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For May 2013:
May 2013 Astrological Forecast - Day by Day

For April 2013:
April 2013 Astrological Forecast - Day by Day

New Moon in Pisces March 11, 2013

The Pisces New Moon : the Artist , the Spiritual Law Givers and the Courage to Make it Happen.

Not just your average Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Mercury in Pisces Square Jupiter in Gemini 3 times Feb./March 2013 For March 2013:

March 2013 Astrological Forecast - Day by Day

The second of two eclipses with the first an Annular Solar on May 20th.
this one is a Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4, 2012

Full Moon Partial Eclipse for June 4, 2012 - Rising from the Ashes

June is a pivotal month in 2012

June 2012 Astrological Forecast - Day by Day

Taurus New Moon set for April 21st @ 12:18 AM PDT or 7:18 AM UT

Taurus New Moon April 21, 2012 : Overview and Fixed Stars

A Wild Full Moon in Virgo set for March 8th @ 1:39 AM PST or 9:39 AM UT

Full Moon in Virgo - the Search for Perfection In the Infinite

An Historic New Moon in Pisces set for February 21st. @ 2:35 PM PST or February 21st. @ 10:35 PM UT

New Moon in Pisces touches Neptune for Supernatural Deception and Thrillers

A Wild Aquarian New Moon for January 22nd @ 11:30 PM PST or January 23rd . @ 7:39 UT

Aquarian New Moon: The Year of the Black Water Dragon Begins a time of Rapid Change along with a Radiation Storm Part Two.

Aquarian New Moon: Spaceweather, Sports and Shockwaves. Part One

The Powerful Scorpio New Moon on October 26, 2011

Scorpio New Moon of Passions and Mysterious Renewal
The Virgo New Moon on August 28, 2011

Get Off the Merry-Go-Round and Start Living The Leo New Moon on July 30, 2011

Leo New Moon and Fixed Stars over DC The Capricorn Full Moon on July 15th

Capricorn Full Moon - the Thunder of Debt and Realism Opens New Levels of Experience The Third Eclipse since June 1, 2011

Your Mother Should Know - New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

The Fourth Day of the Universal Underworld Begins on June 25, 2011

The Fourth Day of Universal Underworld with Centeotl, Lord of Maize and Lord of the Day

Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius coinciding with the Mid-Point of the 3rd. Night of the Unity Wave

Volcanic Fire, Mutable Energies, Rising from the Ashes of a Blood Red Moon

The New Moon in Gemini is a Partial Solar Eclipse coinciding with the Mid-Point of the 3rd. Day of the Unity Wave

Swords, Torches and Sorcerers with the Gemini New Moon

The New Moon in Taurus coincides with 2nd Night of the Universal Underworld

The Bull Charges with Tonatiuh, the Sun God Part One

The Aries Alignment is magnified starting April 29th into May 1st.

Tornado Transits and the Aries Alignment Peaks

The Full Moon in Libra is described in this April 2011 article

Justice, Jupiter and Angels Singing while Demons Distract by Art Gianfermo

An amazing piece of short fiction

Cosmic Peregrinations
written by a talented cosmic writer, Jason Van Liere

2010 and older articles.

With Saturn in a close square to Pluto in Capricorn, this winter got:

"Snowmageddon" 2010 Like Katrina 2005? by Art Gianfermo

A lunation that takes us by surprise on January 30, 2010 Holes in the Earth & Matrix, Passion, Rage and the Leo Full Moon written by Art Gianfermo

Jupiter Moves into Aquarius for some electrifying times

Jupiter's Ingress into Aquarius 2009: Still Time to Wake Up!
by Art Gianfermo

Coming on January 2009

Shockwaves Continue in January 2009
by Art Gianfermo

Look in on November 26th @ 6:05 PM PDT or 9:05 PM EDT - a Major Change


A creation of the Galactic Underworld that flowers or blossoms

Day Six During the Nine Underworlds
by Barbara Hand Clow

As we approach the exact Opposition of Saturn/Virgo and Uranus/Pisces, lets look further

Class Warfare and the Peak of Social Inequities by Ray Merriman

October 2008 with an Economic Crisis building

Balancing Order with Judgement

September 2008 with Mutables and Cardinal Planets Creating Chaos

Balancing Chaos with Order

August 2008 with the Powerful Energies of Leo/Aquarius and Eclipses

August Eclipses Dominate the Hero's Quest

July 2008 with Energy of Cancer

Kali, Kwan Yin, Neptune - Breaking the Attachment to Form in July

June 2008 with Gemini and Mercury

Hermes Helps Sharpen our Awareness in June - Stay grounded

New Moon in Taurus 2008 puts heavy emphasis on Earth and Sustainability

Using Rapid Climate Change to Ease the Transition to Sustainable... by Colin Duncan

Spring 2008 and Cardinal Alignments featuring Pluto in Capricorn (historical revelations as power centers disintegrate) along with both Mars in Cancer (roots of our culture) along with Jupiter in Capricorn expanding our need to connect to ancient times

What Really Happened in 3100 BC - and Where Are We Headed Now? (originally published in Dell Horoscope, July 2001) by Bruce Scofield

With Saturn in Leo (2007) putting serious focus on children's issues, here is an excellent article on praising your children

How Not to Talk to Your Kids- The Inverse Power of Praise. by By Po Bronson

Excellent report on Housing Bubble with current Mercury in Cancer retrograding on June 15, 2007

For sale: Scenes from a bubble- Wondering how home prices got so high - and why they now have to fall?

A Must Read with Pluto Transiting the Galactic Center and meeting Jupiter in December 2007:

Special for the Equinox and Beyond
"The Secret": Creating a Culture of Cheerfulness as Rome Burns by Carolyn Baker

Sagittarius New Moon near Galactic Center on 12-20-2006
Uncompromisng Integrity Driven by Truth, Passion and Obsession near Galactic Center

Solar Eclipse for March 29, 2006

Lunar Eclipse for March 14, 2006 - Eclipse Season Begins With Inspirations and Weird Weather by Art Gianfermo

Understanding the Turbulent 60's CHAOS IN THE 1960s (Part One) by Bill Herbst

Mayan Scholar Carl Johan Calleman sets the record straight on the Sacred Mayan Calendar
The Mayan Calendar and the Cycles of the Goddess

Astrologer Mu'Min M. Bey's excellent treatment: on Neptune & Political Correctness

Featured Article for Week of December 5th, 2005: THE GRAND CROSS IN POLITICS by Bill Herbst

Anatomy of Corruption in San Diego: Will The Real Duke Please Standup? Astro Profile of Duke Cunningham

Saturn's Entrance into Leo Part I by Art Gianfermo

Sandra Day O'Connor Steps Down from Supreme Court a Uranian Moment

The Astrology of Harry Potter by Elizabeth Hazel, Highly imaginative flight of fantasy

Bush's Next War from Bill Herbst's astrological-cultural-spiritual-political Newsletter

Acumen Rising The Inauguration of a Petty Tyrant

Feng Shui 2005 analysis & Asian Tsunami disaster by Master Simon Wong

Capricorn New Moon - a Race Toward Cooperation by Arthur R Gianfermo

Astrological Predictions for 2005
Moving beyond personal limitations and connecting to higher forces. by Arthur R Gianfermo

Healing Crisis meets Emotional Nurturing at Cancer Full Moon for December 26th 2004
by Arthur R Gianfermo

Pisces Full Moon of Wakefulness for August 29th 2004 by Arthur R Gianfermo

9-11 and the 'second Pearl Harbor'by By Margie Burns Online Journal Contributing Writer

Lunar Eclipse From Vengeance to Values - May 4th, 2004
by Arthur R Gianfermo

Solar Eclipse Challenges Authority with the Anaretic Degree
by Arthur R Gianfermo

The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography by Robert Couteau.
Brillant Article on the Nature of Relocation and Astrocartography

Wolf Moon on January 7th 2004

Medusa's Head by Diana K. Rosenberg - The Power of Malefic Algol thru History and in the 20th Century!

THE TRUTH ABOUT NOSTRADAMUS Nonsense or Reality? by Dr. Turi

A Time of Transformation Beyond Shadows New Moon Report for Oct. 25th, 2003 by Arthur R Gianfermo

911 Emergency - The Paradox an Inspirational Article by ZaKaiRan

Pluto Presides over the Mutable Moon of Madness for September 10th, 2003 by Arthur R Gianfermo

Jupiter in Virgo - Health and Service Return by Arthur R Gianfermo

RARE CELESTIAL ALIGNMENT WITH REGULUS( the Heart of the Lion) FOR AUG. 22nd and 23rd
by Anthony J. McGettigan

The Astrology Behind the California Recall by Claudia Dikinis

Mars Retrograde – Total Emotional Inversion or Go With the Flow by Arthur R Gianfermo

George vs George by Claudia Dikinis
Pride goeth before a fall for the Bush Administration as Mars Retrogrades!


THE ROOT OF ALL EVILby Sally Cheyne McDonald
the unraveling of the NeoCons Money Machine.

Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces Oceans and Emotions Reign Supreme by Arthur R Gianfermo


E=mc2 - Transformation of energy Within by Sally Cheyne McDonald

Full Moon of Reconstruction on June 14th 20003 by Arthur R Gianfermo

Aquarian Solutions Saturn in Cancer Report for June 2003 by Arthur R Gianfermo

Annular Solar Eclipse on May 31st, 2003, Challenges Our Integrity by Arthur R Gianfermo

Wesak Moon a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - May 2003 by Arthur R Gianfermo

Poseidon's (Neptune) Trident Creates Confusion by Arthur R Gianfermo

Mercury Transits Sun and Black Hole Eurydice by Arthur R Gianfermo

Saturn and Uranus in 2003 Gateway to the Inner Cosmos by Anthony J. McGettigan

AquaSoul's Featured Musician for May 2003

Honor Truth and Mother Earth - New Moon Report for May 1st 2003

Mercury is Retrograde Again! by Arthur R Gianfermo

Jupiter and Saturn Mean Business by Kaye Shinker

How Deep Is This Valley by Sally Cheyne McDonald
Editor and PublisherofAstroworld

A Cardinal Sign Catalyst or Cataclysm?
Full Moon in Libra for April 16th, 2003

AquaSoul's Featured Artist for April, May and June 2003

The Spiritual Warrior Emerges - New Moon in Aries
April 1st, 2003


The Great Cross in the Sky - Full Moon in March 2003

Spiritual Activism
A Spiritual Answer to Ending All Forms of Terrorism by Neal Ryder

New Moon of Reflection and Renewal on March 2nd, 2003

Fly the Friendly Spies Satirical Commentary by Ralph Quinby

Excellent Article:Celestial Alignments and the Columbia Tragedy by Anthony J. McGettigan

Historic Full Moon Weekend 2/16/03

Iraq and Korea vs.US Chart a Guest Report by Kaye Shinker

Case Resigns and Uranus Strikes Again !

Uranus in Pisces a Time for Mutual Reception

Chiron in Capricorn- Healing The Parental and Corporate Wounds

Fires, Floods, Drought and the Promise of Renewal

The True Aquarian Spirit Saturn Trine Uranus

Jupiter in Leo - Expansion thru Fire

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