AquaSoul’s Report for October 1st, 2002
Copywright© by Arthur R Gianfermo

Astrology is a constantly evolving source of knowledge.
Ancient myths and paradigms collide with every new sighting. Yes the study of Astrology has always been open to embracing new astronomical discoveries.
For example in the last two hundred years we have witnessed the sightings of Uranus by Sir William Herschel, on March 13, 1781 the Discovery of Neptune in 1846 and Pluto in January 23, 1930.Now these three outer planets have drastically changed the landscape of Western Astrology.

One of the more surprising discoveries pertaining to Astrology came in 1977.
This is when scientists found a celestial body orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron, as it became known, is a small world still defying an accurate astronomical label. First it was thought to be an asteroid, then a planetoid and at present is considered a comet. However astronomers eventually define it, within the discipline of astrology it is a planet. We should note that the word planet comes from the Greek word "to wander" and refers to anything that moves against the backdrop of fixed stars.

A Brief Definition of Chiron and the effects:
The Symbol of Chiron resembles a Key which opens us to the healing energy. This intrinsic healing force of Chiron acts both as a key and a bridge to cross onto the Aquarian Age more easily.. During .this stormy transition between the old age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius; this planet unlocks the door between the two ages. Chiron's sign placement has been in sensitive positions during many of the major accelerations in human consciousness during the previous 40 years. During 1968 Chiron in Aries was blazing trails for the Psychedelic Hippie Era. Chiron in Cancer manifested crisis over cultural roots the fall of the Berlin Wall back in 1989 Last year on 9/11 Chiron in Sagittarius was witness to terror from foriegn source with the Pluto/Saturn Opposition. changing all our lives.

Myth of Chiron:
Ancient Greek mythology surrounding Chiron inncludes these salient facts:
He was a centaur - half horse, half man.
He taught all the famous Greek heroes, Hercules, Jason, and Aesclapius etc.
He was also a healer, herbalist (using herbs growing around his mountain home on Mt. Pelion) and natropath.
Chiron was accidentally wounded in the leg by a poisoned arrow; this would have killed him but he was descended from the immortals
and had to carry this wound for the rest of his earthly life.
Thus he became known as the Wounded-Healer. This powerful archetype of the planet Chiron symbolizes we are all wounded and therefore need to heal ourselves. Note that the 1977 discovery of Chiron coincided with the rising popularity of holistic healing therapies. We are also realizing that the Earth too is wounded and in need of healing, so likewise we have become familiar with the terms environmentalism and reverence for Gaia - Earth as a living being.

As Zane Stein, a foremost Chrion Scholar says: When Chiron enters a sign, the world focus on the most basic, root problems at the heart of things ruled by the sign its in.
Chiron's approximate stay in the sign Capricorn is 4 years plus four months out of every 51 years. The last time Chiron entered Capricorn was 2/10/1951 finally exiting on 1/28/1955. As astrologer and writer, Eric Francis says, Joseph McCarthy had dragged our nation into a paranoid, frantic and hateful religion that bears his name, forcing people to testify against their friends, colleagues and neighbors. During this period half of Hollywood was blacklisted. Note that an equally spiteful man named J. Edgar Hoover was at the head of the FBI, deliberately fanning the flames of McCarthy's fervor. Much of this hate mongering 30 years ago has eerie parallels to the Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfield gang with their “you are either with us or against us” philosophy.

Now in 2003, opportunistic, Ann Coulter with her book: "Treason" claims the primary victim of outrageous persecution during the McCarthy era was . . . McCarthy himself. How liberals hid their traitorous conduct by making him the issue.. This time Chiron will expose this Coulter conservative idiocy and bullying for what it truley represents - hate-mongering with big eyes on the dollar bills!

Back in the early fifties we were competing with the Russians for world domination
Setting off Atomic Bomb tests in Nevada and other parts of the world - spreading the radiation around. Also circa 1954, as many as 45% of Americans smoked at least a pack a day. Cigarette companies were facing their first accusations that smoking caused cancer. Finally now in 2002 almost 30 years later we see cases like Betty Bullock's becoming routine. She was awarded $850,000 in compensatory damages due to her terminal lung cancer. Many old time smokers are have quit or are quitting droves. Also in keeping with the Father Theme and Capricorn rulling the 10th House,
Back in 1954, Father Knows Best went on television after being an NBC radio series starring Robert Youngthis was at that time a really popular show with an idealized family life as the central core.

Chiron entered Capricorn on December 11th, 2001 and will remain till roughly February of 2005. Chiron in Capricorn has some similarities to Sun in Capricorn, in that it emphasizes the strong need of this sign to strive for a prominent place in society or career. Those with Chiron in Capricorn are at times workaholics and over achievers even to the point of obsessive dysfunction. These natives are motivated to justify their self-worth. Does any of this sound familiar in the light of today's corporate culture? There is a wound here that often betrays an early childhood rejection, usually by the father and sometimes the mother. Capricorn or the 10th house usually signifies the placement of the Father in our charts. The opposite house the 4th or house of Cancer symbolizes the Mother and tender feelings of caring. Unfortunately for many Chiron in Capricorn natives there was a devoid and total lack Nurturance when growing up. Even when both parents are dead, this native can still be trapped in an obsessive desire to prove their worth. Unfortunately, if they don't eventually come to understand this motivation, they may never feel secure, no matter how many awards line their walls, no matter how much money they earn.

Some recent movies which reflect this parental wound are:
Monster’s Ball, A Knight's Tale, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, In the Bedroom check it out: check it out.

Two other current examples that involve Father/Son and Father/Daughter wounds but this time in the world of sports:
First The story of Mike Veeck who owns several Minor League teams, notably the St. Paul (Minn.) Saints and Brockton (Mass.) Roxx . Mike is the son of Bill Veek who was a famously progressive Major League Owner of the Chicago White Sox. Mike made one huge mistake when a promotional stunt in 1979 turned into a Full Fledged Riot
and even though his dad Bill has passed away, this is a wound that is driving Mike onward.
Since the passing of legendary Hall of Fame slugger Ted Williams last July, his son, John Henry Williams, has been widely criticized for the decision to place his father's body into a cryonic freezing tank. Leading the condemnation was Barbara Joyce Ferrell, John Henry's older step sister.
More details of other family affairs Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO.

Second The horrifying tale from Cathy O'Brien. Cathy is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation. Cathy tells of being a victim of multigenerational incest abuse and how her father literally gave her to the US Government for high tech mind control conditioning and prostituted her to US Congressman! Be aware that this is not for the squeamish, some of our high ranking leaders are implicated!

Barbara Hand Clow, who is one of the greatest experts on the psychological effect of Chiron writes, "When Chiron is in Capricorn, there is a karmic crisis about succeeding in one's quest and balance in life between success and nurturance. This is a complex position because the natives are personally invested in their own success
while they are still relatively unevolved."

Capricorn is a sign that has traditionally received "bad press".
Capricorn is portrayed as dark, serious and humourless.
The animal totem of Capricorn is used to represent the devil in the 15th Tarot Card.
Within our culture the goat has been vilified, used as an object of blame. We even have a scapegoat, someone who is unfairly blamed when things go wrong, or more accurately, when they don’t go as we would like them to manifest. A classic case is the dead president Richard Nixon born a Caprirorn on January 9th, 1913 On numerous occasions people have expressed the wish not to have been born under this particular sign.

This calendar year of 2002 has fostered institutional scapegoatswhich have come in many forms from the Enron debacle < to the WorldCom bankruptcy to Martha Stewart accused of insider trading. Our media abounds with corporate villans like Adelphia Communications founder John Rigasand two of his sons facing a 24-count fraud indictment! Even Tyco International's former chief executive, Dennis Kozlowski, is charged with stealing $600 million from his company.

Let's take a deeper look at Capricorn, which the ancients claim is the sign of government, honor, office and admiralty. This is the astrological energy field associated in modern times with corporations, career and reputation.
Don't forget that Chiron is about awareness. Where Chiron goes, we need to bring awareness. The wounding, for most practical purposes, is ignorance; the healing, also speaking practically, is about consciousness. Whatever else healing may involve, it always involves becoming more aware.

When you think of Chiron in Capricorn, imagine a bright light shining like the lamp of Diogenes down those dark corridors of power in the corporate/government world. There is more to be revealed! Most people don't think the Enron story is funny, but you have to laugh (mirth or laughter is the anecdote for fear). Remember the report that Enron maintained a fake trading floor to impress visitors with how diligently securities were traded; this illusion being designed to persuade analysts to give Enron stock a stronger rating. These guys Ken Lay and company were real scammers, or what?

Our Mythical Hero Chiron did not stop with Enron and corporations but moved on to government.
By March 2002, the Hunt the Boeing link became a huge hit on the Internet. Guised as wry humor there were candid suggestions that the airplane crash at the Pentagon may have been staged? There was no airplane wreckage, and there was no fuel event associated with the crash of a fully-loaded airliner. Shortly thereafter, US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) called for a federal investigation into Dubya's early knowledge of the terrorist attacks. By May, the story was out of control, making the cover of Time and Newsweek, and pretty much everyone got it; Bush knew or should have known. In an attempt to cover up this story more bogus terrorist warnings were issued by the White House and the Bush Knew about 9/11story died on the vine.

Worldcom to the rescue!
The stinking smell of Worldcom accounting fraud and backroom dealmaking with CitiCorp distracted us from the Bush Cartel. Bush and the boys were busily inflating the War on Terror into a Billion Dollar industry. Yes soon Enron became the nation's second biggest bankruptcy with Worldcom topping the list of media exposure. Worldcom even added a new $5 billion accounting scam for good measure. Had that good ole boy Bernie Ebbers really pulled a fast one on investors? .Arthur Anderson, Enron's auditing house, which championed the shred and delete technique, was again implicated. Subsequently Arthur Anderson has morphed into another renamed venture Accenture without ties to either scandal. Meanwhihle, we keep hearing that Bush and Cheney do have ties to many aspects of these scandals. Yes we have experienced the first months of Chiron in Capricorn and The Great Exposé seems to be getting bigger as Jupiter opposes Neptune exactly on 9/11/2002. This aspect of Jupiter/Neptune opposition describes how the mighty and proud may fall through scandal. With two more exact oppostiions coming up as we go into 2003, There will be even more instances of loosing both fame, fortune and reputation for high profile scoundrels.

In conclusion, we need to ally with the Wounded Healer Chiron,
Now is the time to heal our trying relationships with the energies of Capricorn. . There is nothing inherently wrong with the sign. Capricorn. Capricorn is a wild being found in untamed nature where cliffs, mountains and flowing streams, are the natural home of the goat. Greek legends tell of the god Pan, the quintessential expression of the raw and fecund power of nature. For many centuries we in the civilized and sophisticated west have been moving away from these earthy qualities. We live in cities, urban jungles, often with our feet not even touching the earth,
Chiron in Capricorn doesn't want us to forget the laws of the land, or disregard the cycles of the seasons, the organic process of life. Chiron sees that we have become ensnared by money, SUV’s, motorcars and mobile phones? We are in the high tech era and many people's main focus may be choosing an internet provider and whether they should get high speed internet or >satellite internet for their homes. While having high speed internet may be a necessity for some in this day and age, we should also try to remember to keep a balance of living simply and using technology with care. Ultimately Chiron’s move into Capricorn is going to give a tremendous impulse to the movement to return to the land, the desire to live more simply in harmony with the Earth. Hopefully we will began collectively to heal our own dysfunctional patterns
and start treading more lovingly on the Earth.

References to Chiron:
Chrion and Friends by Zane Stein
Chiron in Literature

Many Blessings

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