of Mutual Reception from 1836 to 1843 brought mixed blessings and much activity. The Opium Wars in 1839 were brutal and the British destroyed the Chinese fleet of junks. These wars were violent and did not really stem the tide of Opiate addiction. On the postive and more compassionate side, the 1841 Factory Act in England was an attempt to prevent the wholesale exploitation of children as cheap labour in factories, mines and collieries.
Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, published in 1838 was force to get the Parliament to eventually pass the act. Two major religious faiths emerged. First of all the Mormons,
who were even engaged in a Mormon War that broke out in Missouri in 1838. After battling in Missouri, the Mormons moved to Illinois searching for land to settle, and finally reached Utah in 1846. Secondly the Baha'i faith was born in 1844 with The Declaration of the Bab.

Mutual Reception sounds like two style different families at a Big Fat Greek wedding achieving harmony and revelry.
In this case Uranus (the planet ruling sudden change) is on the move and in March and after 84 years will return to the sign of Pisces. What does this mean for the world and society? Pisces is a sign is primarily ruled by Neptune which governs both Spirituality and Religion.
Whereas Aquarius and Uranus rules progress and technical advancement for with and eye on humanity, a sense of global priorities. Even though Neptune is recognized as the primary Piscean rulership,
Jupiter is still the co-ruler, prone to excess, expansion and over-doing it! No question there will be a focus will be on the changing nature of religion in a big way. The internet of the last seven years has profiled Uranian changes and has ushered in radical changes to how we perceive religion. This last period of Internet expansion created a profusion of amazing web sites offering information to anyone who logs in. In the next seven year cycle Society as a whole will be seeking a more inner sustenance.
During the upcoming Uranian Piscean period, we will not only see a more intense search
but the process will cease to be outwards and start going inwards and deeper.More meditation and prayer will be evident.
We may see a greater sense of compassion as we view each other as fellow human beings, not just another cog in the machinery. Obviously many of us have never lived through a Uranus in Pisces transit so we can only postulate what we might experience.
One thing is for sure we know that Piscean energy is illusive, mysterious and lives in the realms fantasy and of the psychic.

Looking back I hear some people say , the Uranus transit through Aquarius does not seem that dramatic?
The thing about change is that when we're immersed, we usually don't perceive it! Please realize that the shifts that have occurred between 1996 and 2003 has been far reaching and pervasive! Observe that you are reading this document via the web as you do routinely on a daily basis. Did you know that before 1995/1996 the Internet was not as ubiqituous to say the least! Access to the World Wide Web was difficult for only those few in the scientifc, mitlitary and university status. Before 1996 we didn't have cell phones or PDA's, much less cell phones that provide internet access and take digital pictures! Nor did we have interactive TV, MP3 players or DVD players. Nor did we have the myriad communication and technological advancements that we now take for granted. Multiple electronic and digital sources of news events have rapidly turned our planet into a true global village. All of the above and more came alive during this Uranus transit.

What will this period of mutual reception from 2003 to 2010 bring to our planet and humanity?
We can definitely count on major developments in the in the field of religious and spiritual belief. Uranus rules our conscious awareness, and in Pisces we have the potential to increase our self-awareness. Our attitude towards fear and trust (different ends of the Piscean spectrum) will be greatly emphasized. In true Uranian fashion we may have to witness both extremes
before we are able to achieve an objective and enlightened view.
In freeing us from fear, Uranus in Pisces can open our hearts to the ecstasy and joy of the Universal love that surrounds us.
On the other end of the spectrum we may see
the proliferation of religious cults like the Raelians and their promotion of Cloning! One thing is for sure by the time Uranus finally leaves Pisces
to enter Aries on March 11th, 2011, there will be many different explanations to Mayan Calendar End Date of 2012!

Once again note that Uranus governs invention and technology, and the realms of imagination, image and motion pictures are related to the sign Pisces and Neptune energy. The spread and use of visual messaging via digital means will run rampant.
In the area of science and discovery, the field of genetics will be highlighted! Look for greater media attention concerning medical breakthroughs using genomics and genetic science. The world of medicine is set to benefit from the presence of Uranus in Pisces. Especially once Jupiter enters Virgo at the end of August 2003. Both sound and colour will find an even more prominent place in healing. Both intuitive and psychic healing will become common place. All forms of alternative healing will give the Medical Profession based on Allopathic Healing some real competition.

Looking back, we notice that Uranus was last in the sign of Pisces between 1919 and 1927. Be aware that during the last transit of Uranus thru Pisces, Gandhi first led his passive resistance movement to free India from the British. It is inevitable that we will experience a more creative use of Non-Violence and a Peace Movement that will rival the 60's.Also if history is to serve us well we need to remember that prohibition became law in the USA when Uranus entered Pisces (Pisces = alcohol and drugs). Prohibition was a law that was widely ignored and resisted covertly - similar to Marijuana Prohibition is today. Drug use may increase along with alcohol consumption.
But more than likely a new form of escapism akin to Virtual Reality will sweep the land. Pisces rules the oceans, feet, dancing, motion pictures, music, shoes, drugs and alcohol, self-sacrifice, service, institutions, hospitals. Pisceans make great nurses and are good candidates for CNA training . Pisces also rules spirituality and psychic phenomena.
By the time March 11, 2003 arrives a build up of increased spirituality within our society will occur. We will began to see a bonding between mental awareness, intuition and intangible feelings. Currently we are seeing the way Uranus and Neptune work together in Aquarius.
Uranus is getting acquainted with Neptune and Neptune is soaking up the way Uranus works in its own sign. Like waves of the ocean, a huge increase in the awareness of psychic realms is building to a crest. We are starting to see evidence of deeper interst in paranormal phenomena with TV programs like Crossing Over and psychic John Edward talking to the deceased or a Steven Spielberg's 20 Hr. miniseries Taken or his Futuristic Minority Report where Pre-Cogs," three psychic beings whose visions of murders have never been wrong. Yes even these futuristic psychics prove to be fallible.
Lest we forget Pisces is a watery mutable sign. Emphasis on oceans,rivers lake's and all of the Earths waters will be paramount. Everything from hydroponics to farming the seas will flourish. We also may see powerful deluges and floods, especially in summer, and during October and November. Pisces is associated with imagination, dreams, and inspiration and deals with unconscious realms, and can lead to confusion.
As with water, boundaries are difficult for Pisces.

One burning question upper most in our minds: How will the Uranian Pisces transit effect the US Economy?
Even though many charts have been erected for the US,
some with Gemini Rising, others with Sagittarius Rising,and even the popular Scorpio Rising, the benefic planets of Venus, Jupiter and Sun remain in Cancer. Uranus in Pisces will trine Venus first which should give a boost to both the stock market and general attitude. Uranus will then trine the Jupiter and the Sun - the Uranian Trine to Jupiter is considered rather lucky. Hopefully these trines over the next three years will mean more jobs, new areas of endeavor which will require more employment.
Unfortunately not only Uranus will change signs the first half of this year - Saturn moves from Gemini into Cancer . June 4th marks the entrance of Saturn into the emotional, home-making sign of Cancer
which will move over Venus, Jupiter and Sun in the US Chart.
Even though this info. is covered in more detail in a future article, expect this Cancerian transit to put the lens and focus on home, family, emotions, and the building of security.
We may see a bursting of the Real Estate Bubble and some limitiations put on the Cancer Sun of GW Bush. Being an eternal optimist, I will add that in 2003 we will continue our Saturn/Uranus trine this year. This is a really positive trine which allows us to have an eye for the new and creative while keeping one's feet on the ground.

As an evolving race of people, we can look for evolutionary leaps after March 11th.. The next 7 years plus with Uranus in Pisces can provide a long awaited blending of the mystical with an ingenious mental ability. Since Pisces is the sign of the artist and rules music, dance, motion pictures and theatre,
expect an artistic renaissance to begin this year.
New forms of music and entertainment will be introduced to the world by this summer. Poetry and spoken word art will blow up even bigger in the coming years.!
The Compassionate nature of Pisces and the Humanitarian nature of Aquarius will blend to manifest in a caring for everyone without becoming overly involved.
During this seven year transit we will see that Platonic friendships become increasingly important. You tend to refuse to follow any set pattern or rules of any kind. The drive for freedom, will not allow us to limited or tied down. At the same time, we maybe judgmental but detached. With Uranus now in Pisces, we want to know as well as feel. And finally we will began to heed our Astrological Forecasts as much as we consult the weather forecasts now.

Stay tuned for new articles by Arthur R Gianfermo - the Founder and Editor of AquaSoul.

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